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Ideas for lazy loading images with prerender Angular Universal?

2:26 pm on Aug 8, 2019 (gmt 0)

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Well, guys,
I have a fairly large portal (approx 600,000 urls, counting only the pages I want to index on google). This portal is developed in Angular version 6. I have applied Angular Universal (prerender) so that our beloved Googlebot can track all content without problems. Now I am in need of slowing down the mobile charging speed; On average each URL has about 20 images, and I want to apply a Lazy loading script for the images. I have tried multiple scripts but apparently none is compatible with prerender.

That is the introduction of my problem. Now come the doubts ...

1. Has anyone been able to integrate some lazy loading script (for images) with the Universal Angular prerender?
2. Is it absolutely necessary to apply a prerenderizer?
3. How advanced is Googlebot (javascript) to remove the prerender, if it would be able to track me a good amount of daily URLs? Considering that currently with prerender on googlebot is tracking me on average 150,000 urls a day.

If you know something, no matter how silly, I thank you for sharing it, collective knowledge is always stronger.
Greetings and thanks!