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521: new post   Fast Ranked #3 for Tech Companies
Fast is ranked #3 "...on the 2002 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu European Technology Fast 500"
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comDec 7, 2002
522: new post   Cutting Bandwidth Needs
"...suggestions for cutting bandwidth, particularly in a mostly text-based environment?"
HTMLDec 7, 2002
523: new post   Circular Graphics and Dealing With The Inevitable Jaggies
Anti aliasing graphics features were a relief, but, the jaggies live on.
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Dec 7, 2002
524: new post   Preloading Images
Tips and questions on preloading of images with js.
HTMLDec 7, 2002
525: new post   Alexa Toolbar Ratings Graphs
In late September Alexa introduced a new set of traffic reporting displays for the sites it lists. It just might be the most accurate traffic measuring system on the net.
Webmaster GeneralDec 8, 2002
526: new post   PHP Security
How to recognize common pitfalls while developing PHP scripts.
PHP Server Side ScriptingDec 9, 2002
527: new post   Keyword = Domain - How Long Before it is a Problem?
"...domains like www.keyword1-keyword2-keyword3.com. These sites are usually affiliate or promotional sites, which is OK as long as they deliver, but how long will engines allow domains like that?"
Google News ArchiveDec 10, 2002
528: new post   Google Labs Launches 2 New Features
Two new features from Google: Webquotes and Google Viewer.
Google News ArchiveDec 12, 2002
529: new post   Hanging Indents with CSS
How to use negative margins on text-indent to create "hanging Indents" - Works in NN4 also.
CSSDec 12, 2002
530: new post   Jeeves Releases Top Search Terms of 2002
Rankings in several categories are provided.
Ask - TeomaDec 14, 2002
531: new post   MSN Search Exec Accused of Fraud
"Feussner, 32, of Sammamish, was arrested at Microsoft's Redmond campus yesterday ... director of retrieval technology, was in charge of the search engines at Microsoft.com"
Webmaster GeneralDec 14, 2002
532: new post   2002 Year-End Google Zeitgeist
Googles year end list of top query words for 2002.
Google News ArchiveDec 14, 2002
533: new post   Internet Cold War Heats Up
"The ruling from Australia's highest court on Tuesday, that content created in one country can be subject to the laws of another country..."
Webmaster GeneralDec 14, 2002
534: new post   Notes from SES Dallas
All-in-all, another great conference.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesDec 14, 2002
535: new post   An Introduction to Redirecting URLs on an Apache Server
A brief introduction to URL rewriting on Apache server
Apache Web ServerDec 16, 2002
536: new post   Hotbot Updates Homepage, Adds 4-Pack of Engines
After years of neglect, Hotbot redesigns and now features a 4pack of engines: FAST, Google, Inktomi and Teoma.
Alternative Search EnginesDec 17, 2002
537: new post   Yahoo Europe Goes Google
Default Google SERPS on all Euro Yahoos except UK.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesDec 17, 2002
538: new post   The CSS Crash Course
Series of hands on tutorials on Cascading StyleSheets
CSSDec 17, 2002
539: new post   Ecomm up 20% - One Week Spending Record Shattered
Despite a sluggish US economy, online consumers spent a staggering $2.2 billion (USD) from Dec 1 to Dec 7. All reports indicate that ecomm this christmas is up over 20 to 25% over last year.
EcommerceDec 18, 2002
540: new post   CSS Crash Course - Introduction to StyleSheets
First in a series of CSS ice breakers.
CSSDec 18, 2002
541: new post   Putting a Dynamic PHP/MySQL Site On CD
It is a interesting proposition: a dynamic site distributed on cd-rom without mega programming to back it up.
Perl Server Side CGI ScriptingDec 18, 2002
542: new post   Best Results FAST Have Ever Produced
Fast (AllTheWeb) has reworked a major portion of their results and are by most accounts, returning the most accurate and relevant results to date.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comDec 18, 2002
543: new post   InfoSpace/Metacrawler Adds Teoma
Businesswire reports that Teoma now is part of the SERPs at Infospace/Metacrawler.
Ask - TeomaDec 19, 2002
544: new post   The Google Economy - New York Times Article
"I just came across an article online from today's New York Times about Google that specifically mentions this site [webmasterworld]."
Google News ArchiveDec 21, 2002
545: new post   Do I Need a Business License?
Sole proprietor, an LLC, Limited Partnership, or just a DBA. What's the right choice for a successful independent?
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesDec 23, 2002
546: new post   Yahoo! Purchases Inktomi
"[Inktomi and Yahoo!]...today announced they have signed a definitive agreement under which Yahoo! will acquire Inktomi for a purchase price of $1.65 per share in cash. The transaction reflects an aggregate purchase price of approximately $235 million, adjusted for Inktomi's expected cash balance net of debt, as of December 31, 2002."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Dec 23, 2002
547: new post   Is the Day of the Affiliate Coming to an End?
Most programs do not fit the criteria to get into shopping engines such as Froogle. Red flags abound for the future of affiliates.
Google News ArchiveDec 24, 2002
548: new post   Pushing Along the Bogged Down Project
The consultant is always at the mercy of someone elses time table. When a project is bogged down, how can we push water up hill and speed up the process to bring it in on time?
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesDec 24, 2002
549: new post   Doing the Deed - Dealing with Web Hosting Companies
There is a never ending river of horror stories that flow from webmasters based upon their dealings with incompetent or over zealous web hosting support staff.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesDec 25, 2002
550: new post   When PPC Does Not Work
"...200 clickthroughs per week, but the sales aren't coming from the PPC listings. every sale comes from direct request or from normal searches on the major engines."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingDec 25, 2002
551: new post   FAQ: How Many Pages In Inktomi?
Determining how many pages you have listed in Inktomi isn't tricky once you know how. This question comes up repeatedly.
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsDec 26, 2002
552: new post   Catch-22, Linking Conundrum
"...our main competitor has been online for 6 years. back in those good ol' days, the word reciprocal was not a buzz word. people gave links freely without a demanding tit for tat. "
Google News ArchiveDec 27, 2002
553: new post   Reporting Suspected Credit Card Fraud
"...I just got an order for 10 identical pairs of shoes from Lagos, Nigeria using a yahoo email account."
EcommerceDec 28, 2002
554: new post   Payment for Content and Subscriptions Doubles
"The total that US consumers paid for content in Q3 was $361.4 million, a jump of 105% over the same quarter last year."
Content, Writing and CopyrightDec 29, 2002
555: new post   Google Fatigue and Survival
Totally dependent on Google for traffic? So is everyone else and the alliance continues to grow uneasy.
Google News ArchiveDec 29, 2002
556: new post   Nielsens Top 10 Design Mistakes of 2002
" The number one mistake, however, was lack of pricing information, followed by overly literal search engines."
HTMLDec 30, 2002
557: new post   Yahoo! Free Submission - Myth or Reality?
"...anyone gotten a content site listed in Yahoo recently?"
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Dec 30, 2002
558: new post   Affiliate Traffic vs SE Traffic
"...Does affiliate traffic convert any better than traffic with targeted search engine terms?"
AffiliatesDec 30, 2002
559: new post   Webmasters #1 Google New Years Wish
"...better webmaster relations and communication."
Google News ArchiveDec 30, 2002
560: new post   DHTML Pop Up Ads Redefine Annoying
"The novelty has worn off and now it's a hate/hate relationship. The new "pop out" type ads on web sites are the newest plague to sweep advertising on the internet. They totally block the content on the page until you locate the little teenie weenie "close" link."
AffiliatesDec 30, 2002
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