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Charter - Commercial Exchange

This forum is for the posting of free Webmaster Services Offered and Help wanted classified style advertisements for Active WebmasterWorld Members. There is currently no charge for this service.

Since this is a very unique forum, it has some special rules and guidelines that do not apply to other forums within WebmasterWorld. Think of this of forum as a business card exchange.

Only full members may post.

We reserve the right to edit and delete messages at will in this forum, without explanation, for postings outside the guidelines of this forum. We WILL BE very aggressive in protecting the integrity of this forum for our members.

    Post Contents
  • State your service or help wanted request in very brief language (keep under 200 words).
  • Post no promotional content.
  • Post no prices.
  • Provide full contact information. Preferably, provide offline contact information, including business phone number.
  • Provide an email contact address.
  • Post no URLs. No website URLs are allowed in this forum.
  • Post no more that one time every 2 months.

    Acceptable Types of Posts:
  • Help Wanted or Now Hiring.
  • Webdesign by Bob.
  • Webmaster Conferences.

    Unacceptable Types of Posts
  • Free web based services.
  • Jobs lists.
  • Domains for Sale.
  • Web Site Promotional Posts.
  • Requests for or promotion of link exchanges of any kind.
  • Sales of or solicitation for any type of advertising space, links, hosting, or banners on web sites.
  • Comments or reviews of someone else's services or products.

Now Hiring, full time Search Engine Optimizers.
#10 Downing
London England, UK 54684-0101
Contact: Persy Smith at humanresources@m5.co.uk

As with any online sales or purchasing information - please invesitgate all claims and services to the best of your ability. The responsibility is yours.