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Apache is, by some arguments, the most successful example of open source software in history. Widely regarded as the best web server available today.

Posting Topics:

We focus on Apache httpd.conf and .htaccess configuration files, including mod_rewrite questions. Discussions and questions which are wider in scope (e.g. those concerning PHP configuration, Tomcat installation, etc.) may get better responses in our Website Technology forum or in one of our server-side scripting forums.

Forum Etiquette:

  • Please be mindful of the original topic of discussions and be respectful of and courteous to other members. Posts that are rude or belittle other members are inappropriate and will be edited or removed.

  • It is not appropriate to expect other members to write your code for you or to debug your entire project; Please don't expect other members to solve a problem you don't want to begin solving yourself.

  • Don't get upset if someone has the answer but wants to provide you with resources and material to help you solve it on your own. After all, the most educational threads are those where members learn how to help themselves. Such threads also prove to be of most value the next time someone has a similar question.

  • Before posting a new thread, please try looking through the older posts in the forum index. Someone may have recently asked the same question, and you may benefit from the posted answers. Using the WebmasterWorld search function or the site-specific search feature of major search engines may help you find exactly what you are looking for on WebmasterWorld.

  • Please use an appropriate and specific title and description when you start a new thread. This will help you to get faster answers, and it will help others with the same question find your thread in the future.

  • Please describe your server environment and include whatever research and testing you've done so far. This will help the members who are willing to help you, and increase their number, too. Better, more-detailed questions get faster, better, and more-detailed answers, since the other members won't have to ask you for more information.

  • Try to explain your question or answer as best you can. Please bear in mind that it will be read later by others who may have the same question, but with slightly different details.

  • Please do not post specific details such as domain names, full IP addresses, or personally-identifiable information such as name, e-mail address, IM screen name, etc. Such specifics will be edited or removed in accordance with our Terms of Service [webmasterworld.com], which may render your post meaningless. Please replace all instances of your domain name with "example.com" before posting.

  • Please do not post links to "test page" URLs, tiny-URLs, screen-shot URLs, personal URLs, or commercial URLs of any nature. Generally, .edu and .org URLs are OK. We prefer to direct members to authoritative non-commercial resources in order to prevent any possible conflicts of interest. Furthermore, posted example links may quickly become outdated, rendering the thread useless to someone reading it just a few months from now. Verbalized problem descriptions will be useful for years to come.

  • We understand that it is often necessary to provide code samples. Just keep them short and focused please; Excessive code dumps will be edited or deleted.

  • Please do not post copyrighted code. We respect the rights of authors; In accordance with law, posts containing copyrighted code will be deleted if found in this forum.

  • Code posted in response to a question, but with no explanation offered, may be edited. "I fixed your code" posts with no additional explanation add little or no educational value to the discussion.

"Fix my code" and "Do my homework for me" threads:

This is a discussion forum, not a help desk or a free code-writing service; If you have a problem, please try to research it and then phrase your post in a manner conducive to general discussion of the issue. Rather than providing one-off solutions, we prefer to help people find resources to help themselves.

A general guideline for code-related problems is: Post your own code and describe what you hoped it would accomplish. Then describe how it fails and include all relevant information from your server error logs. Too-general posts in the form of "What code do I use to do this?" often go unanswered for a long time.

The following resources are often referenced in our Apache forum, and may help to answer or focus your questions.

Frequently-cited resources:

Thanks for reading our charter, and welcome to the Apache forum!