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Description: Whether you want to implement your site with an off-the-shelf Content Management System, build one yourself, or are just completely confused on which option to choose, advice given here. Sometimes even good advice.

"What is the best CMS?" questions. Vague and general questions asking "what is the best CMS?" will be locked (no replies allowed) or deleted. Why?
1. Because the question is inherently unanswerable, like asking "What is the best food?" Try to reformulate your question in a way that makes it answerable by citing specific requirements that are not obviously met by major CMS covered in the Best CMS meta thread: [webmasterworld.com...]
2.Because a large number of such questions are from people who are trying to sell their CMS or their services related to another CMS.

One-word posts and similar garbage If someone asks "Which is better, Joomla or Wordpress" and your answer is "Wordpress", we'll just delete those posts without notice. They aren't helpful to anyone. If you don't have a rationale for your statements, please don't bother. If this sounds harsh, it's because we have tons of "profile builders" who make dozens of posts like that per day just to get themselves, and their profile link back to their services website, in front of you.

Thread Titles: Please try to avoid thread titles like "Which CMS?" or "CMS Recommendations" or, of course, the ever-popular "Help". Ask yourself this, if you had just written a killer Joomla plugin that allows users to integrate their Twitter feed into their Joomla site, would you be more likely to read a post that was titled "Which CMS?" or "CMS with Twitter integration needed"?

Posting URLs. In general, posting any non-authoritative URL, including your own site, is prohibited. These URLs tend to go bad over time, they lead to a fractured discussion and are commonly used by spammers, some of who are very clever about obscuring their intent or relationship to the site being promoted. Similarly, posting information that leads to specific sites comes under the same rules.

Private Message Requests. We try to keep discussion on the forum and it's sort of impolite to carry on a conversation half on and half off the thread. If people want to send you a private message, they will. If you want someone to send you a private message, just send them one. Don't ask for a PM in the thread.

Self-promotional posts. Sorry, this is not a forum to sell your services or products. Anything that sounds like that will be deleted or edited.