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Welcome to the Keyword Discussion forum! Keywords are a crucial part of how users interact with the internet in general, and how they will find your website in particular. They can show the words and phrases your target audience uses to describe your products and services. Good keyword research, planning and analysis is a key component of successful SEO and PPC campaigns, and an excellent way to get a greater understanding of your audience.

Discussion topics

Finding keywords

Using anything from automated keyword suggestion tools to a dictionary to discover the words and phrases potential visitors use to describe your content, or to use in marketing campaigns.

Analysing keywords

Choosing - and using - the right data to determine which are the best keywords for you, from web analytics conversion data to estimated counts of searches.

Using keywords

How where and when to use keywords for anything from planning the taxonomy of a whole website, to optimising a page for search engine performance.

Common reasons posts are edited

  • Posting information that might lead people to find a specific site you would like to discuss, - yours or anyone else's. This means no links, domain names, screen shots, specific search terms, or drawing attention to your profile.
  • Please avoid mentioning your specific keywords, products or market. You are are welcome to use generalized descriptions, such as "widgets", "highly competitive", "local niche market" and so on. Use example.com for a generalized domain name - it can never be owned.
  • Titles are often edited to make them as clear as possible, so that members are likely to reply and other people are likely ot be able to find the discussion in future (Good: Using keywords to plan my taxonomy. Bad: Help?!).

Online keyword tools

There are many available today, but perhaps the most popular tool used by webmasters is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool [adwords.google.com]. For general information on the best keyword tools out there, try this thread discussing Google's tool, Wordtracker and others [webmasterworld.com].

Please avoid links and references to the many keyword-related tools out there. As a webmaster community, many of our members actually make and promote such tools. With so many available, this creates an impossible situation where we have to either mention them all - or none.

Linking guidelines

We are very selective about what type of links we will publish. Examples of links that will be approved:

  • Educational material and standards documents - Microsoft, Apache, Google Guidelines, etc.
  • Authoritative news stories - NY Times, Wall Street Journal, PC World, Wired, BBC, CNN, NBC, etc.

These types of links are much more helpful than linking to non-standard ideas, opinion, rumor and guesswork. Bad information lives on and is read for years, building up myths. For this reason, except for information from industry authorities that is not available in any other place, please do not link to other forums or blogs.