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481: new post   Opera 7 Beta 1 Released
Opera 7 beta 1 for Windows was released.
HTMLNov 14, 2002
482: new post   Best WYSIWYG Editor?
What's the best non-fp editor?
WYSIWYG and Text Code EditorsNov 15, 2002
483: new post   100% Flash Optimization For Google
It's a tall order to optimize a pure Flash site, but it can be done.
Google News ArchiveNov 16, 2002
484: new post   Easiest and Best Way to Stop mailto: spam?
"We have published our email addresses on our web sites for almost 10 years using simple mailto: or forms. In the past year, the amount of spam has become intolerable. "
HTMLNov 18, 2002
485: new post   Quick Rankings Guide
You know you should use your keywords in various places on the page. Here's a rule-of-thumb guide to their placement value.
Keyword DiscussionNov 18, 2002
486: new post   Coasterless CD Burning
It seems that the well stocked CDRW home is never without enough drink coasters. Tips to prevent blown CD burning.
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsNov 18, 2002
487: new post   Simple Agent Delivery Cloaking
Is simple meta tag cloaking via SSI tags useful or advisable?
CloakingNov 18, 2002
488: new post   Open Source will *eventually* rule the desktop.
"Five years ago *nix was in the realm of the (excuse the phrase) "ultra geeks". Today, webmasters and SEOs commonly chose linux as their operating system of choice. What will it be five years from now? I think it is wide open. "
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsNov 18, 2002
489: new post   What is the smallest text you can read comfortably?
Despite rumors to the contrary, CSS does NOT stand for Constant Straining and Squinting!
CSSNov 18, 2002
490: new post   Google AdWords on Yahoo Japan
"Yahoo Japan on Monday said it has signed nonexclusive deals with rivals Google and Overture Services to begin displaying advertising linked to keywords in searches on its site." (-Cnet)
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Nov 18, 2002
491: new post   WebmasterWorld Enters Elite Tier of Alexa Top 1000 Sites
It's official - welcome to one of the fastest growing sites on the web. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the WebmasterWorld community helping to make it the highest rated forum on the net. Next stop - top 100.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterNov 19, 2002
492: new post   The Google Fresh Wave
"Anyone playing the Google "fresh" referral sweepstakes?"
Google News ArchiveNov 20, 2002
493: new post   Inktomi Releases Web Search 9
"Inktomi Web Search 9 combines algorithmic and editorial relevance techniques to better interpret user intent and deliver more accurate, comprehensive search results. Inktomi Web Search 9 also includes new paid inclusion features that allow content publishers and online retailers to more easily target local audiences."
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsNov 20, 2002
494: new post   AdWords Filtering Some Words Out
Reports that some major keywords have been blocked from AdWords in the last 24-48 hours. Some words appear to be trademark related. Members are unsure what to make of it, but these are some pricey kw's that are been removed.
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Nov 20, 2002
495: new post   Referral Strings - the Most Suspect Data on the Net
Referral data is often off by large percentages on many sites. Here is a long discussion detailing many of the problems with trying to read tea leaves (erm - referral data).
Website Analytics - Tracking and LoggingNov 22, 2002
496: new post   Search Engine Crawlers Out In Full Force.
"...I think this is the first time in ages where 5 engines have all been actively crawling at the same time."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesNov 28, 2002
497: new post   How Do You Beat Heavy Competition?
The age old SEO question: how to run with the big dogs?
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesNov 28, 2002
498: new post   New Data Search partner for FAST
"CIGNA Corporation (NYSE: CI), one of the largest publicly owned employee benefits organizations in the United States, has selected FAST Data Search as CIGNA's enterprise search solution. FAST is receiving revenue from CIGNA Corporation in the form of software license and maintenance fees."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comNov 28, 2002
499: new post   AskJeeves and Get The Answers Over the phone
"For an annual fee you will have a team of personal assistants at the end of the phone ready to help you. Additionally, your membership will give you access to an array of privileges and offers. "
Ask - TeomaNov 28, 2002
500: new post   Top Back Button Offenses?
"What causes you to press the back button out of a site on your first visit?"
HTMLNov 29, 2002
501: new post   Flash 6 Players released
"Macromedia has announced the release of public betas for Flash Player 6. This release introduces the long awaited Linux version and fixes quite a few things in the Mac and Windows versions."
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Nov 30, 2002
502: new post   CPM Ad Metric Still Has Legs.
Althougth advertisers have been denouncing CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) for ages, it lives on and may be showing signs of strength.
AffiliatesDec 1, 2002
503: new post   Run Down of Top Things Working with Google
"I rebuilt my web-site myself, using what I or others may call search engine friendly - techniques."
Google News ArchiveDec 1, 2002
504: new post   11 Tips From a Senior DMOZ Editor
"1) No or little content = no addition. 2) The more subject specific the web site or page, the better."
DirectoriesDec 1, 2002
505: new post   Giving Users Control Over the User Interface
2003 is shaping up as the Year of Visitor Customization on the Web. Sites such as AllTheWeb and browsers such as Opera are giving users unparalleled choices at changing the look and feel of a website.
CSSDec 1, 2002
506: new post   Design is Only Skin Deep
Real world Webmasters continue to assert that the majority of what is taught in web design and web graphics classes is wrong. It is the low key, no graphic, easy to read, white space strong, low impact pages that are producing long term results in the real world.
HTMLDec 1, 2002
507: new post   Shutting Down Low ROI Campaigns
You laid your money down, you took your chances, you got burned! When is it time to cut your losses and run?
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingDec 1, 2002
508: new post   Size Matters When Most of Your Visitors are at 56k
"Graphic heavy, flash based sites, mutli-layered sites seem to be ignoring the reality: most surfers are still using modems. 56k with a subpar connection at that."
HTMLDec 2, 2002
509: new post   List Items and Image Alignment?
Common solution to images not lining up with list items when using custom images as bullets
CSSDec 2, 2002
510: new post   Giving Users Control Over the User Interface
2003 is shaping up as the Year of Visitor Customization on the Web. Sites such as AllTheWeb and browsers such as Opera are giving users unparalleled choices at changing the look and feel of a website.
CSSDec 3, 2002
511: new post   CPM Banner Programs Still Marching Onward
What banner programs are out there and running these days?
AffiliatesDec 4, 2002
512: new post   Looksmart Australia, How Effective is it?
Looklistings in the land down under.
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 4, 2002
513: new post   Buying Cheap Mass Banner Impressions Through Auctions
Webmaster experiences in buying hundreds of thousands of banner impressions on-the-cheap through auctions like Ebay.
AffiliatesDec 6, 2002
514: new post   AllTheWeb Alchemist Skin Design Contest Winners
In 2002 AllTheWeb has quietly become one of the most innovative search engines we have ever seen. They have announced the winners of their unique CSS skin design contest.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comDec 6, 2002
515: new post   CC Validation Without Instant Verification?
"If possible, they would like to bypass the stage of having credit cards approved by an online processor. What they would like to do is have an online shopping cart but then receive the details of the order either via email or through a secure website and then process the orders manually."
EcommerceDec 6, 2002
516: new post   Externally Linked CSS and JS Caused Drop in Traffic
Although it makes site updating easier, external files for css and/or js do increase download time and may have a negative effect on search engine rankings.
Google News ArchiveDec 6, 2002
517: new post   Overlapping and Offset Layers
Tableless CSS layout variations grow in usage and utility.
CSSDec 6, 2002
518: new post   Bad Boy Bot of the Week
Pick a bot, any bot: This weeks fun one is an affiliate bot out walking and not respecting robots.txt.
Search Engine Spider and User Agent IdentificationDec 6, 2002
519: new post   Walmarts $199 PC Sells Briskly
"By dropping software from Microsoft and avoiding "Intel inside," retailer Wal-Mart Stores is offering a $199 computer it says is a hot seller on its Web site, attracting novices looking for a way onto the Internet as well as high-end users wanting a second box."
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsDec 7, 2002
520: new post   Inktomi Says Traffic to Partners Up 40%
"...growth in Search Submit leads since the year ago period is up a healthy 40%. That's lower than Index Connect's 100%..."
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsDec 7, 2002
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