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How many hits did you get today? Page Views? Uniques?

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Related to the tracking and logging of user visits to your website. You can also use this forum to discuss other tracking, such as email tracking, phone tracking, how to track offline marketing through to online websites etc.

The most common question on the site is "which stats package do you recommend?". When people post this question, they clearly have not read this forum charter nor looked for their answer in the library. We cannot recommend packages, but have listed the main ones for you to make your own decisions here [webmasterworld.com]

Here is a glossary of common terms used in this forum:


Page View: one view of an html page.
Hit: Often it refers to total hits to all graphics and resources a website can deliver. Other times it may review to page views.
Uniques: Individual IP users that connected to your website. Again measured in different ways - some systems use cookies, others use unique IP numbers. Neither measurement is perfect. Other methods exist.
Spider: A program that reads your website instead of a human. Often a search engine collecting onformation, but there are many other types.
Logs: Usually a text file on your server, which records all activity on a website.