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DMOZ Threads and the Directory Forum Charter

If you haven't read the revised Charter please read this

12:07 am on Dec 10, 2006 (gmt 0)

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This post has been pinned to the forum due to the fact that, consistent with my prior statements, I am looking to open up the DMOZ dialogue to a critical analysis of existing practice but only if that dialogue generates either actionable intelligence ("This is the best way to do that with the ODP") OR a dialogue the is comprised on something more intelligent than the repetitive publishing of grievances.

To make matters as clear as possible, it is not the policy of this forum to suppress reasoned critical analysis in threads where the statements are approps to the issue raised by the original posters and intended to yield something of greater measure than satisfaction of the desire to state a grievance or to complain.

To make matters even clearer, two of the biggest problems with ODP issues has been the tendency for some members to take any open thread as an invitation to weigh in with a grievance OR to have the same grievances littered - abundantly - throughout all ODP threads, no matter what the original poster inquired about. Grievances either tended to either hijack threads or they buried whatever value the thread had up to point where the whining and whinging began.

I'm pleased to report that I've seen improvement in the content of DMOZ threads, despite the fact that there's new reason to gripe due to the recent and persistent DMOZ server issues.

For those who haven't read the Charter in awhile or feel the urge to say something about the ODP / DMOZ please read and respect the following, as following the ground rules saves me from doing what I least like doing: Removing posts, editing posts or locking threads.

Keep the intelligence up and everyone benefits. Thank you.

Below is from the Directory Forum Charter:

Open Directory Project (ODP, DMOZ): Although some WebmasterWorld members are also ODP editors their comments may not be binding on, nor authoratative for, the ODP. In most cases questions about ODP policy and procedures should be submitted directly to the ODP, through ODP designated channels, for an official response. Issues that are best resolved within the ODP system will either not leave pre-moderation status or may be removed from active threads.

Examples of issues best addressed directly to the ODP include:

  • Why is it taking so long for my website to be listed?
  • Why won't the ODP accept my website?
  • Why is BadSiteX listed but my site can't get listed?
  • EditorX is playing favorites!
  • BadSiteX has more than 1 listing and I want that too!
  • The ODP is slow, inefficient, bad, wrong, unimportant, etc.

Please avail yourself to the ODP assistance and guidance framework, which includes the following helpful resources:

Complaints, Grievances or Comments Disparaging the ODP and Rebuttal Posts: The Directory Forum is neither the ODP Policing Forum nor the ODP Complaint Center. Complaints, reports of wrongdoing, and all other grievances should be filed with, and only with, the ODP. Posts that do not comply with this provision will either be edited or removed.

Whilst we are willing to be host to threads that offer reasoned critical analysis or commentary about the ODP the days of members injecting pejorative comments into any available ODP thread, and thereby obscuring whatever value the thread had up to that point, are now over.

Likewise, if you are an ODP volunteer or supporter please refrain from "countering attacks" and allow time for a moderator to edit or remove inappropriate posts. Please help focus the WebmasterWorld-DMOZ dialogue on positive, pro-active solutions and advice, such as "best practices", "effective procedure" and the like.

Thank-you for your cooperation in improving the quality and the utility of the ODP dialogue.

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