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Nov 3, 2015
WebmasterWorld Member Profiles
More, new additions to WebmasterWorld are coming, and if you're a web developer, programmer, agency, or seeking employment, and want to offer your services to a wider community, you may wish to update your profile to reflect your offering. More info here.

May 26, 2015
New and Improved WebmasterWorld.com website
Finally out of Beta, the new/improved WebmasterWorld.com is live now.

Find out more


Apr 24, 2015
Great News: Migrating to a New Server
I have great news to announce. WebmasterWorld is migrating to a new server, with lots of exciting, under-the-hood changes, in addition to the beta we've been working on. [webmasterworld.com...]

The new server gives us added flexibility and is much faster.

We think you'll notice the improvements in speed, but, more obviously, https.

You may be required to log back in.

Obviously, changes to a big site get noticed, and i'd ask that you accept there might be some interruptions. Please don't worry, we're working on it. Migration should be done reasonably quickly.

If any of you have problems accessing the site and want to message us for help and information, we have created a temporary e-mail address not connected to WebmasterWorld. WebmasterWorldOfficial @ gmail.com



Mar 16, 2015
New WebmasterWorld Beta
I'm excited to announce that we're rolling out the latest developments in the look for WebmasterWorld under our Beta program.

We've been working on this for many weeks and months, honing the layout and look, plus a lot of the "under-the-hood" aspects that we never see, but are essential to keep the site running.

In addition, we have some major changes "under-the-hood" yet to come, but, in the meantime, we're rolling out the beta for you to try and to test. What this means is you may see an additional login to the new site, simply use your regular WebmasterWorld username and password.

See a list of all the new things at WebmasterWorld here: [webmasterworld.com...]

Please report bugs in THIS THREAD: [webmasterworld.com...]

You can switch between WebmasterWorld Classic and WebmasterWorld Beta by following the link here:
Go to WebmasterWorld Beta, set as default [webmasterworld.com...]
Go to WebmasterWorld Classic, set as default [webmasterworld.com...]

Again, all you need is your regular WebmasterWorld user name and password, and if you're already logged in you'll get immediate access. Please let us have your feedback in the threads indicated above.


Neil (engine), and the team of incrediBill, Jim, Thom, Sue, and the Beta development team, and all those that have helped in the beta program.


Nov 6, 2014
New WebmasterWorld Awards & Profile Pages
We are excited to announce that we're launching some great new awards for WebmasterWorld members in good standing. Members contributing significantly to WebmasterWorld have the potential to win one, or more of our awards. This is a big thank you for members contributing towards our community today, or for some of those extra special Members that have been so generous in the past.

Members simply need to be of good standing, and to participate and to contribute with quality posts over time, and may become eligible for one or more award at a time. In addition, new badges will show more clearly our Moderators and Administrators.

Here's a quick description of the WebmasterWorld Members awards.

Top 100 All Time Posters Award: This award is for those members achieving a position in the top 100 contributors on WebmasterWorld, since its creation.

Ten Year Members Award: Awarded to Senior Members, or any Member in good standing, that have continuously contributed for ten or more years. To maintain eligibility for this membership award, non-Senior Members must continue to participate.

Five Year Members Award: Awarded to Senior Members, or any Member in good standing, that have continuously contributed for five or more years. To maintain eligibility for this membership award, non-Senior Members must continue to participate.

Top Contributor Of The Month Award: This award is earned by being one of the top 25 contributors for the past calendar month. This award remains while a member is on the top 25 of the previous month.

Post Of The Month Award: This award is earned by any Member in good standing that starts a quality or newsworthy story selected for WebmasterWorld's front page. This award remains as long as the story is current on the WebmasterWorld's front page.

Senior Members Award. This award is for all Senior members in good standing reaching Senior Member status.

Moderators Badge. This award recognizes WebmasterWorld's moderators, and only applies to current, active Moderators.

Administrators Badge. This award recognizes WebmasterWorld's Administrators, and only applies to current, active Administrators. 

We'll be rolling these awards out in the next 24-hours.

In addition to our new awards, we've significantly improved the WebmasterWorld Profile pages which make it easier to find information about the members. For example, if you're a developer looking for work it'd be worth your while making sure you have all your details up-to-date. Now would be a great time to check your own profile and to update it with additional information about you, your company, and the services you offer. We hope you fine it useful.

Thank you for your continued participation in this WebmasterWorld Community.

We're Feeling Lucky!

Jim, Neil, Bill, and the DeveloperShed team.

PS, and of course, we welcome your feedback. You can leave feedback on this thread here -> [webmasterworld.com...]

July 8, 2013
70 Free Tools to Start, More coming every week.
We're excited to announce that WebmasterWorld has ~70 free tools now on the site, and we'll have more free tools coming every week.

The tools are located at

It's just a start and we're calling these beta as I'm sure there's some bugs we'll find in the coming weeks.



June 13, 2013
Mobile Internet Discussions, New Forums
This week we opened three new forums, and they are aimed at site design, marketing, and advertising in the mobile, smartphone and tablet sectors.

The new forums are:-

Native Mobile and Tablet Application Design and Development

Mobile Web Site Design and Development

Mobile and Tablet Advertising and Marketing

You'll find them in a category of their own.

Mobile Internet [webmasterworld.com]

Let's have your contributions and ideas for these topics by posting questions and responding with answers in these new sectors.