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561: new post   Yahoo SERPs Changing Again
Changes to Yahoo SERP (search engine results pages) are underway. Appears to be some live beta testing in the works.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Dec 30, 2002
562: new post   Running Win98 From Inside Linux
"...how tough is it to run Win from inside Linux...?"
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsDec 30, 2002
563: new post   Attacking Code Bloat
I've done everything I can think of to reduce my html code size. Where to next?
New To Web DevelopmentDec 30, 2002
564: new post   Domains Count For Europe
Approximate count of domains in Europe.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesDec 31, 2002
565: new post   The Webmasters Top Stories of 2002
"2002 is almost over and we can look back on it noting many important events which have changed our jobs as webmasters and SEO professionals."
Webmaster GeneralDec 31, 2002
566: new post   Google Penalties Set To Expire
GG says; "...wanted to let those site owners know that those penalties are set to expire, and most of those domains will be coming back. "
Google News ArchiveDec 31, 2002
567: new post   Google Update
The big Google Update is underway.
Google News ArchiveJan 1, 2003
568: new post   Search Engine History - The Early Years.
What Were The First Search Engines?
SEM Research TopicsJan 4, 2003
569: new post   UK's Which? Webtrader Closing
A popular best practice scheme is closing in the uk: "...Sites have to adhere to all UK and Europe Consumer laws, and display terms and conditions to customers stating all their rights."
EcommerceJan 5, 2003
570: new post   How not to have your keyword disabled for low click thru
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Jan 5, 2003
571: new post   Preventing AdWords Click Through Blues
"...people wondering how they can keep their keywords from being disabled due to low CT"
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Jan 6, 2003
572: new post   Ask Jeeves Goes Bannerless
Bowing to it's text based PPC deal with Google, AskJeeves goes bannerless for 2003.
Ask - TeomaJan 6, 2003
573: new post   Artificial Link Popularity
"...having a very hard time figuring out just exactly what "Artificial Link Popularity" is. I mean you either have link pop or you don't. Sites link to you or they don't, nothing artificial about that."
Link Building ForumJan 7, 2003
574: new post   What Do You Call Yourself?
Here we go yet again - SEO vs SEM vs SEP vs WebMaster vs Designer vs etal.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJan 7, 2003
575: new post   What To Do With a Shut Down Request?
Beyond a simple page take down request, there is a growing phenomenon of the whole site take down request.
Content, Writing and CopyrightJan 7, 2003
576: new post   Could Google Make it Under a Subscription Model?
Could Google require subscription fees for searching?
Google News ArchiveJan 7, 2003
577: new post   The Mega Page Phenom
Most of us have run into those monster pages that throw everything but the kitchen sink on to the page. What's it all about?
HTMLJan 8, 2003
578: new post   New Apple Browser Has Google Search Built-in
"...an entirely new browser developed by Apple called Safari."
Apple Software and TechnologyJan 8, 2003
579: new post   WSJ: Study Says Marketers Shifting Toward Internet
"The predicted strong growth in interactive marketing is somewhat surprising, because Internet advertising has been widely criticized for being ineffective and annoying."
AffiliatesJan 8, 2003
580: new post   Opera Software Doubles Revenue
Opera Software (makers of the famous Opera Browser) have announced that revenue doubled in 2002 over 2001 and that they expect to go public in late 2003.
HTMLJan 8, 2003
581: new post   The Pandia Awards 2002
WebmasterWorld wins best forum honors again.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 8, 2003
582: new post   Steps for Doing Self Advertising
Banners, buttons, text ads, cpc, cpm, ctr, roi, click back ratio - dizzy yet? How to do a mom and pop site campaign?
AffiliatesJan 8, 2003
583: new post   Colored Scrollbars - Love em or hate em - No Middle Ground to be Found
Opinions on colored scroll bars run the full spectrum from "I love them" to "I press the back button when I see them." Those that don't care for them are rather passionate about them. Enough to suggest they aren't ready for prime time yet.
HTMLJan 9, 2003
584: new post   How To Make NN4 Ignore Individual Style Rules
Fairly well tested hack to stop NN4 from parsing an entire CSS rule whilst still running the sheet.
CSSJan 11, 2003
585: new post   Simple CSS Construct for NN4
Ever want NN4 to ignore a line of your CSS file? Here's how.
CSSJan 11, 2003
586: new post   Getting a Search Engine to Figure Out the Right Country a Site is In?
We've all seen se's start to change their results to provide results more favorable to the visitors home country. Theory is that people in Country X are more likely to want search results from Country X. How can we help se's figure out that our .com is actually about and for Country X?
Google News ArchiveJan 13, 2003
587: new post   How Does One Become an AOL Keyword
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesJan 13, 2003
588: new post   Checking PR Without The Toolbar?
It is a frequently asked question.
Google News ArchiveJan 13, 2003
589: new post   WIll Alta Vista Make a Come Back?
It seems like Altavista has been on the ropes hanging on for quite awhile. Can they continue the dance?
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsJan 13, 2003
590: new post   Multiple Languages Cause Dupe Content Filters?
Another frequently asked question: If I translate pages, will search engines see it as duplicate content?
Google News ArchiveJan 13, 2003
591: new post   Optimizers Becoming Webmasters
We have quietly watched the trend take place for over two years - Search Engine Promotion and Optimizers are dumping clients and setting up shop for themselves. This has mostly been a response to the decreased importance of SEO and the increased importance of checkbook promotion via PPCs and paid inclusion programs.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJan 13, 2003
592: new post   Prevent the Saving of HTML Pages?
Everybody repeat after me: "There is no way to prevent a person from viewing the html code of a webpage."
HTMLJan 13, 2003
593: new post   Meta Search Engine Vivisimo Opens German Site
German sources are Dino, Nathan, and Fireball...Other searches include Google via Netscape, Fast via Lycos, AV, INK and LS, so no German engines are necessary in the first place.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesJan 13, 2003
594: new post   IE Mega Annoyance - No Flash Installed
Is there a solution to: "...I don't want flash, and I'm getting tired of being asked if I want to install it"
HTMLJan 13, 2003
595: new post   Overture December Search Numbers Updated
"Since every month we have people asking (myself included) why Overture is still showing old results, I thought I would post that December 2002 results are showing."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJan 13, 2003
596: new post   The Choice Between Design and Functionality
Webmasters continue to look for the common ground between design and page roi production.
HTMLJan 13, 2003
597: new post   Business Plan Ideas
Never done a business plan? 90% of the small business that fail in the first five years never bother to write a simple business plan. There is no better time spent in those critical early years than writing a strategic business plan.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJan 13, 2003
598: new post   Inktomi's Slurp Out on Full Web Crawl
Reports are coming in that Slurp is out walking the whole web. Could this be the first of the Yahoo build db crawls? If so, it could be one of the most important crawls in the last twelve months.
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsJan 13, 2003
599: new post   How to go About Charging by the Hour
"I usually charge my customers a one time fee and they can purchase an additional management package for website updates, but I am curious as to how you go about charging a customer by the hour for web site creation and management..."
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesJan 14, 2003
600: new post   Teoma Updates Advanced Search
Teoma has unveiled a beta version of its new advanced search page.
Ask - TeomaJan 14, 2003
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