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1: new post   Link Building Mistakes of the Professionals and Newbies
WebmasterWorld discuss today's link building mistakes.
Sept 26, 2016
2: new post   February 2014 Link Building Blog Post Roundup
"The link building month of February 2014 actually started in late January when Matt Cutts called for SEOs to stick a fork in it."
Feb 14, 2014
3: new post   PR Zero - Worth Getting a Link?
WebmasterWorld Members discuss link building metrics that have more or less replaced Toolbar PageRank for judging the worth of a link project.
Oct 31, 2013
4: new post   Collateral Damage from Link Removal Requests Related To Google Penguin
A web publisher attributes the loss of links to link removal requests received by other web publishers spooked by Google's Penguin. [br][br]
June 10, 2013
5: new post   How to Discover Bad or Spammy Links
WebmasterWorld Members discuss techniques to find bad or spammy links.
June 2, 2013
6: new post   Have Facebook "Likes" Become The New Link Citation
Acquiring "Likes" is, at this moment, going to be the landrush for gaining higher rankings in Facebook Social Search.
Jan 16, 2013
7: new post   Google Updated Link Schemes Page Includes "Widely distributed links in the footers"
Google recently updated its Link Scheme page and it's surprising to see some of the web's basic linking activity now indicated as unnatural links which violate Google's guidelines.
Oct 10, 2012
8: new post   Link Development and Building on a Budget
WebmasterWorld Members discuss how to build links to your site on a micro-budget.
July 24, 2012
9: new post   Top Ten Strategies For Dealing With Poisoned Inbound Links
Web publishers discuss strategies for dealing with poisoned inbound links.
July 23, 2012
10: new post   Link Development: Including Backlinks on Plugins
Link Building Strategies - WebmasterWorld Members discuss the pros and cons of building backlinks with plug-in attribution links.
May 7, 2012
11: new post   Link Building Targeted by Google Spam Date 04-24-2012
Another round of Google tweaks, including some to catch link manipulators.
Apr 26, 2012
12: new post   Google Algo Changes March 2012 and How It Affects Links
WebmasterWorld Members discuss how Google's latest changes affect links.
Apr 11, 2012
13: new post   February 2012 Panda Update Affects Link Evaluation
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the signals related to the topic of the linked page.
Mar 5, 2012
14: new post   Link Development: Building Links to Pages That Link Back
WebmasterWorld Members discuss link development ideas.
Feb 10, 2012
15: new post   How to Get Four .edu Backlinks In Three Days
WebmasterWorld Members' practical advice on how to get .edu backlinks.
Jan 13, 2012
16: new post   15 Latest and Best Link Development Ideas
WebmasterWorld Members review some of the latest and best link development ideas.
Dec 2, 2011
17: new post   Links From General Directories - Are They Worth It?
WebmasterWorld Members review the latest thinking on links from general, non-specific directories.
July 23, 2011
18: new post   How to Allocate a 10k/Month Link Development Budget
WebmasterWorld Members review ideas and suggestions on how best to allocate a $10,000 link development budget.
July 16, 2011
19: new post   Link Quality - Is it Necessary to Rank Nowadays?
WebmasterWorld Members review the aspect of link quality in ranking.
July 13, 2011
20: new post   How To Get Links For New Sites
I am not one for buying links other than the odd link here and there. I get several thousand daily uniques to my biggest sites without hardly ever engaging in link buying.[br][br]But what if you are just starting out in a niche where there are big competitors who have have thousands of links pointing to them, often obtained in the days when they were so easy to come by when people linked freely without giving it a second thought. These days people tend to link mostly to sites that are extremely reputable and large in size and well known on the web. What then? How is one ever to catch up with big competitors if they can't get links?
May 19, 2011
21: new post   Research on Google's Panda and Link Exchanges
Make no mistake about it: Panda is Google's way of reminding would-be corrupters and despoilers of the Word Wide Web search industry, an industry that Google "owns" (or at least thinks it does), that payback is a bitch, that the time for payback is now, and that the payback penalties may be severe.
May 3, 2011
22: new post   Link Building Games and Schemes
What has the link building business gotten into![br][br]WebmasterWorld members debate the common, time wasting approach to asking for links.
Feb 24, 2011
23: new post   Training a Link Development Team
Creating campaigns, choosing the direction to move forward should be handled by a point person for the link building account.[br][br]The grunt work can be done through scripted responses by employees who do not need to know the higher level information, who may not be able to handle higher level information, but are perfectly capable to handle the routine scripted responses.
Jan 29, 2011
24: new post   Using Broken Links As An Opportunity For New Link Requests
"A WebmasterWorld Member tip to help find new link opportunities."
Nov 7, 2010
25: new post   Automated Forum Profile Link Building: Does it Work?
"WebmasterWorld members debate whether automated forum profile link building works."
Nov 6, 2010
26: new post   Link Development: Text Link vs Alt Image
"WebmasterWorld Members offer creative advice and new ideas on the Text Link Vs Image Link problem."
Oct 25, 2010
27: new post   Yahoo Closes New Directory Listings In UK
"The Yahoo! UK and Ireland Directory will be shutting down on 18th of November 2010."
Oct 18, 2010
28: new post   The Link Challenge
"Quality websites either ignore link requests, or demand cash - the end resource is no longer a factor in people giving out links."
Oct 17, 2010
29: new post   Buy Dropped Domains for the Link Pop and Backlinks
"A few years ago I developed the strategy of buying dropped domains with good backlinks and pagerank, and either 301-ed them to one of my main sites, or host them with a bit of content, and link them to my sites. Now, years later, some of those still bring in nice traffic and PR."
Sept 2, 2010
30: new post   Optimal Anchor Text Link Length
"I've always been curious of external linking strategies but not sure if I've heard opinions on the strength of a four or five word link."
Aug 4, 2010
31: new post   Testing Relative or Absolute Links: Which are Better For SEO
"WebmasterWorld members review and test absolute and relative links to try and establish which works best from an SEO perspective."
July 18, 2010
32: new post   Links 2010. How can I Get The All Fabled One Way Link?
As rare as a unicorn? "Oh, I need help in finding one way links, day after day, I'm after it and it's a slow crawl, anybody have any advice, besides, keep at it?"
June 30, 2010
33: new post   Defining A Relevant Link With The View To Give Best Value
"Let say you have a hotel booking site that specializes in hotels in the Toronto area. Assume that you are trying to rank for Toronto Hotels. Does that mean that you would be better off only exchanging links with hotel sites whose websites had 'Toronto Hotels' as their main keyword density?"
May 26, 2010
34: new post   Buying Dropped Domains for Link Development
"Recently I found a nice typo domain for a competitors' generic keyword domain and could not resist."
May 25, 2010
35: new post   The New Face Of Link Building
"In years past I'd put up great content and then go actively seeking links. And I'd get them. Not all the time, but I'd get reasonable response. Hard work paid off. That's not been my experience in the last few months."
May 17, 2010
36: new post   Is it Time to Put SEO on a Shelf as a Traffic Source?
"Some webmasters have changed their focus to branding, word-of-mouth and diversification of traffic sources instead of SEO ... increasingly things that were considered white-hat before are being treated as undesirable..."
May 6, 2010
37: new post   Paid Links: Are They Really So Risky?
"I'm seriously starting to question how big the risk is. More to the point, I'm starting to think that the risk is minimal."
Apr 14, 2010
38: new post   PageRank Still A Factor In How Webmasters Perceive A Site's Value
"WebmasterWorld Members discuss how and why so many webmasters still see Google PageRank as a definitive factor on a site's value."
Mar 30, 2010
39: new post   One Or Two Good Links Could Make A Site
"Can a few exceptional links be enough to push a site into the top ten? WebmasterWorld members discuss their experiences."
Mar 19, 2010
40: new post   Link Building and Development Case Study
"I've just launched a new website and am going to back it up with a link building campaign."
Feb 14, 2010
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