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401: new post   Google News being blocked in China
China Syndrome Part 4 (or is this 5?). This issue is not going away any time soon.
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 2, 2004
402: new post   New Chinese Search Engine - Accoona
Mooted for some time, it is now live. But is it useful?
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 13, 2004
403: new post   Naver Japan to discontinue search services.
As of January 31, 2005 the search engine, along with other services, will cease to be.
Asia and Pacific RegionJan 12, 2005
404: new post   AliBaba Payment Processing in China
" Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba is launching an online payment service it hopes will become the preferred way to buy things online in the world's second-biggest Internet market by users."
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 5, 2005
405: new post   Google On The Ground in China
...and they used to say that only Nixon could go to China...
Asia and Pacific RegionMay 3, 2005
406: new post   Google Seeking Korean Users
"Google began a bus tour in which students can climb into the two-story vehicle and try out Google's desktop search engine and receive Gmail accounts, which have 2 gigabytes of storage."
Asia and Pacific RegionMay 16, 2005
407: new post   eBay move 1 step deeper in China with Global Sources
"Global Sources will provide its clients with the opportunity to market their merchandise directly to individuals and businesses in China through eBay EachNet, eBay's website in China. eBay EachNet's PowerSellers will therefore be able to easily find more sources for high-quality products at lower prices."
Asia and Pacific RegionJune 17, 2005
408: new post   Baidu.com Gets Ready for IPO
"According to published reports in China, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was in Beijing last week meeting with Baidu officials. Mountain View, Calif.-based Google has a 4% stake in the company, and it is unclear whether Schmidt's visit was connected to that investment or other business."
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 5, 2005
409: new post   The importance of hosting Top Sites in China; Myth or Reality?
A good discussion about the optimal physical hosting location for sites targeting the mainland China market.
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 8, 2005
410: new post   The importance of hosting Top Sites in China; Myth or Reality?
"... in order to build any large scale Chinese web site (similar in scale to Baidu, Sina, netease, etc.) do you need to host your servers locally in China ..."
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 9, 2005
411: new post   China Internet Survey Report
CNNIC provides extensive reports on the Internet market in China.
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 22, 2005
412: new post   New auDA policies regarding the sale of misleading domain names.
It seems the days of typosquatting are now over in Australia. The question is, "will other countries follow suit?"
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 26, 2005
413: new post   Baidu accused of executing DDOS attacks
8848, a Chinese e-commerce website, has filed suit against Baidu, claiming the firm attacked its server and made 8848 inoperable for 26 hours.
Asia and Pacific RegionSept 5, 2005
414: new post   Alibaba aquires Yahoo China
"China's largest e-commerce website Alibaba on Tuesday announced it had successfully acquired the entire assets of Yahoo! China and gained one billion US dollars of investment in the merger."
Asia and Pacific RegionNov 1, 2005
415: new post   Japanese Government Looks To Develop Own Search Engine
"Japan will look into launching its own Internet search engine, a government official said Monday, signaling the country's interest..."
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 19, 2005
416: new post   Top Baidu Searches in 2005: MP3, Super Girl, Fairy Tale, QQ
"A look at the top Internet searches in China for the year proves that the country's 103 million Internet users just want to have fun."
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 27, 2005
417: new post   Tencent Launches "QQ Search"
"Tencent joined the other Chinese portals and launched its own search engine at www.soso.com recently. According to Sina, Tencent uses Google's technology and may become an Adwords distribution agent for Google."
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 27, 2005
418: new post   Baidu Chinese Search Engine Top Ten Key Word List for 2005
"A look at the top Internet searches in China for the year proves that the country's 103 million Internet users just want to have fun."
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 28, 2005
419: new post   MSN Search China (beta) launch
"The beta version of Microsoft's Chinese language search engine is now online. The beta offers web search and desktop search options along with some of the search refinement tools offered on other language versions of MSN Search."
Asia and Pacific RegionJan 17, 2006
420: new post   Korean Site Drags Google into David-Goliath Match
"....site has been flooded with negative comments about Google from its viewers. Also, there are a few claims that there are other Web sites, which were treated in the same way by Google, deserted after running Google's advertisements."
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 13, 2006
421: new post   China Launching Alternate Root Domain Name System
"China launched several native language domain names that resolve within the .cn domain back in 2003. Today several bloggers misread the Chinese and claimed that China was going to compete with ICANN in the domain space."
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 1, 2006
422: new post   Google China Localizes With New Name & Defends position on Censorship
"Google launches their Chinese language name 'Gu Ge,' or 'Valley Song,' which the company says draws on Chinese rural traditions to describe a fruitful and rewarding experience."
Asia and Pacific RegionApr 13, 2006
423: new post   Google Korea; Failing or Locked-Out?
Google is reportadly failing to make any notable inroads into the Sth Korean search marketplace, one of the world's most-wired countries. But is it more a case of not being allowed access to spiderable material?
Asia and Pacific RegionMay 2, 2006
424: new post   Yahoo! Korea Create Webzari Site Explorer
"The Yahoo! Korea team has taken Site Explorer a step forward with with a different look and created Webzari."
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 27, 2006
425: new post   China Considers "Real Name System" For Blogs
"The Internet Society of China has recommended to the government that bloggers be required to use their real names when they register blogs, state media said on Monday, in the latest attempt to regulate free-wheeling Web content. "
Asia and Pacific RegionOct 23, 2006
426: new post   Baidu To Enter Japanese Search Market In 2007
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 4, 2006
427: new post   Dot Asia Domain Gets The Go Ahead
"..anyone wanting a .asia domain name will be able to express their interest on www.asiadns.com, following agreement between the EuroDNS registry and DotAsia, the sponsoring organisation behind .asia."
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 12, 2006
428: new post   Microsoft To Carry Baidu Search Ads
"Baidu.com Inc., the leading search engine in China, said Thursday its paid search ads will now appear on some sites operated by software maker Microsoft Corp. "
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 14, 2006
429: new post   China To Launch DNS Root Server
"China Network Communications Group signed with US-based VeriSign Incorporation, the world's largest domain name registry services provider, to launch the Chinese mirror server of root domain name on December 14."
Asia and Pacific RegionDec 21, 2006
430: new post   Microsoft - MSN R&D Center In China: Sources
"Software giant Microsoft Corp. is setting up a research and development center in Shanghai for its online MSN service, its first such center outside the United States, sources familiar with the plan said on Wednesday."
Asia and Pacific RegionJan 31, 2007
431: new post   Google's YouTube to Warn Japanese Users on Piracy
"Google's YouTube.com agreed to display warnings on its website in Japanese not to upload copyright materials to the popular Internet service, a group of Japanese media firms said on Tuesday."
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 6, 2007
432: new post   Google Maps Now in Chinese
"I see that Google China has added maps to their list of services."
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 13, 2007
433: new post   Baidu Says Profits Up 400 Percent
"Chinese Web search leader Baidu said on Wednesday quarterly net profits quintupled, but stepped up investments and the impact of a late New Year's holiday season will cut sales growth early in 2007."
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 15, 2007
434: new post   Google tweaks Chinese search engine with more features
"....adding several new features to its Google.cn search engine, including some capabilities that are not available on Google.com."
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 26, 2007
435: new post   Google Korea Ordered to Delete Unfair Clauses in AdSense Contracts
"South Korea's corporate watchdog said Monday it has ordered Google Inc., the world's largest Internet search engine, to revise or delete unfair clauses in its advertisement contracts with Web site operators."
Asia and Pacific RegionFeb 26, 2007
436: new post   Our Server IP Is Banned In China
"Got a mail from our Chinese translator today. He can't access our server via FTP. Checking, I found that none of our 3 sites in Chinese have had any traffic from China since November. "
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 5, 2007
437: new post   China Bans New Internet Cafes for a Year
"Fearful of soaring Internet addiction and juvenile crime, China has banned the opening of new Internet cafes this year, state media reported on Tuesday."
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 6, 2007
438: new post   Google Launches Book Search for China
"The trial Web site, which went live on March 2, is the latest addition to Google's Chinese search engine, Google.cn."
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 6, 2007
439: new post   Google China's New directory
"Google China has a new directory in their Labs"
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 10, 2007
440: new post   Yahoo! Japan Launches Digg-like News Service
"A new service from Yahoo! Japan called 'Minna no Topics' which means 'Everyone's topics' is now open."
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 17, 2007
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