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  • inappropriate forum. (adsense in the adsense forum...etc)
  • Our/My site or pr or rank has been....
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  • Personal pleas: the site in my profile - can you sticky me the url or offering to stickymail the url to look.
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    About the Moderating Process:

    ! Given that some informative threads still end up very large and unwieldy due to accumulated sidebar comments, we also plan to do some serious "fat-cutting" as they move into archival status. Threads 2 hours to 2 weeks old will get all "me too" similar comments removed without notice.

    Google provides search services to large portal sites such as Yahoo.com and dozens of smaller sites. Google is a 100% FREE search engine. They have also built a large scale search service at their home namesake: google.com and namesake tlds around the planet.

    Posting Topics:
    Newcomers, please read through the Google Knowledgebase [webmasterworld.com] and Library [webmasterworld.com]. We are glad to help, but as we've grown, repetition has become a problem.

    News and topics related to Google search services world wide. That includes getting your site listed as well as using Google search services effectively.

    Off Topic:
    SPAM reporting issues.

    If you have spam to report, please report it to Google. We are not the Google spam reporting system or the place to "shop the competition" knowing that Google techs may read it. Posting someone elses url or a search term is no different than violating them by posting their name and address. Again, that includes posting of Google search terms.

    For that same reason: please No site review requests or direct requests for Google techs.

    For spam reporting, use searchquality@google.com. Be very brief in your email with Google. Report both the actual search keywords and explain the problem briefly. Or here Google: Search Quality and Your Feedback [google.com]

    Off Topic:
    Google noise.

    WebmasterWorld is, first and foremost, THE place for webmarketing professionals. While opinioneditorialgoogle-is-greatgoogle-is-bad rants may have their place somewhere on the web, the noise level they create here makes it impossible to filter through for gems.

    Please remember this forum is frequented by many of the top SEO professionals and is the oldest established Google forum on the internet. Before posting the first time, please take time to read back through the forum's library [webmasterworld.com] and get a feel for the level of information here.

    Off Topic:
    Applies to Search Engines in general.

    Topics that apply to multiple search engines or web technologies may be moved to the forum best covering the broader scope of the questions involved.

    No Tools sites or urls please The explosion of Google related free and commercial site tools has opened a flood gate of url dropping to "tools" sites. Therefore, we request you don't post links to "Google tools" (there are dozens if not hundreds of them now as a result of the Google API).

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    We have people from all over the world. Different systems of government and various religions. Please leave the political and religious discussions for elsewhere.

    To Google.com for building such a great search engine, and thank you for all the referrals!