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Facebook URL blocked, maybe seen as spam/trademark problem?

6:28 pm on May 13, 2011 (gmt 0)

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I started using facebook a few months ago.
I did the following things:

1 I added a standard Likebutton to all pages, with an individual counter for each URL like widgets.com/1.html, widgets.com/2.html...

2 I added an additional Likebutton on all pages reffering to a Facebookpage

3 I created my "official" Facebookpage using facebook.com/widgets

4 I created a "community" Facebookpage using facebook.com/feature1

5 I created a "community" Facebookpage using facebook.com/feature2

6 I collected Likes to create a "community" Facebookpage using facebook.com/feature3

My problem:

3 OK: widgets already has the username widgets. You can visit it by going to facebook.com/widgets

4 OK: feature1 already has the username feature1. You can visit it by going to facebook.com/feature1

This content is currently unavailable
The page you requested cannot be displayed right now...
(The standard message for non-existant pages is different: The page you requested was not found.)

Your username is already set
You can direct your friends to facebook.com/feature2

Trying to register the Facebook URL again leads to: feature2 is not available

6 MAYBE OK: feature3 is available.

My questions:
Why is facebook/feature2 shown as "my" (personal?) username? Is this a ban/penalty?
Why didn`t I get any notification about the event?
Maybe it is a trademarkproblem? I used a generic term which is important for my website. My competitors domain is feature2.com. He has no Facebook URL.
Maybe it is a spam problem because I registered to much Facebook URLs?
Should I contact Facebook support or is it too risky?