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fb xd fragment bug, any solutions?

Hopelessly broken Facebook rubbish

1:38 pm on Jun 14, 2011 (gmt 0)

5+ Year Member

Per title, any solutions to this?

On the web one finds various solutions, including

1) using a custom "channel", which seems to rely on FB.init
2) using iframe for 'like' instead of fbml
3) htaccess or similar redirecting URLs with fb_xd_fragment in them to remove the parameter
4) filtering stats hits from the likes of Google Analytics on the basis of the URL parameter.

Here are my problems with these:

1 - well I don't use FB.init, and don't have an 'app ID' which seems to be mandatory. And I'm not tying my sites further into Facebook to solve their problem.
2 - maybe but the fbml version is quite a lot better.
3 - I have already done this, and URLs with the fb_xd_fragment parameter in them definitely 301 to the naked URLs. However, Google Analytics is still recording large numbers of hits for those URLs! I have no idea how or why this is. Something to do with the way Facebook works...?
4 - As far as I can see this only hides the problem by merging invalid hits with real ones, so is counterproductive.

Any ideas?

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