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Will Google Survive?

Or will greed take precedence?

11:06 pm on Dec 2, 2003 (gmt 0)

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Google IPO?
One thing is for certain, they need to keep 51% of their shares - Nobody runs Google better than Google.
Besides it will be in the best interest of shareholders.

What if Google Sells to Microsoft?
Don't Think so?.

My theory is search engines could be like auto makers EX: GM(google), FORD(msn), DODGE(lycos), TOYOTA(inktomi) These auto companies have been around forever. Some are innovators and copycats and some just copycats. We don't mention names. Google is the mercedes of the internet, but I'll use GM as an example.

Google online since 1999?

Google is in it's infancy compared to GM. Why has GM lasted so long?

Is it because they offer the best product?

Is it because they are inexpensive?

Is it because it keeps people working?

One of the above is correct. It keeps people working! it also must be run in such a way that it lasts forever. This is accomplished by smart business strategies backed by the good old BUCK.

GM makes money and so do many other people. Think of the factory workers, the sales people, the engineers, the parts people, the transportation companies, the junk yards The list goes on. IRS, Gas stations, you get the idea. Goolge is the same way, it makes money and so do webmasters, engineers, publishers, hosts, domain registrars, advertising companies, computer manufacturers, consultants, the IRS and the list goes on.

Can google survive? Yes, because google is like GM
Has the automobile progressed so dramatically that companies like GM can't keep up? NO.

Has GM been around so long because there has been enormous profit in fuel and oil? NO.

It is because GM offers a reliable product in demand and GM is well known
(The only thing new and trendy in the auto world is SUV's which can be compared to googles pop up blocker and fast results.)

Has google been around since 1999 because of the enormous profit fueled by advertising. NO.

Is it that Google has an immediate need to seek out and find new search engine technology to keep it going? NO. (Already ahead of the game, like any other business, Goolge just needs to keep developing on a consumer need (including webmasters) basis and implement small improvements only when it's certain something is better)

It is because Google offers a reliable product in demand and Google is well known.

Let me know what you think....
God only knows what'll happen