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 WebmasterWorld Highlighted Posts   Oct. 8, 2015
Instagram Ad Campaigns in 30 Countries Start 30 September
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

Instagram is to launch its advertising programs in 30 countries from September 30, and it's for large through to small advertisers. ... read more ...


IAB Closely Monitoring The Effects of Ad Blockers
Posted in Google AdSense by engine

When an organisation such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) starts monitoring the effect closely, you know ad blocking is becoming a major concern. ... read more ...


Facebook Tests New Mobile Ads Format
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

Facebook continues its tests of mobile adverts as it, and many others try to find ways to make mobile ads work for its customers. ... read more ...


Microsoft Uses Bing to Discourage Users From Switching Browsers Away From Edge
Posted in Microsoft Corporate by engine

Microsoft is trying to discourage users from switching away from its Edge browser when searching in Bing... ... read more ...


Parody Twitter Accounts, Hot Water, And Lawsuit Settlement
Posted in Twitter by engine

When it's quite obviously a parody, it seems that a lawsuit may not go anywhere,... ... read more ...


Chrome 45 Comes With Power, Memory and Tab Restore Enhancements
Posted in Google Chrome Browser by engine

Memory-saving, Flash pausing, power-saving, and tab restore enhancements all in Chrome 45. ... read more ...


Bing Ads App For Android Released
Posted in BingAds (was MSN/Microsoft AdCenter) by engine

The Android version of the app for advertisers wanting to manage their campaigns while mobile. ... read more ...


Google Street View App For iOS and Android With 360 Degree Imagery
Posted in Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs Projects by engine

Google's Street View app for Android and iOS now include 360-degree imagery. ... read more ...


Firefox for iOS Preview
Posted in Firefox Browser Usage and Support by engine

Mozilla has said the preview is being released in only one country right now. ... read more ...


TrueView Campaigns Now In Core Google AdWords Interface
Posted in Google AdWords by engine

TrueView now in core AdWords interface, along with new columns. ... read more ...


Google Says, The Wrong Type of App Interstitials Will Get You Penalised
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by engine

"After November 1, mobile web pages that show an app install interstitial that hides a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page will no longer be considered mobile-friendly." ... read more ...


Google unveils new logo
Posted in Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by ronin

Google's new logo is not just for the desktop anymore ... read more ...


Google AdWords Adds Structured Snippet Extensions
Posted in Google AdWords by engine

Google is to roll out, in the coming weeks, structured snippet extensions to its dynamic structured snippets for AdWords. ... read more ...


Google Challenges the European Commission's Statement of Objections
Posted in Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by superclown2

"We believe that the SO's preliminary conclusions are wrong as a matter of fact, law, and economics." ... read more ...


Chrome will start automatically pausing less important Flash content
Posted in Flash and Shockwave by bill

Could this be the beginning of the end of Flash-based ads? ... read more ...


Google Launches Redesigned In-App Interstitials
Posted in Google AdWords by engine

Google is giving in-app interstitials a makeover with a new design. ... read more ...


Facebook Testing a Virtual Assistant, "M"
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

Everyone will soon have a virtual assistant at this rate! ... read more ...


Bing Adds More Control For Bing Maps Tile Layers
Posted in Bing Search Engine News by engine

Bing has added more control over Maps tile layers. ... read more ...


Firefox to Adopt Chrome Add-Ons Format
Posted in Firefox Browser Usage and Support by Robert_Charlton

Controversial topic as Firefox changes to adopt Chrome-like add-ons. ... read more ...


Defining Negative SEO, From a Legal Perspective
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by Shai

WebmasterWorld Members debate the true definition of negative SEO, from a legal standpoint. ... read more ...


Adobe Flash Ads Kicked Off Amazon
Posted in Ecommerce by engine

Amazon will no longer accept Adobe Flash ads from September 1, 2015. ... read more ...


New Bing Knowledge and Action Graph API for Developers
Posted in Bing Search Engine News by engine

Bing App for Android now updated with snapshots from the knowledge and action graph available on tap. ... read more ...


IE V7 to V11 Critical Vulnerability - Out of Schedule Patch To Follow
Posted in Microsoft Internet Explorer by engine

Microsoft is to release an out-of-schedule patch for this critical vulnerability for IE. MS Edge browser is unaffected. ... read more ...


Is Web Development for Grown Ups?
Posted in Foo by Mister_L

WebmasterWorld Members debate whether age is a barrier in coding, and will they still be coding when they get to 40, 50, or 60 years old. ... read more ...


Windows 10 Upgrades, Issues and Challenges
Posted in Microsoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7/8/10) by IanCP

WebmasterWorld Members relating issues with new Windows 10 installs which continues to download, including on bandwidth restricted mobile services. Some issues still not addressed. ... read more ...


Amazon Retiring Product Ads From October 31
Posted in Ecommerce by minnapple

Amazon is to close its PPC product ads program on 31 October. ... read more ...


Report: Ad Blocking is Worth $22 Billion in Lost Revenue
Posted in Google AdSense by netmeg

"We find that not only has ad blocking continued its fast growth on desktop, but it has also leaped onto mobile in Asia, and will soon go mobile in the West with the upcoming launch of content blocking on iOS." ... read more ...


Google Unveils Restructuring: Creating Alphabet Inc
Posted in Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by netmeg

Google Inc. is adopting a new structure that makes it more of a holding company, giving the main Web businesses more independence while providing more transparency into executives' ambitious investments and spending on research. Alphabet Inc. will be the name of what will effectively be a new holding company. Google Inc. will be part of that and include YouTube, Android mobile software and other Web-based products. Alphabet will also include Calico, Google Ventures, Google Capital, Google X and other subsidiaries, the Web company said in a blog post Monday. ... read more ...


Rewards and Risks of Changing to Hierarchical URL Structure
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by ergophobe

WebmasterWorld Members discuss the pitfalls and benefits of changing hierarchical URL structure. ... read more ...


Firefox Exploit in the Wild: Mozilla Patches With V39.0.3
Posted in Firefox Browser Usage and Support by engine

Mozilla has moved swiftly to patch an exploit to Firefox which was discovered in-the-wild. ... read more ...


Bing Search to Warn of Unsafe Online Pharmacies
Posted in Bing Search Engine News by engine

Bing to add warnings in SERPs over "unsafe pharmacies" in a similar way it warns of sites with suspected malware. ... read more ...


Google Updates and SERP Changes - August 2015
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by Babadook

WebmasterWorld's monthly look at Google's SERPs changes. ... read more ...


New Google Search Analytics API
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by engine

Google's Search Analytics API is now ready and available. ... read more ...


BIND 9 DNS Software Flaw Being Exploited - Patch Your Systems
Posted in Domain Names by engine

Patch your systems as soon as possible. ... read more ...


Yahoo Ads Network Carried Flash Ads Exploit For 7-Days
Posted in Yahoo Corporate by engine

Hackers used Yahoo's ads network to deliver malicious content to out-of-date versions of Flash. ... read more ...


New "Do Not Track" (DNT) Standard Announced by EFF and Coalition
Posted in Website Analytics - Tracking and Logging by engine

Great to have this standard announced, but will it make any difference? ... read more ...


The First Firmware Worm That Attacks Macs
Posted in Apple Software and Technology by travelin_cat

The World's first firmware worm that's vicious enough to break through Apple's legendary security. ... read more ...


The Windows 10 Torrent Network
Posted in Microsoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7/8/10) by thomcraver

Windows 10 appears to be a peer-to-peer network for future Windows updates, by default. WebmasterWorld Members show how to disable the capability to help protect system integrity and user bandwith. ... read more ...


Running Google AdSense With HTTPS
Posted in Google AdSense by hamedh

"I try to convert our website to be HTTPS only, but see a drastic reduction in clicks (not impressions)." ... read more ...


Google To Defy France's Request for Global "Right to be Forgotten"
Posted in Google, Alphabet Inc., Finance, Govt, Policy and Business Issues by engine

Google asks for France's regulator to withdraw its request for a Global "right-to-be-forgotten." ... read more ...


Facebook Second Quarter 2015 Results, $4.04B Revenue
Posted in Facebook Marketing by engine

Total monthly active users were 1.49 billion, at 13pct growth, y-o-y. ... read more ...


Windows 10 Available in 190 Countries Today
Posted in Microsoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7/8/10) by engine

Microsoft's long anticipated update to Windows is released in 190 countries today. ... read more ...


Server Farms - July 2015
Posted in Search Engine Spider and User Agent Identification by Ocean10000

WebmasterWorld's in-depth discussion and resource on server farms. ... read more ...


Google Requires Publishers To Get Cookie Consent From EU Visitors From Sept 30
Posted in Google AdSense by Badger37

Google has refreshed its AdSense and DoubleClick policy so that all publishers serving EU visitors must obtain cookie consent. ... read more ...


Google+ Roll-Out: Using Google Without a Google+ Profile
Posted in Google Plus by engine

You will only require a Google Account in order to use YouTube, and that change will be rolling out to other Google products in due course. ... read more ...


Google Autocomplete API To Become Restricted From 10 August, 2015
Posted in Google APIs Maps, Tools and Google Labs Projects by engine

In effect, for most developers, this is closing it down, unless you're using the CSE from that time. ... read more ...


Google Claims All Top Level Domains (TLDs) Treated the Same.
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by incrediBILL

Google says that any top level domain is weighted the same, and keywords in domains, such as exact match domains (EMD), don't carry any weight, or disadvantage. ... read more ...


Google Panda 4.2 Rolling Out
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by netmeg

Google has said Panda 4.2 is rolling out, slowly. It started on July 18, 2015. ... read more ...


Microsoft releases emergency patch for all versions of Windows
Posted in Microsoft Windows OS (XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7/8/10) by bill

Microsoft announced an emergency out-of-band patch for a critical flaw, affecting all supported versions of Windows, that fixes a bug that could allow someone to easily take over your computer. ... read more ...


Regaining Google Rankings After a Break From SEO
Posted in Google SEO News and Discussion by trinorthlighting

WebmasterWorld Members discuss the best SEO practices to restore a neglected site's rankings. ... read more ...


Bing Update Is Analytics Referral Segmentation Issue
Posted in Bing Search Engine News by MrSavage

At first it seemed as if it was a Bing update, based upon analytics showing traffic up. ... read more ...


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