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9:27 pm on May 26, 2010 (gmt 0)

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I was a much more active poster back when I was learning the trade. At this point I know how to use most of the tools in the box, and no longer need a lot of the practical advice that the board has in spades. I am also in a position where I am a generalist and do not need to be a ninja in SEO/SEM/coding or whatever to get the job done well.

What still brings me to the board are a couple of things:

1. Sometimes I do need some practical advice to solve a particular problem. You guys still do a great job of that and should never change that.

2. The site does a good job of keeping me in the loop about industry news. I find out about a Google Update, Adwords changes, etc... from the site.

3. There are some incredibly bright talented people on this board who from time to time post really thought provoking posts which are a revelation to me.

I'd like to see WW expand to draw out more quality content from the talented people on the board. This could be done partially by introducing RSS feeds or some other form of content aggregation. I know that a lot of the members here have their own blogs, but I don't know these people well enough to make the leap from their username to their outside website. If users could add an RSS feed of their blogs and I could select what users feed I would like to follow that would be great.

It would be great if there was some kind of format/seminar series on the board where higher level great quality content could be published on a regular schedule. Give me a reason to come to the site, some form of appointment reading that would then generate discussion.

While great stuff comes out of the forums I really don't want to hunt and peck through a bunch of posts from the noobs learning how to use the tools. That has its place, but I am past it. I expect that many of the other older users are in a similar position and don't want to wade through the many posts on the board about people on the rankings/adsense roller coaster ride.

There is a ton of talent that is on the board, but I don't think WW does a good enough job harnessing it. Perhaps the site and people behind it should take on a more active role as editors and curators.