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Aside from commercial sales, the remainder of the web is almost exclusively run on a advertising basis. From banner ads to affiliate programs we all seem to be getting an education in the advertising sector.

Affiliate Network Representatives
Obviously, our members have benefited from having industry reps like GoogleGuy at WebmasterWorld and we'd like to have that here in the affiliate forum. We recognize that any industry rep has his job at stake if he divulges too much here, so we don't expect the same information that's delivered to the CEO or VP of Marketing. OTOH, we don't want promotional market-speak, either. That said, the rules of engagement swing boths ways. As moderators, we aren't interested in having and endless stream of "fix-me" posts or special "tell-me-what-happened-with-this-merchant" requests, and, certainly, no flamefests. None of us have the time for that noise, folks ...that's why we're here at WebmasterWorld and not wading through all that junk elsewhere.

Posting Topics:
Appropriate topics include, AdBrokers (Burst, Doubleclick), tactics, ad server programs, and related.

Independent and network affiliate program discussion is also welcome.

What is not appropriate is actually advertising a product or service, or promoting your own network/affiliate program. Nor do we allow requests for specific information about online pharmacies, "adult" products, or casinos/gambling. Also, please do not link out to other forums or affiliate program reviews, as that short-circuits the development of professional-grade content here.

''Email/Stickymail Me'' posts
There has been a large increase in the number of contact-me-for-more-information or sticky-me-for-details posts in WebmasterWorld. Besides being a chore to moderate and not really conducive to promoting the content of the threads themselves, it's particularly susceptible to affiliate recruiting. If it's not for general reading, please use the board's internal stickymail to relay the information directly.

Advertising Jargon Glossary
CPC = Cost per click - $$ you make every time someone clicks an ad.

CPM = Cost per thousand (M) ads. $$ you will make for every 1,000 ads (usually, banners) displayed on your site.

CPA = Cost per action. $$ you make every time someone clicks an ad and then DOES something, such as buy an item or register for a newsletter.

EPV = Earnings per visitor. Amount of revenue earned during a given time, divided by unique visitors during that time.

PSA = Public service announcement. A Freebie

Defaults = the number of page views that went unfilled with an advertisement.

Gross CPM = taking all possible page views and dividing by the total impressions registered.

Net CPM = total ads displayed divided by total income.

Take Home CPM = what the real cpm is after the ad broker gets their percentage off the top.

PII = Personally Identifiable Information, i.e., name, address, email, age, etc.