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441: new post   Googles Occasional Use of Meta and ALT Tags
It's rare, but infrequently you will run into either Meta Description text or image ALT tag text in a Google SERP.
Google News ArchiveOct 23, 2002
442: new post   Translation for European Languages
Where to start and who to do it?
Deprecated - European Search EnginesOct 23, 2002
443: new post   The Benefits of the Yahoo SERP Changes
On one hand, many who paid for BizEx are still miffed, but there is a growing realization that Yahoo may have ultimately done us a favor.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 23, 2002
444: new post   First Client Jitters
The content-is-king pitch: "How do I convince the client that successful sites are built out of content and not eye candy"?
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesOct 23, 2002
445: new post   When Does a Work Go Into The Public Domain?
How can I determine the copyright status of old documents?
Content, Writing and CopyrightOct 24, 2002
446: new post   Yahoo Express Submit Changes With New Features
"...an online account manager that list all your sites that are listed for renewal and says you can cancel 5 days prior to renewal date if you don't want to renew."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 24, 2002
447: new post   Ego Surfing - Google Thy Self
Everyone does it.
Google News ArchiveOct 25, 2002
448: new post   How Much Page Rank is Transfered Between Links?
A new site is born at PR0. If it should get a link from a PR7 site, what will be the PR value of the new site?
Google News ArchiveOct 25, 2002
449: new post   Rankings Magic or Slight of Hand? 3 Card Monte Comes to SEO
"...the site he was talking about was at position 3, he then said to refresh my screen and it jumped to position 1. He could move it to any position I required."
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesOct 25, 2002
450: new post   Microsofts MSN 8.0 Advertising Blitz
From the popups on the Weather channel to butterflies on Askjeeves, MSN intrusive ads are everywhere.
Website Technology IssuesOct 25, 2002
451: new post   Between Registrar and Host Who Does What?
A basic domain question about how DNS, Registrars and your web host work together to resolve your site.
Domain NamesOct 25, 2002
452: new post   Google listing disappeared after 2 weeks
GoogleGuy provides some insight into Google's Fresh Crawls.
Google News ArchiveOct 27, 2002
453: new post   Yuntis, A New Search Engine
A Collaborative Web Resource Categorization and Ranking Project from Department of Computer Science, State University of New York.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 28, 2002
454: new post   New Visual Search Engine Grokker by Groxis
A new visual search engine set to debut soon - on your pc.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 28, 2002
455: new post   29 States to Vote On Consolidated Ecommerce Taxes
29 states vote next month on consolidated taxes for online ecommerce. If passed, sites would have to collect taxes even without a presence in the state. Many are calling it a classic case of taxation without representation.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesOct 29, 2002
456: new post   Fresh! Google Crawling Cycle
The only time I've seen Google describes its current crawling pattern: "If your site is new, or hasn't shown up in Google for long, it may because our "fresh crawl" (which runs each day) was finding your site instead of our main crawl (which runs about once a month)..."
Google News ArchiveOct 29, 2002
457: new post   Mass Block of Spain's Internet Sites Fading to Black
An oppressive new government censorship and ecommerce law is causing hundreds of websites to close down in Spain. Many other ecommerce sites are blocking sales to Spain because they can't comply with the new law.
Deprecated - European Search EnginesOct 29, 2002
458: new post   PHP Gets Major Boost From an Unlikely Spot - Yahoo!
A recent talk by an old Yahoo! tech revealed that Yahoo! is moving some of its programming to PHP.
Perl Server Side CGI ScriptingOct 30, 2002
459: new post   Problems with googlebot after a domain move
Google seems to be slower than many with DNS updates and this thread discusses some of the resulting problems. One post elegantly details Apache's virtual hosting in terms most webmasters will understand.
Website Technology IssuesOct 30, 2002
460: new post   AllTheWeb's Skin Support Complete
AllTheWeb becomes the first fully user customizable search engine. Allmost all screen fonts and colors are configurable by the user or by using default skin sets.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comOct 31, 2002
461: new post   Google Glossary Format and Functions Updated
While glossary sites across the web shudder in fear, Google adds functionality to its glossary utility.
Google News ArchiveOct 31, 2002
462: new post   WebmasterWorld Supporters Forum Opens
WebmasterWorld is proud to announce a new private marketing forum for site supporters.
WebmasterWorld Community CenterNov 3, 2002
463: new post   Affiliates Who Go Bad
When affiliates become over zealous.
AffiliatesNov 3, 2002
464: new post   Overture No Longer Showing Bid Prices on Results
Overture has dropped the bid price from the results pages.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingNov 4, 2002
465: new post   Off Line Advertising
From classifieds to bumper stickers, what offline marketing works?
AffiliatesNov 4, 2002
466: new post   BT LookSmart Adds Wisenut To Search Directory Service
Looksmart completes integration of WiseNut search index.
UK Search and Internet Marketing NewsNov 4, 2002
467: new post   Google - Searching 3,083,324,652 Web Pages
The Google database sets new index mark.
Google News ArchiveNov 6, 2002
468: new post   Google Tests Click Through Counters on All Listings
All listings currently have click through counters on them.
Google News ArchiveNov 6, 2002
469: new post   Good Link Neighborhoods Can Turn Bad
"...One of the domains they link to apparently expired and was quickly grabbed up for a big link farm spamming campaign. We had no idea that this had happened. "
Google News ArchiveNov 7, 2002
470: new post   Interview With The Webmaster
WebmasterWorld Community CenterNov 8, 2002
471: new post   Avoiding extra space under <h> tags
How to avoid unwanted white space around your heading tags using CSS
CSSNov 9, 2002
472: new post   Shopping Carts 101
"It is intended to be a starting point. You already know that you should do your homework before you get involved with shopping carts."
EcommerceNov 9, 2002
473: new post   Altavista - Launches New Look
Alta's new look was unmasked today. The old brown bag yellow is replaced with a zippy new pastel blue with a radical new logo. What an improvement!
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsNov 9, 2002
474: new post   Info Content Over Commerce
"Affiliate sites have profited from the ability to get high rankings in Google and other search engines through clever SEO techniques. But that window of opportunity is closing..."
Google News ArchiveNov 11, 2002
475: new post   Flash Resource List
A quality resource list for Flash production.
Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Nov 11, 2002
476: new post   Precedent: AllTheWeb Validates to W3C Standards.
Following the precedent set by the ODP, AllTheWeb has become the first major crawler based search engine to validate their home page to support W3C HTML and accessiblity standards.
HTMLNov 11, 2002
477: new post   Php bag of tricks
"..everything under the sun which would be very helpful for all in creating dynamic sites, even for newbies." It's not too late to join in.
PHP Server Side ScriptingNov 11, 2002
478: new post   Group CTR vs. Individual Keyword CTR
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Nov 13, 2002
479: new post   Inktomi Sells Enterprise Search and Gets In To The Black
"Inktomi has sold its enterprise search product to Verity for $25 million. The cash deal should close within 30 to 60 days, after which Inktomi will be cash flow positive."
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsNov 13, 2002
480: new post   SportsML - New Language For Sports Related Data
Protocol madness continues. This time with SportsML. SportsML aims to be the global XML standard for the interchange of sports data.
Website Technology IssuesNov 13, 2002
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