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Founded: Oct 20, 2000


The WebmasterWorld Domain Name Forum discusses various domain name related issues, such as:

  • Choosing a domain name for your business or website.
  • Buying or selling domains in the aftermarket.
  • Branding and domain names.
  • DNS (Please post technical issues in WW Apache or MS OS forums.)
  • General legal issues without domain specific advice.
  • Domain revenue from parking.
  • Domain development strategies for portfolio holders.
  • Significant domain industry news and developments (not PR releases).

Comments Disparaging Domain Industry Practices: The domain name industry encompasses a variety of business operations or practices. Some business practices, such as typosquatting of famous marks, will never gain legitimacy. Other business operations, such as domain monetization by domain parking have established their viability and legitimacy - despite an absence of universal acceptance or praise. Disparaging remarks or grievances posted in threads discussing common domain business operations that are neither unlawful nor prohibited by ICANN will be deemed "flame bait" or a "thread hijacking comment" and will therefore be removed or edited.

Thread titles are subject to editing by the moderator, for reasons including improving clarity or to bring the thread's focus into conformity with this Charter and the Domain Forum educational mission.

POSTING DOMAIN NAMES IN THE FORUM IS NOT ALLOWED: The posting of specific domain names is not allowed in the Domain Forum. Limited Exceptions to the Rule: 1) Non-promotional posts about significant domain transactions mentioned in the mainstream media; 2) Threads initiated by the Moderators (Webwork, Buckworks) that specifically invite the posting of domain names or website data for a specific educational purpose.

Discussions of domain related issues, where mentioning an example domain may be helpful, should use Example.com not Widget.com, nor MyDomain.com. Saying "this is a made up domain" or a "fictious domain" does not make the posting of any domain acceptable. Just stick to using Example.com. EXAMPLE.com is a "registry reserved" domain. That means Example.com cannot be owned by anyone. No website is hosted at Example.com. One cannot spam a forum using Example.com.

The other acceptable exemplified domain format, for discussing domain issues, is Word1Word2.tld or Word1-Word2.tld.


Discussions about service provider should address general criteria for decisionmaking, not whether you like or dislike a company.

Please post your issues in general terms, avoiding mention of specific service providers, domain registrars or hosting companies. For example: "My registrar won't do this" is acceptable. "XYZRegistrar won't do this" is NOT acceptable. The latter statement will usually be deleted or edited.

On rare occassion we may allow a thread concerning a specific provider due to the scale of the problem, i.e., larger provider + tens of thousands affected + many WebmasterWorld members affected.

Most posts that either ask for reviews or that make endorsements of tools, products or services will be edited or deleted. For example: "Is X Product or X Company good or bad?" will usually be edited or deleted. Why? Because such posts are often thinly disguised promotional spam OR set ups for company bashing, that then leads to flame wars or promo wars since many companies have employees who are members here.

Occasionally, product or service review threads will be allowed IF they are initiated by a longstanding member (lowered likelihood of promotional intent), well crafted or thoughtful, relate to a new or recently released product or service of clear utility or value, isn't a tool site littered with ads, and if the issue has not been previously discussed. Also, a moderator may initiate either an industry review thread or a product review thread that will call for detailed, factual analysis by members of products and services, not simplistic yea or nay vote posts.


If you are dissatisfied with a registrar or other service provider, or have other issues about which you are annoyed, please file your grievance with the Better Business Bureau, the local government Consumer Advocate or other similar agency. Posts that consist of or contain complaints, grievances, allegations of shoddy customer service or business practices are subject to removal, deletion or editing.

Please first attempt to resolve all transactional and tech suport issues with your service provider before posting about your issue here. Help Desk, tech support or customer support type issues should be brought, in the first instance, to the attention of your service provider. Posts should detail all efforts taken - without naming service provider names or inserting email contents - to save responding members from advising you to do what has already been done.

"Doing business" in the forum, openly or by suggestion, whether as seller or buyer / user or vendor, is prohibited. For example:

  • Don't post about a domain registrar's pricing or promotions.
  • Do not publish your domain names or anyone else's domain names in the forum.
  • Do not list domains or websites for sale, for appraisal, for utility analysis, or for any other reason.
  • Do not post about your "many great domains", particularly in the context of a thread about about selling the presently.
  • Do not post about a domain's or website's traffic stats, PageRank, earnings, number of inbound links, indexed pages or any other data typically used to market domains or websites for sale.
  • Do not ask how to set up a reseller account with a registrar or which offers the best deal. (Ask the registrar.)
  • Do not mention "domain words" or go into detail about your domain's or website's target market, statistics, characteristics, etc. Listing a specific domain's or website's statistics will be deemed soliciting.
  • Do not mention such details and statistics about anyone else's domain name.
  • Do not solicit domain buyers or sellers.
  • Posts about domain tools or domain services are subject to removal.
  • Posts or threads discussing domain registration fees or the benefits of specific registrars are likely to be deleted or heavily edited.
  • Posts listing the details of personal holdings or services may be subject to editing, even without stating "for sale" or "inquiries invited".
  • We do not allow domain or website valuation threads.

Reference to published reports of significant domain sales or transaction may include mention of specific domains so long as the thrust of the post is educational, not promotional.

Posts referencing information to be found on other domain name forums or discussing another domain forum's merits or lack thereof will be subject to editing or removal.

Please do not attempt to do business or promote your business or personal profit-making interests anywhere on WebmasterWorld. That includes NOT posting your "domains for sale" ANYWHERE on WebmasterWorld.

Since we favor dialogue over promotion, posts in the nature of "holding forth" - posts that neither ask a genuine question nor invite dialogue, but instead (for example) read like a post designed to showcase the person's consulting or business savvy - will be removed, especially if accompanied by either a reference to their business and/or a signature line referencing their business's identity.

Periodically, the forum moderators may initiate a thread for the purpose of taking a limited market survey that would otherwise violate the terms of this section. However, such surveys will be subject to specific rules so please do not attempt to initiate a survey on your own.

From time to time the forum moderators may initiate threads that invite members to post information about domains names that would otherwise violate the terms of the Charter. Such threads are meant to have a primarily educational, non-promotional purpose.


  1. Posting domain name details is a violation of the Charter of this forum, yet, such details are what competent legal counsel would insist on knowing before offering advice.
  2. There are hundreds of jurisdictions, each with their own variation of intellectual property and trademark law.
  3. Statements made in public forums can and will be used against their maker.
  4. Trademark holders can search domain forums for threads triggered by their communications. Declaring "I was just contacted by a lawyer about a domain . . " can signal "This thread was started by the person you just called." See #3.
  5. Money judgments for cybersquatting, trademark violations and other intellectual property wrongs can bankrupt people and companies.
  6. Threads that involve personal legal or trademark issues inevitably lead to the same conclusion: "We are neither sufficiently qualified by education, nor sufficiently informed of the critical facts, to offer competent, trustworthy, actionable legal advice. Therefore the ONLY sound advice we can offer is TALK TO A LAWYER."

For these and other good reasons, from this point forward [webmasterworld.com], the Domain Forum will no longer host threads related to any individual's or any company's legal issues, especially domain+trademark issues. The only place to seek opinions concerning specific legal matters, such as the ability of any party to assert trademark rights or defend against such a claim, is a law office in the proper jurisdiction.

Generalized discussions about legal issues not specific to a member's circumstances, discussions about finding or using authoritative government sources (USPTO.gov, Patent.gov.uk, WIPO, etc.), or discussions concerning significant WIPO, ICANN or court decision are proper material for discussion.

If someone posts a legal issue thread, wherein they state that they have been contacted by legal counsel for "the other side" the only advice that should be given is to strongly encourage the person to stop posting details in public forums and to immediately seek a private consultation with a lawyer.

Please remember that WebmasterWorld's Terms of Use and Conditions of Service [webmasterworld.com] apply in the Domain Forum. If you haven't read the TCU please read them before posting.


Thank-you for your participation in the Domain Forum and for your contribution to the education of your fellow webmasters.

Webwork / Buckworks / We all work . . together. :)