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Advertiser Stats Mismatch

Our stats our out by a factor of 2 - thoughts appreciated

3:43 pm on Jan 7, 2011 (gmt 0)

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I have just completed the first month of a new, ongoing direct CCP campaign. I am serving a company's banner ads using Google DFP, and using OpenX for text links. OpenX is run from a different domain, the text link clicks are also tracked as goals using Google Analytics.

I sent the stats and invoice out to the client, and they have come back stating that they could not reconcile my stats with their analytics. It's out by almost a factor of two.
They are using Google Analytics to track visitors and comparing it up against Urchin software on their server.

They have sent me a snapshot of their stats, which shows visitors having been referred from my domain, and are willing to pay for that.

I advised them that some visitors will not show as having been referred by my site through DFP for various reasons, and that the text links through OpenX on a different domain would not show.

They advise me that they cannot find a single referral from the OpenX domain (not even a record of my test clicks to ensure the links worked).
They have also tried to tie up additional direct visitors over the period, and tell me that the increase visitor numbers ties up with the referrals they can actually see from my site.

I am not really sure where to go, and we are at an impass. I've checked the banners and all urls are correct and should resolve to their site. The OpenX domain is logged as referrer when I test it. I have not had this issue with an other advertisers.

Has anyone had experience of such a mismatch in reporting?
Can DFP reports be so far out?
Any ideas as to how to proceed?
Has anyone implemented an alternate tracking method, such as referring to a unique page on the target site?

The advertiser is a good fit for my site and I would like this to develop into a long term relationship, so am keeping an open mind.