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Solutions for forwarding 700 mb of e-mail to my new 1GB inbox?

Forwarding Outlook.pst or other files to Gmail and Spymac.



8:39 am on Apr 28, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Suppose someone has broadband and Microsoft Outlook, are there macros that will forward your e-mails, effectively 'spoofing' the sender addres so that your e-mails don't all look like they came from you but retain their original senders? I've noticed that when you try to batch forward e-mails in Outlook it packages them up into one e-mail with lots of attachments.

Also, would it be necessary to send them a little bit at a time because the services got suspicious? Anyone have experience with this?


10:19 am on May 7, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

1) Make sure you're in Sponsored (free, with ads) or Paid mode of Eudora.
2) Set up a filter (TOOLS ¦ FILTER), specify MANUAL, and for the criteria, "doesn't contain" anything like "whqjeqwpfndf" (nonsense string)
3) For the action, do REDIRECT TO: [your-user-name]+import@gmail.com
4) Open up the folder of the mail you want to send, and highlight all the messages.
5) Hit CTRL-SHIFT-L to trigger the manual filtering of those messages.
6) Hit CTRL-M to check/send mail.
7) Repeat steps above for each applicable folder you want to 'redirect'.

That should do it! :)


7:22 am on May 19, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

ahhh...that sorta sucks as my e-mail his highly organized into folders. LOTS of folders. 0.o


12:51 pm on May 19, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Those are excellent ideas. I'll have to check out Eudora tonight!

That said, here's a tip and a question:

If your emails are "highly organized" in lots of folders, how about doing each folder separatly using different Gmail names for each folder? ie: "username+FirstFolderName@gmail.com", "username+SecondFolderName@gmail.com", etc. Then set up appropriate filters or use search criteria to properly label each group.

I have a TON of email files in ".eml" format. (By "TON" I mean maybe 300 ".eml" files that I would like to get INTO Gmail.) Can these be imported into Eudora as well? or would I import them into Outlook and then export the ".pst" file and import that into Eudora?

Ideally, I would like to see a Gmail function that would let me just import multiple .eml files, but I really don't see that happening soon.


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8:47 pm on May 19, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

alright i've got this Eudora thing going on, however gmail is not letting me redirect the e-mails. anyone know whats up with this? :

"Relay access denied"



1:01 pm on May 20, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member


Sorry for the long post, but I thought you'd be interested...

Well, I spent some time last night "importing" all of my archived emails into Gmail, and it really wasn't too bad. After several failed attempts with Eudora, I decided to go in a slightly different direction. The problems I was having with Eudora were two-fold:
1. Gmail kept giving me that "Relay" error", so messages couldn't be delivered. (I COULD re-direct manually, on message at-a-time, but for some reason, using the Filter gave me the "Relay" error. Go figure.)

2. I couldn't figure out how to import .eml files into Eudora. If anyone has any suggestions to these, I would be most greatful...

That said, I decided to use Outlook Express instead. It really worked like a charm, with two major idiosyncracies:

1. OE uses whatever "Name" you set up in OE's account properties as the "From" instead of the original email address. This is a HUGE advantage of Eudora--it retains the original address when you re-direct. This means that in Gmail, that name is what you see in the From column. More on this later.

2. OE uses the date you process as the email date, not the original email date, so that bit of data gets lost. I don't know how Eudora handles this, but I think it's the same as OE. To me, this was more of an annoyance than an issue.

End result? I now have almost 1100 emails in my Gmail account occupying 15MB (2%) of my space. The messages are now very easily searchable, labelable, and managable. Before I improted them into Gmail, there was simply no easy way to manage my old messages to find relevent information.

OK, so here's how I did it using Outlook Express (OE):

First, I opened OE and created an email account that pointed to my primary POP3 provider. In the "Name" field, instead of using my full name as normal, I used "Archived". This way, I can easily see that it's an archived email. Gmail will display this in its "From" column. I also set the "Leave messages on server" function checked for safety--didn't want to lose anything.

Next, I logged onto my Primary POP3 provider's webmail account and moved all emails from various folders into my Inbox. This way, OE would simply retrieve all emails. Yes, I just lost the organization I had to all these messages, but I'll take the time to use Gmail to quickly re-label them.

Next, I initiated a "Receive" in OE and retrieved all the emails from my POP3 provider. It retrieved about 650 emails.

I next went back to me Webmail account and moved all the messages into a "hold" folder clearing out my Inbox so that I wouldn't re-retrieve them.

Next, I opened Windows Explorer and opened the folder that contained 310 old ".eml" files that I had previously archived offline. I highlighted them all and then simply drag-and-dropped them into OE's Inbox. OE nicely imported them with all information (dates, original email addresses, etc.) intact. This simple task was something that I couldn't get Eudora to do. If someone knows how, PLEASE let me know!.

I now 960 emails in my OE Inbox.

Side note: I found out that my particular POP3 provider won't allow a "send" of more than 100 emails at-a-time, so I had to work with batches of 100 or less emails. So I created three folders in OE: "Hold", "Temp", and "Processed". These would be my work folders. I then moved all the emails from the Inbox into the "Hold" folder.

Next, I created a "Message Rule" in OE that would look for all messages whose subject line DIDN'T contain a unique string forward those messages. I chose the string "{[!ThisWillNeverMatchAnything!]}" and I chose the email address of "jim.barr+import@gmail.com".

I then moved batches of 100 emails from the Hold folder into the Temp folder, opened the message rule, and clicked "Apply Now", browsed to the Temp folder and clicked "Go". OE selected all the emails and began sending them. Once all were sent, I moved the emails in the Temp folder to the Processed folder. I then repeated this process for all emails. With 960 emails, this took some time.

OK, over to my Gmail account.... This resulted in 960 emails now in my Gmail Inbox view. All had a "From" address of "Archived", and the email date was last night's date. I next created a new Label called "Mail Archive" and did a Search on all emails that had a "From" of "Archived". This way, I wouldn't inadvertently select anything that might have come into my Inbox while I was "processing" all the "Archived" emails. I then proceeded to select "All", then applied the label "Mail Archive", and then selected "Archive" from Gmail's "More Actions" dropdown. This really was tedious, because for some reason, despite setting Gmail to display 100 conversations at-a-time, Gmail only displays 20 conversations at-a-time in the Search results view. Yes, I know, I could have set up a Filter prior to doing this to auto-label and archive the messages, but I forgot...

Anyway, I now have a very clean and virtually empty Inbox and a new Label with 960 "archived" messages. Over time, I'll simply apply additional Labels to the archived messages to better organize them. Yes, it'll take time, but Gmail makes it so easy...

Now, if I just can figure out how to get past Eudora's "Relay" issue as well as figuring out how to import ".eml" files, I wouldn't hesitate trashing all the messages I imported last night and re-doing it letting Eudora apply the proper "From" name. But for now, I'm very satisfied with the results.


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1:28 pm on May 20, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

jim, nice to hear you at least got something going :) im going to work on getting past this relay issue. it's just not acceptable for me to lose the from address. i have circa. 5000 emails now ringing in to the tune of 800mb!


2:44 am on May 22, 2004 (gmt 0)

I was able to move a bit more than a thousand messages (30mb) to Gmail from a variety of different POP3 accounts. All of my mail had been imported to Mozilla Thunderbird from Outlook about a month ago, but this method would work for either client.

I set up an IMAP account with fastmail.fm and proceeded to move mail from each folder in Thunderbird to the Fastmail account, one folder at a time.

From the fastmail interface, I redirected each set of messages to my Gmail account. Upon arriving at Gmail (1-3 minute lag), the only information lost was the original receive date -- accessible once the message was opened in the GMail interface. Everything else, including the original 'to', 'from', 'cc:', etc. fields is visible through the Gmail interface.

For each batch of messages that arrived in Gmail, I applied a label consistent with the original folder name in Thunderbird/Outlook.

In a bit over 1:30, I had all of my mail sitting in Gmail, properly archived. If/when gmail supports sorting above and beyond the current conversation interface, the only sort I'll miss is original receive timestamp. Everything else will work like a charm.

As well, until POP/IMAP/Offline support is added, I have all of my emails continue to their traditional account, and then forwarded/redirected to Gmail. This way, I can still have copies offline in Thunderbird and online through Gmail. As well, I can continue to sort in the traditional manner afforded by many mail clients: subject, sender, date, from, so on and so forth.


8:26 pm on Jun 9, 2004 (gmt 0)

WebmasterWorld Senior Member 10+ Year Member

You should investigate ze - it's basically Gmail on your own hard drive (no 1Gb limit). Import from any standards-compliant email app is a breeze and dates are preserved. OE and Outlook is not in the category standards compliant, but import your mails to thunderbird or something else first, it's fast and also preserves the dates. Oh, and you keep your email address(es) as it's got POP3 and SMTP built in. Ze's a bit short on documentation, though, but don't let that scare you.


12:08 pm on Jun 10, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Sounds very interesting, but one of the benefits of Web-based email is that it is accessible from anywhere you have Web access. Heck, I would love to use clients like that (or Outlook or Eudora), but I really need the remote access.


1:05 pm on Jun 10, 2004 (gmt 0)

10+ Year Member

Claus I would much prefer to have my e-mails stored on Google's farm of servers where I know they are safe. I just haven't found that 'sweet spot' of a solution for getting the e-mails over there.
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