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Is Google as the Registry Owner/Operator of 100 new gTLDs a Game Changer for G?

HOW G's New Status Game Changer for Google, SEOs, Webhosts, for other gTLD Operators?

7:49 pm on Dec 5, 2013 (gmt 0)

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FYI, to flesh this out a bit here's a few Google registry applications. They actually applied to act as the registry for ~100 new gTLDs.

Why bother to list these separately? Well, who understands traffic, PPC, and LATERAL THREATS to G's "traffic driving relevance" better than Google?

Who? Nobody.

Looking at their registry application you might first notice that Google, by the new gTLDs they have applied to run, is not (at least overly) simultaneously killing or directly threatening to kill their golden PPC geese of insurance, lawyers, mortgages, education and other high PPC payors and players. G didn't apply for .Lawyer, .Insurance, etc (to my knowledge or memory).

This "do not apply" strategy is a calculated gambit if ever there was one.

Here are some of Google's current gTLD registry applications. I qualify this as current since the unlimited gTLD era is just beginning. More are likely to come as the concept and competitive market fleshes out the viability of the model.

.APP Why does this matter? Well, if apps threaten Google's "search dominance" then Google should seek to own and HOST (and study?) .App.

.BABY, .DAD, .MOM, .FAMILY, .TALK, .TEAM, .LOVE Why does this matter? .BABY? How much money is spent around pregnancy and births and new babies? IF family socializing on Facebook threatens a loss of revenue to Google then Google needs to up its stake in the "family ties that bind" space by giving away free family websites, by building and hosting a "family websites platform" that will allow the most important social networking = FAMILY . . because family flies airlines to see family, cruises with family, family buys most presents for family, grieves together at losses, etc.


SO, .FAMILY? It's THE social network . . err, the family related spending of money . . that matters, stupid!)

.BLOG, .BOOK Why? Can you say "free domain and hosting for a little advertisement on your blog, book, etc.


.CORP, .INC, .LLC, .LLP Why? Free site for all businesses? You betcha! AND, we/G gets all your business data . .and you get married to US by building your brand equity on OUR "free" . . cough, cough . . domain . .


.FUN, .GAME, .PLAY, .MOVIE, .MUSIC, .SHOW (Can youi say "entertainment traffic" is HUGE? How about owning all the movie traffic?)

.HOW (Gotta love those "how to" queries. Bye-bye eHow, DIY, etc.)

.PROF (.Doctor, .Lawyer, .Engineer, etc - look out.)

.RSVP (Wow. Can you say wedding? Party? Event? Give US your details NOW!)


Will Google pushing the new gTLD agenda, by acting as a registrar itself and giving away domains+hosting, lend any velocity to the adoption of the new gTLDs by others?

IF Google were to show or be suspect for favoring sites using THEIR new gTLDs what then? To do so would Google have to show a similar "ranking bias" for other new gTLDs?

IF Google makes it their business to provide FREE gTLDs and hosting might that put a hurt on many of the other new gTLDs? Which ones? .Single vs Google's .Love? Where's the money? .Love for weddings? You betcha! Valentines day?

Is there a platform waiting to take a fun at Facebook? Networked blogs for .FAMILY members?

One prediction I'm willing to make: The entities applying to run 50, 100+ new registries will play a "run with the winners, toss the losers" game.

Interesting times. Your thoughts or educated guesses?