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Forum: Firefox Browser Usage and Support
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Founded: May 9, 2006
Description: News, support and usage for the Firefox browser from the Mozilla Corporation.


The Firefox browser was released by the Mozilla Corporation in November 2004, and since that time it has carved a place as the second-most popular browser after Microsoft's Internet Explorer. With explosive growth in Firefox usage, catering for users of Firefox has become vital.

Topics covered

News and usage regarding the Firefox browser, Firefox extensions, XUL and plugins, as well as coverage of the activities of the Mozilla Foundation.

This forum also covers other browsers and tools based around the Mozilla Layout Engine [mozilla.org] ("Gecko"), including Mozilla SeaMonkey [mozilla.org], Camino [mozilla.org], the (now discontinued) Mozilla suite [mozilla.org] and rebrands of Mozilla products (including Netscape [browser.netscape.com]).

Topics not covered

Cross-browser code or markup issues should be posted in the main HTML and Browsers [webmasterworld.com] forum or CSS [webmasterworld.com] or Javascript [webmasterworld.com] forums. Note: we do NOT accept requests for site reviews, links to "test pages", "examples", screen shots or personal URLs of any nature. We prefer to educate by giving authoritative resources and thereby prevent any possible conflicts of interest.

Our linking policy

These are the links we like to see:

  • Authoritative educational material, including sites such as mozilla.org official documentation as well as general standards documents from the W3C.

  • Timely authoritative and credible news stories - sites such as: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, PCWorld, Wired, The BBC, CNN, NBC (cbs,abc...etc).