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Refer a Friend strategies

Discuss strategies on how you can get current customers to refer people

12:43 pm on May 19, 2011 (gmt 0)

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let's share our ideas or current strategies we have tried to get current customer to refer people to our shop. I'll start of course.

Email referral:

I've tried emailing my list incentivizing them with a discount to use a form on my site to email their friends about our shop, those emails get added to my list. I told them the emails must be real as the email we send to their friends contains a tracking link which must be clicked by X people before they can receive the discount code. This worked well as they email as many people as they can to increase the chance of the link being clicked X times. Of course there was the tricky people who just emailed to different email addresses that they owned and clicked the link, but I didn't care if it got them to buy again then a sale is a sale. You can always try to prevent this with ip tracking but it didn't matter.

the downside of this method is that it is not really repeatable as most customers have a finite number of people they are willing to email so I can't keep emailing my list to do this.

Facebook referral:

I've tried getting fans to post a link to our site on their own wall for a discount code. I do see a small spike in facebook referals but can't say I have noticed the sales have increased.

I don't know if it's worth the effort to keep setting up discount codes and then having to send a message to each individual once they have posted on our wall that they have posted the link (you can't see fan's wall posts so we give them the benefit of the doubt when they post on our wall) I guess you could automate this.

Buy with a friend:

Next I'm going to try having a feature on my site where if the customer can get a friend to buy also then they can have 50% off, essentially it is an order for 2 of the same item then discounted. 50% is a big discount but it still does a few things:

- I still make some profit

- Postage costs is actually reduced as I am not sending 2 parcels to 2 different addresses if I had sold 2 of the same item normally, just the 1 parcel and the person can give it to their friend (hopefully!)

- Increased exposure when the customer is asking all their friends to check out the product.

- Hopefully another happy customer added to the database

- Current customer is happy they could help their friend and like us even more

hopefully that was helpful, looking forward to seeing what other people have tried