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401: new post   IE Service Pack 1 With Alexa?
Alexa Bundled With IE - apparently without notice.
HTMLSept 17, 2002
402: new post   LookSmart Renews AltaVista, Expands MSN Deals
"[Looksmart]...renews one major distribution deal while expanding another. "
DirectoriesSept 19, 2002
403: new post   Sites Question the Value of Amazon Affiliation
"Over the years the total commission percentage just keeps decreasing."
AffiliatesSept 22, 2002
404: new post   When Search Engines Send You Traffic You Don't Want
Search engines can get the wrong idea about your site some times and send you mass off topic and unwelcome traffic.
General Search Engine Marketing IssuesSept 22, 2002
405: new post   Alltheweb Extends Contest Deadline
"The AlltheWeb team has decided to extend the Alchemist Design Contest deadline through October 31, 2002."
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comSept 22, 2002
406: new post   Printer Friendly Layout Theory
Designing pages with the printer in mind.
HTMLSept 22, 2002
407: new post   News Links Page At Google Gets a Redesign
The News links page at Google gets a much needed overhaul.
Google News ArchiveSept 23, 2002
408: new post   How to tell if a Google Update has started
The Google update cycle can be a bit confusing. This thread will help you understand how to determine if Google's database is actually updating.
Google News ArchiveSept 24, 2002
409: new post   Yahoo Google Relations Strained
The New York Times is running a story on the strained Yahoo-Google relations. "Yahoo is said to be seriously considering switching its Web search to Inktomi..."
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Sept 25, 2002
410: new post   Yahoo Adds RSS Feeds for Finance Stories
Yahoo beta tests RSS feeds. update 9-27-2002: The test appears to be over already.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Sept 25, 2002
411: new post   PayPal to Accept Euros and Pound Sterling Currencies
"Starting on October 9...The initial roll-out of Multiple Currencies will give PayPal account holders the option..."
EcommerceSept 25, 2002
412: new post   Mozilla Phoenix 0.1 Alpha Build Released
Phoenix is a a trimmed down version of Mozilla that attempts to address Mozillas core problem of bloat.
HTMLSept 26, 2002
413: new post   Project : Visual Basic Google API Rank Checker Program
Member project with instructions for VB programming of a Google API rank checker.
Microsoft IIS Web Server and ASP.NETSept 30, 2002
414: new post   Permanent redirects in Apache for multiple domains
I'm tired of my ugly, 2nd domain showing up in search engines. How do I create a permanent (301) redirect in Apache and will it fix this search engine problem/
Domain NamesOct 1, 2002
415: new post   Netscape SmartDownload ELU Not Applicable
The first ruling in the "Netscape Is SpyWare" suit has come down against Netscape.
HTMLOct 2, 2002
416: new post   New Content Filtering Options on AllTheWeb
The best advanced search page on the web just got better with content filtering and other new search options.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comOct 2, 2002
417: new post   Bandwidth Reduction
All of the top "tricks" for saving costly bandwidth neatly summarized.
Website Technology IssuesOct 2, 2002
418: new post   Wisenut Relaunched
Wisenut relaunches - now under Looksmart ownership.
Alternative Search EnginesOct 3, 2002
419: new post   PositionTech Launches FAST Partner Site
PositionTech has added a Fast (AllTheWeb) paid inclusion option.
Deprecated - Altavista, Alltheweb.comOct 4, 2002
420: new post   Liquid Layout vs Fixed Layout
Do users tend to use the back button more on fixed layouts?
HTMLOct 4, 2002
421: new post   Google May Experiment With Charging for News Searches
A new story on the web quotes a senior Google VP as saying they may experiment with charging for news searches.
Google News ArchiveOct 5, 2002
422: new post   How do I get quality conversion rates?
Converting high search engine referral rates into actual sales.
AffiliatesOct 7, 2002
423: new post   Google Catalogs Passes 5000 Catalog Mark
An update to the Google Catalogs page shows that the database has just passed the 5000 catalog mark.
Google News ArchiveOct 7, 2002
424: new post   Context, Themes, and The Future of SE's
Some search engines and experts predict the future of net search will move further towards keyword and site context. If your site is about oranges, there is no way you could be found under boats.
Google News ArchiveOct 8, 2002
425: new post   The Once Lauded Afternic Shuts Doors
Register.com paid $48 million USD for Afternic (a domain name reseller) but with a depressed domain reseller market, it has shut the doors.
Domain NamesOct 8, 2002
426: new post   Yahoo Changes
Yahoo search results pages (serps) are going through some dramatic changes. It appears to be live beta testing - so look quick.
Yahoo Search Engine, and Directory (Deprecated)Oct 9, 2002
427: new post   SEs Begin to Support If Modified Since HTTP Headers.
It is official, Google recommends web sites start supporting If Modified Since HTTP headers. (note: extended homepage run)
Google News ArchiveOct 9, 2002
428: new post   Yahoo Selects Google
The wait is over. Yahoo has renewed its contract with Google. (note: extended homepage run)
Google News ArchiveOct 9, 2002
429: new post   What Should We Do With Excessive Site Traffic?
When a site exceeds it's monthly bandwidth allotment, hosting can become a very expensive proposition.
Webmaster GeneralOct 19, 2002
430: new post   Is there such a thing as Link Prominence?
The new Google algo has many seo's befuddled. There seems to be an entirely new data sets at work. This thread is a bit of a brain storming session trying to figure it out.
Google News ArchiveOct 20, 2002
431: new post   Overture Posts 3Q Results
Overture Q3 Report.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingOct 22, 2002
432: new post   Getting Iframed Content to Reconstitute With the Framing Page
We all know visitors won't always come in on the page that sets up your framed content properly. That issue become twice as difficult when using HTML 4 IFRAMES.
HTMLOct 22, 2002
433: new post   Text, PDF or Doc Files
Which do you prefer to send for Quotes and other business related documents?
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesOct 22, 2002
434: new post   Inktomi Expands Deal with Amazon
"...an expansion of a deal with Amazon.com to put e- commerce results on its pay-for-inclusion search index."
Deprecated - Paid Inclusion Engines and TopicsOct 22, 2002
435: new post   Tools for Testing Browser Compatibility
What tools are out there for checking compatibility across netscape, AOL, windows and Mac browsers.
HTMLOct 22, 2002
436: new post   Search Engine Freshness Study
Study on search engine listing age.
SEM Research TopicsOct 22, 2002
437: new post   Google Developing Product Search Database
A German online magazine is reporting that Google is building a product search engine type database.
Google News ArchiveOct 22, 2002
438: new post   Is Linux Really Going To Rule the Desktop?
Are the best days of Linux over or yet to come?
Linux, Unix, and *nix like Operating SystemsOct 23, 2002
439: new post   Building Your Own Directory
Building your own directory can be a daunting task. Not only from a software standpoint, but also a management standpoint.
DirectoriesOct 23, 2002
440: new post   What Should I Pay a Salesman?
Commission incentive or straight salary? What is appropriate for either?
AffiliatesOct 23, 2002
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