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641: new post   Working for Your ISP
Interesting conflict-of-interest questions when you get hired by the local ISP for web work.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJan 27, 2003
642: new post   Centering a Div in the Center of the Browser Window
Great discussion on how to center a div in the browser window. JS examples and negative margins.
CSSJan 27, 2003
643: new post   Toolbar Results Change When Naviagate "back"
"...why if I click on my logo or back button, does the pr value change?"
Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs ProjectsJan 28, 2003
644: new post   Opera 7 Final Released
After only 2 betas, Opera 7 final has been released - expectations are not running high.
HTMLJan 28, 2003
645: new post   CSS Ready For Prime Time
Although most think CSS is mainstream, we have to ask one question: why are so few top 100 sites using it?
CSSJan 28, 2003
646: new post   The Google Update Gone Mainstream?
Is the rest of the web waking up to how important the monthly Google updates are to webmasters?
Google News ArchiveJan 28, 2003
647: new post   How Do You Hide Affliate Links?
With affiliate competitors becoming increasingly aggressive, webmasters are looking for ways to hide the fact they are an affiliate.
AffiliatesJan 28, 2003
648: new post   Using Alexa Public Rankings to Calc Traffic Numbers
Is there a way to equate the public Alexa internet traffic rankings into actual page views? ..."For a rough estimate- I multiply the reach (per million) of a site by 500- guessing that are 500M internet users."
Website Analytics - Tracking and LoggingJan 28, 2003
649: new post   The Mighty Runaway WiFi Train
"Seemingly overnight, as many as 1 million Wi-Fi high-speed Internet access points have sprung up across the U.S., many centered at business establishments that rely on walk-in traffic. Though not heavily supported by advertising, these Wi-Fi networks have become a new high-tech tool in companies' marketing kits."
Website Technology IssuesJan 28, 2003
650: new post   Overture UK Increases Minimum Bid
Emails were received today annoucing an increase in the minimum bid price. (This is Overture UK)
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJan 29, 2003
651: new post   SearchEngineWatch Winners Announced
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 29, 2003
652: new post   Overture UK Min Bid Increase
Overture UK has increased the minimum bid price. (story breaker - extended homepage run)
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJan 30, 2003
653: new post   Optimization vs Optimisation
Two countries separated by a common language.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 30, 2003
654: new post   Spider Wars - Search Engines Out in Force
In the last 48hrs, Altavista, Inktomi, Google, and Fast have all been out spidering aggressively.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 30, 2003
655: new post   Bag-O-Tricks for PHP II
More code snippets that should be helpful for all in creating dynamic sites.
PHP Server Side ScriptingJan 30, 2003
656: new post   Interview With Tim Mayer of Fast
French site Enfin.com has published an interview with Fast's Director of Search Tim Mayer. "...We consider spam to be pages that deliberately trick the search engine into offering inappropriate, redundant, or poor-quality search results."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJan 30, 2003
657: new post   Google Ignoring ALT Attribute Text
Word from the trenches is that Google has started to ignore image ALT attributes.
Google News ArchiveJan 30, 2003
658: new post   Yahoo Hires Away Overture Executive
"Yahoo confirmed today that it has hired Overture's vice president of search Tim Cadogan to become its own vice president of search"
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Jan 30, 2003
659: new post   New DMOZ RDF Dump Available
After many moons of waiting, it appears a new DMOZ RDF dump (database of the ODP) is available for downloading.
DirectoriesJan 31, 2003
660: new post   Correct way to use negative words?
Great examples on how to correctly target phrases without certain terms. This is a frequently asked question, and unfortunately, Google doesn't have many examples to explain this.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Jan 31, 2003
661: new post   New ODP RDF Dump Available
A new Open Directory Project RDF dump is online.
DirectoriesJan 31, 2003
662: new post   Aol Now Showing 4 Adwords
"Noticed that Aol Anywhere is showing 4 sponsored Links(AdWords)." (story breaker - extended homepage run)
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Jan 31, 2003
663: new post   Googled!
In an interesting but dated piece on investigating individuals through search engines, the main stream press starts to wake up to what has been going on for years.
Google News ArchiveFeb 3, 2003
664: new post   Cloaking Gone Mainstream
Just about every major site on the net is cloaking in one form or another. It has taken on so many new meanings and styles over the last few years that we are left scratching our heads as to what it really means.
CloakingFeb 3, 2003
665: new post   LookSmart Reports Record Fourth Quarter Earnings
" LookSmart reported fourth quarter 2002 revenue of $31.3 million, a 65 percent increase from the fourth quarter 2001, a 31 percent sequential increase over revenues of $23.8 in the third quarter 2002..."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingFeb 3, 2003
666: new post   Linux Getting More User Friendly
The old line on Linux that it was hard to install and harder to maintain is finally starting to give way: "...a fresh Redhat 8.0 install its amazing how far its come. The Font's, icon crispness and overall look is light years from where it was."
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsFeb 3, 2003
667: new post   White Backgrounds Everywhere
Love 'em or hate 'em white backgrounds rule the day.
HTMLFeb 3, 2003
668: new post   Unintentional Hidden Links
HTML code errors can cause search engine robots to miss content and links.
Google News ArchiveFeb 4, 2003
669: new post   Sun Sounds Java Extinction Warning
"..the impact of being excluded from Windows is so great that Java is facing extinction unless it gets immediate relief..."
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesFeb 4, 2003
670: new post   What Goes into Forum Up Keep?
Forums can be management intensive. What goes into the day-to-day operations of a forum?
Webmaster GeneralFeb 4, 2003
671: new post   Adwords Click Wars Heating Up
"..I found out that nearly all spend time clicking on competitors ads so they will pay for each click."
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Feb 4, 2003
672: new post   What is the Best Way to Succeed at Getting Links
A linking strategy.
Link Building ForumFeb 4, 2003
673: new post   Moving AdWords to the Premium Spot
"...for an Adword to be automatically "sent north" to the premium spot are a combination of CTR, bid amount, and keyword impression volume."
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Feb 4, 2003
674: new post   Kvasir - Norway Increases Market Share
"Norwegian search engine Kvasir reportedly had 347 million queries in 2002. An increase from 217 million in 2001"
Deprecated - European Search EnginesFeb 4, 2003
675: new post   Overture US To Raise Minimum Bid Price
Unconfirmed reports floating around that Overture US will increase minimum bids to 10 cents. (story breaker - extended homepage run)
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingFeb 4, 2003
676: new post   Lycos Cuts 20% of US Staff
"...cut 147 jobs in the U.S. out of a staff of 649 people..."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comFeb 5, 2003
677: new post   Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone
It is 12 months later - How did we fare?
Google News ArchiveFeb 6, 2003
678: new post   Lycos/Tripod Goes a Blogging
"...subscribers of its online publishing service with Web log software at no extra charge."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comFeb 6, 2003
679: new post   Usability - Redundancy is a Big Factor
Old school advertisers know that the audience has to see the message three times to remember it - same is true on the web. Old school advertisers know that the audience has to see the message three times to remember it - same is true on the web. Old school advertisers know that the audience has to see the message three times to remember it - same is true on the web.
HTMLFeb 6, 2003
680: new post   LookSmart Updates Homepage
DirectoriesFeb 7, 2003
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