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12:58 pm on Jun 22, 2019 (gmt 0)

Administrator from US 

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I posted this in the SEOChat forum (which also redirects here now), and I felt it was also appropriate here.

Thanks for coming on over.

First, I want to apologize for not being able to get the old forums converted to a newer VBB format. I tried hard. Having run BBS's and Forums almost full time for 37 (yes 37! don't judge ;-) years, I cherish the value of community and continuity. Thats why I drug it out quite a bit longer than it needed. The last thing I wanted was to be the guy that took seochat off the grid.

The problem was the software that SEOChat and Devshed were running. It was a very old copy of VBB. That version has several known exploits running int he wild.
I worked on it a long time trying to get it to convert to a newer version of VBB - and even got VBB themselves to look at it. The main problem was the code being run had several hooks to old game systems that ran between Devshed and Seochat. There was a chunk of php running out of the mysql db (Yikes!) I am not sure where that code came from and Ninja's were none the wiser either.

That said, the user db and msg db (let allow the avatars..etc), just wouldn't migrate. The closest I cam was using an exporter for PHBB to export out of Vbb (but the db came out partially corrupted and I could figure out what was real or corrupted). I really wanted to user names and msgs, but it became pretty clear that a majority(!) of the user names were automated junk. I even started to hand filter out user names with direct msql statements to pull out the users. It was a mess of messes and I grew increasingly frustrated. I worked on this for easily two months last year before being consumed by angst and frustration over the situation.

Then I tried to sell the sites for a song to several interested moderators at both places. After I explained what the situation was with the code, msgs, and users name db's - all three people backed away and passed on the opportunity.

So here we are.

Thank you guys/gals for coming on over. On behalf of the entire community - welcome. Even though the software is different, and our histories are different, there are no two forums on the web that are more closely aligned in ideals and views on the current state of search traffic. My hope is we can keep this subforum active with the spirit and flavor of seochat.

If any of you want to take over moderating here or join as mods on other sub forums - please let Neil Marshall know (@engine).

Brett Tabke
5:01 pm on Sept 2, 2019 (gmt 0)

New User from GB 

joined:June 23, 2019
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On June 23rd 2019, in this thread coothead asked Brett_Tabke this

"are you now giving long time members of Dev Shed membership even if
they were previously treated as persona non grata at Webmaster World? "

...but as he has not replied, I thought I should point out to anyone who
might be, or had been, interested, the reason for that pointed question.

Well, as...


new user from GB

joined:June 23, 2019

posts: 2

....I am welcomed with opened arms to this august forum, but as...


senior member from GB

joined:Oct 2, 2003

posts: 1019 with posting rights turned off.

... I am, obviously, very unwelcome, yet, for some strange reason, the
powers that be have not banned birdbrain but are keeping him in limbo
or suspended animation.

I would, humbly, suggest that there are two very simple solutions to this
silly situation; either revive birdbrain and let coothead rest in peace with
his three meagre posts, or ban both the bumbling buggers as....

persona non grata

birdbrain - unwelcome
coothead - welcome
11:58 pm on Sept 2, 2019 (gmt 0)

New User from GB 

joined:June 23, 2019
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. . . .
4:48 pm on Sept 21, 2019 (gmt 0)

New User

joined:Sept 21, 2019
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What a shame to lose all that content across devshed sites. Also, heya Nilpo. Long time no chat.
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