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Description: All things JavaScript

JavaScript has been the most widely accepted client side scripting language. JavaScript, not to be confused with the Java language, has evolved into a very powerful technology.

Posting Topics:
This forum deals with all things JavaScript. JScript, ECMA script, and any syntax related questions of JScript.Net and server-side JavaScript are welcome. If you have questions directly related to JScript.Net or server side JavaScript, not dealing with JavaScript syntax, please post in either the Website Technology Issues Forum [webmasterworld.com] or the Microsoft Related - .NET and ASP Forum [webmasterworld.com]. Questions dealing with mainly HTML, Browsers, or CSS should also be posted in their respective forums.

Posting JavaScript Code
In order to discuss various issues, it's often helpful to post a little bit of code. However, a post with too many lines of HTML or JavaScript will not be of much value - most people will just ignore it. For a good overview, please, read these guidelines on posting code [webmasterworld.com].

Special Note
We do NOT do "please review my site" requests on WebmasterWorld. Please do not post URLs to pages on your site. "Check my profile" and "Sticky Me" posts will also be edited. This will ensure that your post has value to all members.