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Using Special Text

While posting and replying, you can use the following special codes to enhance your messages. They are similar to their html conterparts.

Function Code:
Bold [b]bold text[/b]
Italic [i]italic text[/i]
Center [center]
centers text on a line
Small [small]Small text[/small]
Super Script This is [sup]superscript[/sup]
Sub Script This is [sub]subscript[/sub]
UrlsWebmasterWorld support the auto linking of HTTP urls only (not https).
URL [url]http://www.searchengineworld.com[/url]
URL [url=http://www.team-mp3.com]Team Mp3[/url]
URL http://www.searchengineworld.com (an http:// at the beggining of the line.
Quote [quote]icq number[/quote]
Fixed [fixed]Fixed Pitch Font[/fixed]
PreFormated [pre]Preformated Fixed Pitch Font[/pre]
Code [code]
Code for preformatted text
[/code] (start it and stop it on a new lines)
List [ol] or [ul] Start order or unorder list. Close with [/ol] or [/ul]
List Item[li]
  • List Item (eg: <li>)
  • Font size 1 [1]Font Size 1[/1]
    Font size 2 [2]Font Size 2[/2]
    Font size 3 [3]Font Size 3[/3]
    Font size 4 [4]Font Size 4[/4]
    Font size 5 [5]Font Size 5[/5]

    Using Faces
    ;) wink
    :) smile
    :o shocked
    :( sad