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Southern Ontario, career change....advice needed.

How, and where?



1:40 pm on Oct 13, 2002 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

I'd like to have your advice please? If I'm going to change, to get the heck out of the electronics industry, I'm gonna need help.

Electronics, today as a career, is about as enjoyable and supportive as swallowing rusty nails and calling it a balanced source of your daily requirements of Iron.

Mechanically, I'm only moderately skilled, only able after many decades of work to feel comfortable working on my own car confidently. But I know that mechanical work as it relates to existing mechanical systems, isn't my forté. Try as I might, when taking complex mechanical systems apart to find a problem I can rarely reassemble them quite correctly or get them working as they should.

I've always had great patience when using my mind and hands creatively. It's needed when working on electronics that can only be serviced through a stereo microscope, or when playing music (I'm also a musician). But lately I feel even that has been taxed to it's limit.

I've always had great respect, admiration and love for carpentry as it relates to furniture and cabinet making.

I've given up on the music-as-a-profession idea these days.....too many people doing the same thing, copying each other (rock, metal, whatever) to the point where nobody has any original ideas anymore, not being able to find musical associates who are sufficiently open-minded to participate with me, and everyone just wants to do what everyone else is doing.

Today, as a bit of downtime, I took my family to Palmerston, Ontario, and after spending some time walking down the main drag, checking out the price of houses and chatting with the local folks, felt that it's a very affordible place to live, very family oriented, and has the small town quietness I love and need for my family.

I know that there are still small town furniture makers (for example, in Dublin, Ontario) so it is possible to earn a living at this. But Dublin, Ontario, as nice as it is, is just too far and my young son wouldn't be able to visit too often.

So I'd like to find a small town (Palmerston/Arthur/Mount Forest/Guelph areas aren't too far for my son, Johnny, to still be able to visit his Nana and Grandpa) opportunity to be able to apprentice as a furniture/cabinet maker while at the same time hoping to be able to earn enough money to support my family.

I used to do some wood working and cabinet repair just on my own a long time ago and I used have my own woodworking tools (long story, they got "lost" in the move back to Ontario along with everything else I had) but I think I can scare up replacement woodworking tools.

Any thoughts or suggestions about finding resources? Bear in mind I can't afford to go back to school or anything, so I'm really looking for an opportunity to find someone who might trust people enough to take them on, give them an opportunity and see how well they can fly.



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