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Complaining about complaint forms!

Google's doesn't work in Safari, Mozilla, IE Mac, Opera.

5:19 pm on Jan 10, 2004 (gmt 0)

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Just a cold, frustrated Saturday morning rant:
OK, I've never submitted a complaint to Google before. What finally got me to do so was a really offensive site showing up when I vanity-Googled-- I looked up my own name.
Another woman with my name had something terrible happen to her, according to the #9 search result that told her story.
The site in spot #7? A porn site titled with the name of the event that happened to the girl with my name, that was auto-generated SEO spam containing the phrase "thing-that-happened-to-Girl-With-My-Name" repeatedly, along with pornographic but related things. Not human-composed, visibly.

Anyway. That's not the point of this.
I composed the message in Google's complaint form. I used Safari, my primary browser.
I hit "submit" and got a blank Javascript error.
Hm. Well, that happens sometimes. Which is why you run multiple browsers.
So I copied and pasted and tried again in Mozilla.
Same thing, a blank JavaScript error. Hm.
So I copied and pasted and tried again in my last-resort browser, IE 5 for Mac.
Same thing, a blank JavaScript error.
So I went digging around on my hard drive and found my forgotten copy of Opera 6, copied, pasted, and hit Submit.
Same thing! Blank JavaScript error.
I don't have a Windows machine, but I do have a Linux box. I used ssh to get to my backup server, and fired up Links, a modernized version of Lynx. Pasted in the URL, pasted in my complaint, and hit "Submit".
Got the JavaScript error-- but Links gave the option to kill the script. So I killed the script. And got the "thanks for submitting your complaint" message.
I have no idea if it worked, and frankly am neutral on the whole complaining-to-Google issue-- this wasn't and isn't about SEO for me and if they look at the results and decide to remove MY site from showing up under my own name, i don't care. I just wanted to report that I found it offensive that they ranked this automated porn site above the site of the rape survivor whose story they were taking advantage of. Under her real name. I don't care if Google pay attention, and I don't really care about the legal or moral or freedom-of-speech implications of any of it, I just felt I had to complain about it, and isn't that what a complaint form is for?
Anyway. Is Google's complaint form supposed to be broken?
I can't believe I actually had to use Lynx.