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Forum: FOO!
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Moderators: incrediBILL
Former Moderators: Brett Tabke, trillianjedi, Drastic, pmac, Macguru, lawman
Founding Moderator: Brett Tabke
Founded: May 2, 2000

Foo is for internet and tech topics not covered by any other forum.

Posting Topics:
Topics related to computers and internet. A virtual back-corner cafe table for general net shop talk with fellow members. (note: topics directly related to WebmasterWorld should go in the local WebmasterWorld Community forum)

Off Topic:
This is NOT a forum for religious, political, or nationalistic discussion, sexually-charged jokes, debates, flames, gender wars, or personal crusades. Posts will be deleted for poking hot-buttons like race, gender, religion and politics, or addressing subjects of dubious legality (leave comments about drugs, software piracy and other illegal exploits at the door).

FOO is NOT the place to air who-is-doing-what-to-whom. WebmasterWorld doesn't have a dog in that type of fight, and such posts aren't in the spirit of Webmasterworld.

Foul language or inflammatory posts will be edited without prior notice.

Reducing the heat on "The Active" (Recent Posts list)
Long polling threads (How old is everyone here? What's your favorite pub?)(It's really hot/cold here in Kamchatka! My dog/boyfriend/girlfriend has fleas!)