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601: new post   AllTheWeb Adds Espotting
"ATW has started to display Espotting results, marked as sponsored listings, on top of the SERPs."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJan 14, 2003
602: new post   Keyword Lists at Bottom of Page
Putting your KWs at the bottom of the page used to be one of the easy techniques to help search engines rank you. How's it working today?
Google News ArchiveJan 14, 2003
603: new post   Flash MX and Special Characters
"...I'm trying to get Flash MX to show the ampersand character. "
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Jan 14, 2003
604: new post   Tracking E-A-Friend Email Forwarding
"...40% of the people who opened the email passed it on to a friend. How can that be measured?"
Website Analytics - Tracking and LoggingJan 14, 2003
605: new post   Three Inseparable Friends Want to Start a Business
Old schoolers know that money and friendship go together like oil and water. So how do you write it up when three good friends want to go into business?
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJan 14, 2003
606: new post   Style and Internal vs. External Links
Studies have shown that most surfers don't care for nonstandard link displays. Ok, but what about external vs internal links?
CSSJan 14, 2003
607: new post   Can You Trust Your Web Host?
It is the nagging question that confronts all webmasters from time-to-time, "can I trust my host with my private data"? Here's one webmasters shocking story.
Webmaster GeneralJan 14, 2003
608: new post   Alexa Toolbar Suggested Links Come From Where?
Any way to change what Alexa shows for the suggested links on your site via their toolbar?
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 14, 2003
609: new post   Hanging Up A Shingle
How did you get started?
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJan 15, 2003
610: new post   What To Do With Essential Large Images?
What to do when images are huge and also essential for the site?
HTMLJan 15, 2003
611: new post   Kicking the Tires Again At Teoma
An all around general coffee table session on Teoma.
Ask - TeomaJan 15, 2003
612: new post   To go Dynamic or Not to go Dynamic
One of the hot questions in promotion over the last year has been the effect of dynamic urls in search engines. When to dump them and how to optimize for them. Some often heated and surprising discussion ensues the from WebmasterWorld pros. (subscription required).
WebmasterWorld SupportersJan 15, 2003
613: new post   Kartoo To Release Site Search
Kartoo is working on a beta site search engine. Few details from this promising visually stunning meta engine.
Alternative Search EnginesJan 15, 2003
614: new post   Yahoo Reports Q4 Profit
"...Wednesday reported a quarterly profit versus a year-earlier loss as revenue from its premium subscription services grew.."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Jan 16, 2003
615: new post   Google Image Engine Update
Mixed into the middle of a discussion on getting in the Google Image Engine is the realization that there is an Update going on there as well.
Google News ArchiveJan 16, 2003
616: new post   Alexa Adds ODP to Homepage
Alexa has added the Open Directory Project (DMOZ.org) to it's homepage. This is the first major site to add the ODP in over two years!
DirectoriesJan 16, 2003
617: new post   Using Alexa to Scope Out the Competition
The importance and utility of the Alexa traffic rankings continues to grow as more of the net downloads the Alexa toolbar.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 17, 2003
618: new post   Shopping Cart Abandonment
"...We have a well designed shopping cart interface, and if somebody actually puts something in the cart, half of them make it to the checkout."
EcommerceJan 17, 2003
619: new post   FAST Prepping New Catalog Engine
In an interview, FAST CEO John M. Lervik says that, "FAST is working on a catalog search engine to launch sometime mid 2003."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJan 17, 2003
620: new post   Mod_GZIP Compressed CSS Files Causing Netscape v4 Errors
"...if you've had problems with sites and NN4x and can't seem to find out why, check to see if your host is running mod_gzip and ask them to exclude your css files from being compressed."
CSSJan 19, 2003
621: new post   Google Intros Site Tour
Google publishes a site tour to help get around the sprawling Google empire.
Google News ArchiveJan 20, 2003
622: new post   "Google" Comes in 2nd as Word of the Year
"The American Dialect Society voted Google (as a verb) the #2 word for 2002."
Google News ArchiveJan 21, 2003
623: new post   Hiring A Tech Editor
"I want to hire and editor to review the work and provide comments and corrections. What should I expect to pay someone with the knowledge I'm looking for?"
Content, Writing and CopyrightJan 21, 2003
624: new post   Google IPO: Worst Case Scenario
Based on the history of other search engines, webmasters and users are deeply concerned that a Google IPO will signal a major decrease in service quality from Google.
SEM Research TopicsJan 21, 2003
625: new post   Real World Scandinavian Search Numbers
Sampling of search referral numbers from Scandinavian search engines.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesJan 21, 2003
626: new post   ATW More New Options, Features
Already the undisputed king of advanced search options, AllTheWeb just keeps cranking out more features.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comJan 21, 2003
627: new post   Pay Per Click in the UK
General survey of the UK's PPC scene.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJan 21, 2003
628: new post   The Site Update Effect on Sales
"...it will have a negative impact on sales for a week or so, before a major rebound."
EcommerceJan 21, 2003
629: new post   Announce: WebmasterWorld Subscriptions
After a couple weeks of testing, we have moved from the old donation system to a full subscription system.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterJan 21, 2003
630: new post   Google Now a Page Rank 11?
If a train leaves the GooglePlex heading east at... Here is an interesting math problem for the day. It appears Google may have given itself the first known PR11.
Google News ArchiveJan 21, 2003
631: new post   KartOO Signs Two-Year Agreement with Overture
KartOO, the stunning visual meta search engine will feature Overture results.
Alternative Search EnginesJan 22, 2003
632: new post   Chinese Portals and Mobile Phones
"After years of losses, China's three biggest Internet portals are making a sharp turnaround" thanks to "China's love affair with the mobile phone."
Asia and Pacific RegionJan 22, 2003
633: new post   Fixed Side Menus with CSS
How to recreate a framed look for a side menu in CSS - Well tested and, well supported
CSSJan 22, 2003
634: new post   Google AdWords vs Premium
Worth the upgrade to premium?
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Jan 23, 2003
635: new post   Yahoo Bench Testing Colored Overture Ad Boxes
Appears more beta testing has been in the works at Yahoo. Overture listings were breifly displayed in colored text boxes. (story breaker - extended homepage run)
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Jan 25, 2003
636: new post   Google Update January 2003 - The Super Bowl Update
The Google January 2003 update is underway.
Google News ArchiveJan 26, 2003
637: new post   LawMem Publishes Court Ruling in Search King vs Google
Calling it a victory for Google, Lawmem has published the latest ruling in Search King vs Google.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 27, 2003
638: new post   New Whois Fields
"...release of three new fields in registry whois records."
Domain NamesJan 27, 2003
639: new post   www.domain.com vs domain.com
"How should I deal with links to domain.com when everything else is setup for www.domain.com?"
Link Building ForumJan 27, 2003
640: new post   Get Premium placement without the committment
This thread offers an excellent way to find out what bid is needed for a term to place it up in the 'premium placement' ad at the top of the page.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Jan 27, 2003
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