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What's the trick to Facebook's Right Column Ad?

4:42 pm on Aug 9, 2013 (gmt 0)

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So, I've been running ads on FB for a couple of months now, and one particular issue has been bothering me all this time. When you start an ad, you will get the Right Column Ad automatically and News Feed Ad (NFA) only works if you enable the option. But in reality, Right Column Ads (RCA)s never show!

I have been playing with these all this time and I could not figure out why they RCAs never show. I've optimized the picture (to be exactly 100x72), I've increased the CPC to 10 times (!) the suggested amount - nothing makes it work.

It looks like Facebook seriously does not like low CTR on RCAs but at the same time they don't seem to take into account the fact that they are way out of user's eyes. The CTR is bound to be very low else you need to have a picture of a naked [insert opposite gender here] to attract any attention. So, they give you about a 75-100 impressions once and after that, if there were no clicks, they simply stop running the ad, regardless of the edits you make.

NFA, on the other hand, is right there in the user's eye and it gets decent CTR - 2%, give or take - I don't know if that's good or bad, sounds fine to me. But the CTR does not "stabilize" until at least 1000 impressions or so. So, it makes no sense to me - they seem to be willing to sacrifice the premium real estate of the NFA to establish the right CTR and yet they are not willing to give you a chance on the RCAs?

So, is there anyone here that successfully runs RCAs on Facebook. Would you care to share the trick to make them appear? Is 10 times recommended CPC not enough? Can someone share CPC that does work?

Thanks for any idea or comment you can share.