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Running a site that sell products or services, is vastly different than one that sells advertising space, or is simply informational. A sales driven site usually has far more items to consider, such as taking payment, fulfilling orders, customer service, merchant accounts, and usually also has many more legal implications, particularly where selling globally is the goal.

We've compiled a list of some great threads that answer many of the basics as well as advanced topics in Ecommerce 101 [webmasterworld.com]. And here's an introduction to how to use and what to expect here at WebmasterWorld: Welcome to WebmasterWorld [webmasterworld.com].

Posting Topics:
For topics specifically related to running an Ecommerce site. An Ecommerce site is one intended to market and facilitate a direct financial transaction between the site owner and the visitor as it's main purpose. Please, no "review my site" posts, or promotional URL drops. If you have a specific problem with specific part of your site, please frame your question in as general way as possible, so everyone can understand your problem, and benefit from any feedback you get

Discussions On Hosting:
Public discussion and recommendation of hosting companies is not allowed in the Ecommerce forum. If you are a subscriber to Webmaster World please see the Webhosting Issues and Options forum. Please be sure to read the forum Charter before posting!

All About Links
1. YES - Authoritative educational material - sites such as the W3C, Microsoft, Apache, search engine guidelines, Mozilla.org, and Standards documents. These are lots more helpful than posting non-standard "cowboy code" opinions and guesswork. Bad information will live on, and be read for years and years, so we like to avoid it as much as possible.

2. YES - Timely authoritative and credible news stories - sites such as: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, PCWorld, Wired, The BBC, CNN, NBC (cbs,abc...etc).

3. NO - Please do not link to any vendors of products or services for sale including but not limited to providers of:

ecommerce catalogs and/or carts
credit card transaction services
merchant services
SSL Certificates
ecommerce cart development and/or editing

Mentioning a provider's name is fine but posting their domain or including a link is not.

4. NO - Links to sites used as an example to illustrate a point or problem. Just explain the issue as best you can.

Please Sticky/Email Me
Posts that request Sticky Mail contact, or that mention "I sent you a PM" and so forth are not appropriate in this forum. Those who want to have private discussion with another member should simply send a private message to that person, or assume that those who want private contact with you will reach out.