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41: new post   Google Alphabet Q1, 2019 Results, 17pct up, at $36.34bn
Its shares fell 7% as this was lower than $37.33 billion expectations...
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesApr 30, 2019
42: new post   Bing Ads Becomes Microsoft Advertising
"We're changing our name from Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising."
BingAds (was MSN/Microsoft AdCenter)Apr 29, 2019
43: new post   15,000 Subdomains Taken Down From Hacked Sites
It's believed the hackers used phishing of credential stuffing attacks to access accounts.
Domain NamesApr 29, 2019
44: new post   Microsoft Q3 Revenues up 14pct to $30.6 Billion, Reaches $1 Trillion Market Valuation
Microsoft has reported Q3 revenues up 14pct, and has reached a $1 trillion market valuation.
Microsoft CorporateApr 25, 2019
45: new post   Chitika Shutting Down Immediately
Chitika has said it's shutting down.
Pay Per Click EnginesApr 18, 2019
46: new post   Google AMP Web Results Link to Signed Exchanges
Google has now said it's rolling out support for AMP to signed exchanges.
Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)Apr 17, 2019
47: new post   How to get more Twitter followers
"Building your presence on Twitter isn't a project where you can do some work and you're done."
TwitterApr 15, 2019
48: new post   Google testing before: and after: commands to help find old pages
Google is beta testing two new search operators, before: and after:
Google SEO News and DiscussionApr 12, 2019
49: new post   Reports of Google Dropping Pages Out of Index... possibly a bug?
Is Google dropping pages from its index, or is this a temporary bug?
Google SEO News and DiscussionApr 5, 2019
50: new post   Google Updates and SERP Changes - April 2019
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes.
Google SEO News and DiscussionApr 5, 2019
51: new post   Facebook, App Devs Left 540 Million Users' Data Exposed
More seriously, and in a separate developer account, 22,000 records with names, passwords and email addresses were discovered.
Facebook Marketing ForumApr 4, 2019
52: new post   So long, farewell, AdSense, goodbye
"It was November 2003 that I added AdSense scripts as a test. A test that transformed my business model."
Google AdSenseApr 3, 2019
53: new post   Facebook Introduces "Why am I seeing this post?"
Facebook has said it'll be introducing "Why am I seeing this post?"
Facebook Marketing ForumApr 1, 2019
54: new post   5pct of Web's Top 10,000 Sites Had Exploitable TLS Vulnerabilities
According to a new report, "We discovered TLS vulnerabilities in 5,574 hosts (5.5%)"
Website Security for WebmastersMar 29, 2019
55: new post   E.U. Parliament Approves the Copyright Directive
Europe's Parliament has approved the controversial Copyright Directive, which includes Article 11, the "link tax" and Article 13, known a the "upload filter."
Content, Writing and CopyrightMar 26, 2019
56: new post   E.U. Fines Google 1.49 Billion Euros Over Antitrust in Advertisiing
The European Union has fined Google 1.49 billion Euros for abusive practices in online advertising.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesMar 20, 2019
57: new post   ICANN May Allow .Org Domain Renewal Prices to go Sky High
So, what's to come for those 10,000,000 entities that believed they were dealing with a non-profit registry that served the interests of non-profits?
Domain NamesMar 20, 2019
58: new post   Firefox 66 Released, Autoplay Blocking By Default
Many will find that Firefox 66, released today, will help reduce some common online annoyances.
Firefox Browser Usage and SupportMar 19, 2019
59: new post   Google Florida Update v2 March 12, 2019
First hinted by Google at Pubcon Florida last week, lots of examples that a core Google Algo update has occured.
Google SEO News and DiscussionMar 13, 2019
60: new post   The Web Turns Thirty Years Old
Oh, and how the Web has changed in the last 30-years!
FooMar 12, 2019
61: new post   How to Prepare and Recover From Google Updates
"Google makes hundreds and hundreds of updates each year. If you aren't ready you can get destroyed, heck even if you are ready you can still get destroyed depending on what they change. So let's take a moment to chat about helpful ways to prepare and respond when Google rolls out an update ... especially a huge game changing update. "
Google SEO News and DiscussionMar 11, 2019
62: new post   U.S. Senator Wants to Break Up Tech Giants
A U.S. Senator, Elizabeth Warren, reveals a plan aimed at breaking up some of America's largest tech companies, including Amazon, Facebook and Google.
FooMar 9, 2019
63: new post   Zero-day: Make Sure Chrome is Updated to Version: 72.0.3626.121
"Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2019-5786 exists in the wild."
Google Chrome BrowserMar 7, 2019
64: new post   Google Tries Shoppable ads on Google Images
Google is testing shoppable ads on Google Images
Google Ads (Was AdWords)Mar 6, 2019
65: new post   Intel Chipsets Open to New "Spoiler" Attack
"Spoiler" is the new flaw researchers discovered affecting all Intel chipsets.
Website Security for WebmastersMar 5, 2019
66: new post   Google Updates and SERP Changes - March 2019
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes.
Google SEO News and DiscussionMar 4, 2019
67: new post   F.T.C. $12.8 Million Settlement for Fake Reviews by Amazon Seller
The Federal Trade Commission has settled a complaint where an Amazon seller was paying for fabricated five star reviews on the site.
Community Building and User Generated ContentFeb 28, 2019
68: new post   Google Engineers Say, Spectre Vulnerability is Here to Stay
Spectre is here to stay!
Website Security for WebmastersFeb 26, 2019
69: new post   Google Launches .dev TLD Now in Early Access Period
.dev TLDs for developers currently in the early access period
Domain NamesFeb 22, 2019
70: new post   Report: Pinterest Files for IPO at a Valuation of $12 billion
Pinterest has filed for an IPO with the S.E.C.
PinterestFeb 22, 2019
71: new post   Which SEO Tool is Cutting Edge?
There are many tools out there to help you with your job, with many good ones. Why is that tool good?
Google SEO News and DiscussionFeb 20, 2019
72: new post   New E.U. Rules Affect Google, Amazon, etc., Require More Transparency
New agreements in the E.U. will require more transparency for many tech firms over how they rank their own products and services.
Professional Webmaster Business IssuesFeb 18, 2019
73: new post   E.U.'s Articles 11 and 13 Copyright Directive Survive and Head For E.U. Parliament Approval
The E.U.'s Copyright Directive, including the controversial Articles 11 and 13, have reached a new point where they are headed for E.U. Parliament approval sometime in March or April.
Content, Writing and CopyrightFeb 14, 2019
74: new post   Google's Gary Illyes Talks About RankBrain
Google's Gary Illyes answers a question about RankBrain.
Google SEO News and DiscussionFeb 12, 2019
75: new post   Google Updates and SERP Changes - February 2019
WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes.
Google SEO News and DiscussionFeb 12, 2019
76: new post   Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Data Unification Stopped in Germany
Facebook's plan to unify its systems with Instagtram and WhatsApp has hit some buffers in Germany.
Facebook Marketing ForumFeb 7, 2019
77: new post   Chrome Extension Password Checkup from Google
Google has a new Password Checker Chrome Extension.
Google Chrome BrowserFeb 6, 2019
78: new post   Google Alphabet Q4 Revenues up 22pct to $39.3 billion
Alphabet's Q4 revenues came in at $39.3 billion, which is up 22% y-o-y, with year end revenues of $136.8 billion, up 23% y-o-y.
Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesFeb 5, 2019
79: new post   Google Working on Defeating Punycode Domain Exploits
Google has said it's working on a way to identify and block fake websites using the punycode exploit.
Website Security for WebmastersFeb 4, 2019
80: new post   Apple Shuts Down All of Google's Internal Apps for Abusing Enterprise
Apple revoked Google's Enterprise Certificate and as a result, none of Google's internal apps are functional.
Apple Software and TechnologyFeb 1, 2019
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