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Collective Installation issues



4:40 pm on Aug 7, 2000 (gmt 0)

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Hi All,

Installed Collective, latest version, over the weekend. After copying the files to the necessary directories I got the following error

(err #2b): The server or script encountered an error while trying to access/home/www/mydomain/cgi-bin/collective/data/collective_config.lib !Either the directory or file doesn't exist, or its permissions are set incorrectly.

and a second error which stated the same thing except for the file was actions.dat.

After trying numerous combinations of CHMOD's on the directories which did not work, I went into the collective.cgi file and added my paths to the data and main directories. This seemed to work as I got no more errors.

However, when I run the collective nothing seems to work. The ui is visable but when trying to submit to engines I get the submission in progress message and that's it. Nothing ever gets submitted or recorded. None of the tools such as link popularity work either. I'm at a lost. Any suggestions would be helpful.