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Once shunned, Flash and Shockwave have become integrated parts of the web. Their viability has grown steadily over the last few years and the software has steadily matured to the state where designers and developers can create rich and interactive animations and applications using the timeline and/or ActionScript.

Posting Topics:
All discussion related to Flash and Shockwave, their creation, and their usage is fair play. Topics on ActionScript, Flex and Swish are more than welcome!

One thing to remember is that this is not a software support forum - it is a design and usage forum. If you have problems with software, it is probably best to take it up with the developer.

Site Reviews and Links:
Please do not post requests for site reviews, links to "test pages", "examples", or personal URLs. We prefer to educate by giving authoritative resources and thereby prevent any possible conflicts of interest. Furthermore, links may change, rendering the thread useless to someone a few months, or even weeks, from now. Verbalized problem descriptions will be useful for years to come!

Links to the Adobe/Macromedia site and Developer Home are acceptable.