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Domain name site promotion comments

4:12 pm on Jul 6, 2001 (gmt 0)

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Dear All,

I thought I would share my experiences of promotion with www.livetodot.com and would be glad of any feedback to improve this site and help others with their own e-commerce sites.

Livetodot offers a unique product so it was important to attract attention from the niche market it was targeting. The aim was to attract webmaster/designer/ISPs and other Internet product resellers.

We believed at the start that we wanted to build a strong affiliate base because the offering has a high entry barrier i.e. very little competitors and a unique product and so it was well suited to affiliate marketing and we got some good affiliates but most were small currently we have about 75 active affiliates and 40 resellers.

We got listed in Yahoo and dmoz.org and Looksmart and found yahoo to be most useful in terms of referrals Looksmart was most disappointing and dmoz help us to gain more exposure in AOL and Google in particular which was good.

Currently we are looking to expand our exposure we receive a consistent 50 - 75 unique visitors a day who visit an average of 8 pages before leaving. We are pleased with the browsing figures because we believe it shows our site has quality content but presently we are only matching very uncommon search terms in the search engines. This means that people who find us normally buy in fact we estimate our conversion rate to a sale from a visit is above 50%

Now we want to attract larger audiences and reduce we understand this figure will reduce but hopefully sales will increase in total.

We have decided to do this through a reseller program similar to OpenSRS but for .it domains it is the first of its kind so it should be a big attraction but we want to pull in more targeted hits to the broad area of domains and hosting.

Does anyone run any sites in this area that might be looking to partner?

I hope this has helped some people get an idea of how hard creating a working e-commerce site is but the rewards are well worth it even at this early stage Livetodot takes around 15,000 per month in its 3rd month.

Once we have managed to grow two 500 - 750 unique visitors a day I shall come back and let everyone know how we did it how long it took and share any tips. If anyone has done this already please post and share your advice.

Best wishes