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Founded: Dec 1, 1999

Originally dedicated to Excite and its sister sites, it now covers specific search engines not covered by other forums.

Some of the engines that we cover here include Alexa, Kartoo, Vivisimo, SearchHippo, Gigablast, Yuntis, Mooter, IxQuick, the future MSN search engine that is in development by Microsoft, OpenFind, Queryserver, Excite, Dogpile, Metacrawler, Hotbot, Iwon, Grub, NorthernLight (when it relaunches) and WiseNut.

Posting Topics:
Questions about specific search engines. Possibilities include: Any & all engines from the above list, or engines that meet some of these basic criteria:
1) University backing (eg, Discoweb became the Teoma search engine, Yuntis is currently a University project, Vivisimo started as university research, etc.
2) Venture Capital Funding: Teoma got funding from Hawk Holdings, Qwest, etc - because they saw potential. Google got funding for similar reason, so did Kartoo, Mooter, etc. If the engine has somebody with financial resources backing it, then odds are they will generate enough press to garner user interest, and thus start driving traffic - which is exactly the type of engine we want to talk about - those that can drive traffic.
3) Unique or novel information presentation: Kartoo has a unique interface, and when Vivisimo launched it was one of the first engines with on the fly clustering by topic, similar to what NorthernLight did by hand in its past format.
4) Indexing at least 20-50 million urls: If the engine doesn't have a large enough database to hold a significant portion of the webmap then the odds are, as a general search engine, it will fail to gain significant enough adoption to appear on anybody's radar.

The reason an engine must meet some of these criteria is that in this day & age, it takes a halfway competent programmer a weekend to slap together another open source script to index about 5-10 million urls. We aren't here to discuss every engine on the planet, just those that will get enough market share to become great one day, or to become used by enough people to be worth actively promoting one's own position within their database.

If you have any questions about a search engine that isn't listed above, but you think it might qualify as a great discussion topic, please contact the forum moderator or an admin. Many thanks!