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Help choosing CRM & Help Desk solution

8:27 pm on Nov 1, 2009 (gmt 0)

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You already know what I need, so first let me give a quick intro and list the features I'm looking for so you'll get a better idea what to recommend me (hopefully!)...

I'm working on a directory that will be listing certain end consumer products (goods, services, etc.).

I'll be working with three groups of people:

1. The consumers for whom the directory is created
2. The vendors who will list products to get sales
3. The affiliates who will help me drive traffic and receive % of sales

The whole project is pretty targeted so it's nothing big - eg. I don't need an big-a$$ ENTERPRISE solution. In fact right now it's just me and one more person working full-time plus a few contractors for various specific jobs.

So here's what I've come up with that I'll need for each of the three groups above:

1. Consumers - I'll need a Help Desk solution to assist them. Preferably I'll be able to integrate the username/password info from MY DB with the Help Desk one.

2. Vendors - a CRM solution to keep track of me approaching, persuading and building relations with them over time. Plus a Help Desk solution for their technical issues with the directory itself, although I'll be assisting them personally as well.

3. Affiliates - pretty much the same as the vendors.

So for the Help Desk (HD) and CRM solutions specifically I have jotted down the following specifications...


- Integration with my DB with user info (not required, but preferable)
- Option to add custom fields with my own notes, etc. For example to assign one of the three groups to each person.
- Email piping - eg. when someone sends an email to support@example.com automatically create a ticket.
- Reasonable search option
- Export info or easy access to the DB where it's stored

That's pretty much it for the HD part - the project is pretty much a one-man show right now so I'll be the only one handling support - eg. one license is enough.


- Option to add custom fields for each "lead". Again for example, whether they are affiliates or vendors, whether we had a phone conversation and some notes for it, etc. - the point is for me to know our whole history with that person.
- Reasonable search option
- Store all sorts of contact details
- Export info or easy access to the DB where it's stored
- Optionally I might be inclined to prefer a software that is based on my PC as opposed to a web-based one - but I am in no way picky here.

Pretty much it. Again one license is all I need.

Thanks in advance to everyone who decides to waste some time on me! :)