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Founded: Feb 3, 2001

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Founded: Feb 3, 2001

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Hit 5,000 messages on Apr 14, 2003
Hit 10,000 messages on May 27, 2004

Graphics are such and integral part of the web, we all become proficient out of necessity. They have become an integral part and mandatory skill set, that a forum dedicated to graphics and multimedia is also mandatory.

Posting Topics:
All discussion related to graphics, animation, sound, video, their creation, and their usage are fair play. This includes MPGs, AVIs, and other multimedia formats on the Internet. One thing to remember, is that this is not a software support forum - it is a design forum. If you have problems with software, it is probably best to take it up with the developer. If you have a specific problem with specific files on your site, please frame your question in as general way as possible, so everyone can understand your problem, and benefit from any feedback and solutions you get.

Off Topic:
Please note that we have related forums. Please pick the most appropriate forum for your topic:
Browsers [webmasterworld.com] and HTML [webmasterworld.com] forums for code and browser issues.
A CSS [webmasterworld.com] Forum for Style sheet discussions.
And a FLASH [webmasterworld.com] forum for the discussion of Flash and Shockwave.

While we encourage discussion regarding graphics and multimedia related software solutions please, no "review my work" posts, "test pages", "examples", or any details that would lead people to your personal projects. No promotional URL drops. The general WebmasterWorld Terms of Service [webmasterworld.com] and the WebmasterWorld Posting Guidelines [webmasterworld.com] rules apply to all posts within the Site Graphics and Multimedia Design forum.

Thanks for reading our charter, and welcome to the Site Graphics and Multimedia Design Forum!