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I Don't Get WebmasterWorld - What's the Deal Here?

 1:30 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

I don't get why WebmasterWorld is so popular. So far I joined and had my first post removed by a mod and have been asked to pay a subscription fee like 15 times already.

The forum script is weak compared to VB and others so I hope I can find some reason to stick around here since I have seen some posts that are informative but otherwise I'm not all that impressed.

Sorry to be critical and likely this post will also be removed by a mod. If not, hopefully I've missed some of the great reasons to hang out here!



 1:37 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

Err, 2.5 million prior posts containing almost anything you might want to know about hosting, servers, configuration, scripting, databases, coding, stylesheets, search engines, SEO, marketing, site security, good and bad bots, and God knows what else ... after six years I still haven't looked in every little corner.

WebmasterWorld is free to use as long as you register. Dunno why you are repeatedly asked to join and pay; as far as I am aware, that isn't the normal behaviour.

As for the "weak forum script", it has been designed and refined to meet the needs of the moderators and members over many years. It's not your normal junk script (insert name like Wordpress, Joomla, vBulletin, PHPbb, etc, here) that needs upgrading regularly when yet another "security flaw" has been discovered.

Glad you have found a few useful posts. If you dig deeper you'll find tens of thousands more. If you don't find it useful try somewhere else; Digital Point will welcome you with open arms - and if you can't see the difference between somewhere like that, and here, then you're beyond help.


 1:52 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

OK, thanks. That certainly answers all my questions and God knows that DP, SP and others have nothing of use on the myriad topics you mention. And I'm sure your script, like any other, does need updating for security and other reasons, LOL

I won't be paying anything so I guess I will not have access to many of the forum topics eh? Not great on the attitude from mods here so far, but hey, so far you didn't remove my thread for being critical so that's a good sign at least. Thanks for the reply!


 1:58 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

I have had several posts removed over the years, and in the grand scheme of things it was no big deal. The moderators want to keep the site content as clean as possible. In the core topic areas, off-topic posts (in an existing thread) get moved into a new and separate thread and completely off-topic and useless posts get dumped in the trash. All forms of self-promotion, link drops, and signatures, are treated as the toxic spam that they usually are. If you have had posts removed, then you likely did something that was against the rules. No point arguing about it. No-one has any "right" to post anything at all on another person's site. The only place you can say what you like is on your own site (but even then your ISP could terminate your website and account if the stuff wasn't legal, or crossed some sort of line).

[edited by: g1smd at 2:03 am (utc) on Dec. 29, 2008]


 2:01 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

I see. Well I did respond to a question about a FREE WP plugin that I develop. I didn't promote it or post any URL but if you consider that self promotion I guess I'm guilty. Any way I can get the script to NOT spam my about paying a subscription? I didn't see anything in the CP that would allow me to turn it off. Thanks.


 2:09 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

Yes, the mentioning of specific tools and scripts is usually verboten. Once you are allowed to mention yours, then within days the thread suddenly has several hundred people mentioning theirs, and some of the links will go to fake sites and malware; and now the information as a whole is less useful and less trustworthy. Taking it to a logical conclusion, word gets out that WebmasterWorld is to be avoided because of all the spammy link drops and/or malware, and the site becomes even less useful. Places like DP have had such a reputation for a long time and will likely never shake that off. WebmasterWorld stays away from all of that stuff.


 2:23 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

I guess its all personal opinion. Doesn't it seem a little hypocritical given that I can't stop your script from spamming me every time I log on to WebmasterWorld? Certainly that is a lot more annoying than seeing posts by people who may have something useful to offer the membership.


 2:29 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

LOL, now I see that the mods have even censored that poster's original post. Guess I'm out of here; way too much mod zealousness for me. Dunno really why this place is so popular. Must be hard to say much if you can't even mention names, urls, etc. that are meant to be helpful. That's just not even helpful in the least.


 2:36 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

If you can't see the wider picture, then this place can't help you.

By the way, have you heard about the tag team forum spam scenario where one person asks a question and then either a friend signs up and answers the question by offering something "they just happened to find", or the original poster signs up with a new user name to answer the question and make it look as if there are two separate people?

It happens so often, and is so obvious to any reader that has been on the web for more that a couple of weeks, that the moderators of any respectable forum will nuke all posts by both users and ban them from the forums forever.

That's a welcome move, and hopefully helps the spammers get a clue about what is, and is not, acceptable, a bit more quickly.


 2:47 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

So now I'm being accused of tag team spamming? Ridiculous. Get a life while I go to a forum where I'm treated like a human being not a piece of carp. Get a clue what a mod is supposed to do, which is make a board a place people want to hang out.

You do your board no service at all. Now go ahead and remove this entire thread if you like because you won't hear anything further from me here, not that you care anyway!


 3:12 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

domainpubber, welcome to WebmasterWorld and it's a shame you had a bad first experience.

Typically reading the TOS and forum charters will steer people clear of making mistakes on new forums instead of debating the value of the rules that weren't read in the first place.

When you see how the rest of the forum is behaving and there's an absence of link drops and signatures on all the posts you can pretty much assume it's not how things are done here.

Blending in isn't as hard as it sounds.

[edited by: incrediBILL at 3:16 am (utc) on Dec. 29, 2008]


 7:57 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

First off, Welcome to WebmasterWorld! I think that upon further investigation you will see how much you can learn here if you are willing to. I know tons of people that wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for WebmasterWorld's community and the discussions that are held here, me being one of those people.

>> Any way I can get the script to NOT spam my about paying a subscription?

You shouldn't be seeing this unless you are trying to access the supporter forums of which there are 7. Every other forum is open to the public and free to use as long as you are registered (registration is free). For some ISPs, after a certain amount of page views it will ask for login credentials, if this is maybe what you are referring to. (?)

>> Must be hard to say much if you can't even mention names, urls, etc. that are meant to be helpful.

You are right, it would be hard to have a discussion without all of these things; however, it seems you are misunderstanding the rules that we follow here. We allow all of these things--and more--with few exceptions. When there appears to be some sort of purpose for a member to drop specifics in a post other than to be helpful to others, moderators will remove that content. We are not here to promote products and services, and when removing these we err on the side of caution. Our Terms of Service [webmasterworld.com] serves as a basis for all our moderation.

>> I'm being accused of tag team spamming?

This seems to be another misunderstanding. I believe g1smd was giving an example of what mods have to deal with every day and have to take into consideration when dealing with suspicious posts. You have to understand that there is a lot of real spamming attempts on the boards all the time, and there is virtually nothing to separate those professional spammers from those just making a mistake.

So I hope you can find yourself visiting here more than just a few hours the first day after you signed up. Despite your first impression, you might actually like it here before long. :)


 11:17 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

Domainpubber g1smd did not accuse you of tag team spamming. He asked you if you had heard about it to illustrate why this forum is like it is. This was quite clear since you had already admitted to posting info about your free plug in yourself.

WW is a very conservative forum, probably one of the most conservative on the net, but it is also one of the best. I cannot put a price on the free assistance I have had in here and I am not alone. We have a great community as long as you are happy to live with this conservatism. Personally I have had dozens of posts deleted and edited over the years. Apart from when people try some self promotion this tends to happen when serious arguments, abuse and disagreements occur. If you have been on other forums you will know that permitting this adds no value to the big picture.

If you spend some time in here rather than taking the huff you will see what we mean. Try it, you'll like it. :)

Regarding the WW form script, at the risk of upsetting the boss ;) (who I understand developed it) I agree that there are some weaknesses. I have had some problems with it in the past and it is not as slick as some of the commercial and OS offerings. But we have to remember that it is not a commercial script and it fulfils its requirements here. Most of us are quite happy with it as it stands.


 11:43 am on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

The forum script is weak compared to VB and others so I hope I can find some reason to stick around here since I have seen some posts that are informative but otherwise I'm not all that impressed.

(My bold).

Welcome to WebmasterWorld!

That's the whole point; WebmasterWorld isn't the latest in "web 2.0" (dread term), and the software isn't fresh off the dinky machine of some top designer. WebmasterWorld takes the toughest line on self-promotion, and has zero tolerance for spam.

It's all about the content; if you learn, stick around, if it doesn't suit, find another. No sweat; your choice.

But there's none with more info than WebmasterWorld.


 12:51 pm on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

welcome to WebmasterWorld [webmasterworld.com], domainpubber!


 2:05 pm on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

You're right, the moderation here is very strict. You're also right in implying it chafes (I've probably had more posts deleted than you just this month). Conversely the strict moderation tends to be consistent, which is more than you can say for a lot of forums. And as noted, the heavy moderation is needed given the participants here. The site isn't full of the garbage that DP has.

You're also right that the software here is antiquated in many respects. However it does run fast and it's easier to read and navigate than other forum software once you get used to it. And you can actually read this site on a mobile device.

In other words, everything you're complaining about is absolutely correct IMO and I've complained about it myself in the past. The flip side is that there are reasons for the way things are. I don't even disagree that the lines should be drawn where they are - the question is whether you're able to use the site given what you see as the restrictions.

If you want to see the converse side, appreciate that you didn't get banned - and realize that in most other forums you would have. Heck, with the frequency that I get posts deleted and my comments here and on other sites, I'd have been banned a long time ago in most other forums - including my own. I trust you can see that that makes the moderation here far more liberal in some respects. In my forum I'd have banned myself a long time ago, and I'd have banned you after your first break in the TOS - 'cause I don't care to waste my time explaining things :).


 8:20 pm on Dec 29, 2008 (gmt 0)

No one accused anyone of spamming. I mentioned something that happens to spam posted here that some other forums don't do, and which ultimately kills their quality.

Innocent newbie errors can easily look like spam. It's a classic line, even more obvious when both people in the thread are new to a forum. How did they stumble across that post in particular? By posting, was their motive to get something out of the forum, before they had put anything in? These are (some of) the wider issues that guide the quality of what is posted here.

If you're off, mind the carp doesn't slap you on the way out.



 10:38 am on Dec 30, 2008 (gmt 0)

If you're off, mind the carp doesn't slap you on the way out.



 11:50 am on Dec 30, 2008 (gmt 0)

G1smd your message box is full.


 10:20 pm on Dec 31, 2008 (gmt 0)

This thread wouldn't be complete without a reference to this classic thread:

Professional forum spammers [webmasterworld.com]

mind the carp doesn't slap you on the way out

Beats getting a dope slap, that's for sure.


 6:31 pm on Jan 1, 2009 (gmt 0)

G1smd your message box is full.

Still full. :)


 5:11 pm on Jan 12, 2009 (gmt 0)

domainpubber, I feel you. I did in fact pay $150 and they hit me just as hard. I too included links to my noncommercial site and got slapped for it, even though other boards would have allowed such links. It's just a different culture than other boards. We make up the community but we are also guests. If I moved from Seattle to Denmark I wouldn't expect the good folks of Copenhagen to speak English.


 5:15 pm on Jan 12, 2009 (gmt 0)

Hi tomcam,

Thanks. Well I have been lurking for a couple weeks now. I guess I still don't understand the mods and culture here too well. If you can't mention or link to "brand names" then how can you provide useful input?


 5:35 pm on Jan 12, 2009 (gmt 0)

If you can't mention or link to "brand names" then how can you provide useful input?

It's difficult.

Funnily enough the OP loves the moderation over at DP. Yet I just took a 10 day ban there. My crime? Somebody posted a site for sale and asked people to request a PM. I posted and requested the info. Boom! 10 day ban. No warning. Different strokes I guess, the OP's unhappy with the mod style here, you can image I'm a bit disgruntled about a ban elsewhere that I feel could be better handled with a warning (of course, the rationale with that is they don't have time/can't be bothered warning people).


 5:44 pm on Jan 12, 2009 (gmt 0)

wheel, I hear ya. I will hand the Mods here this; at least they didn't ban me for my trespasses. I'll continue lurking a while longer I suppose since the "guests" seem to have a lot of good stuff to say about WebmasterWorld. Thanks.


 6:06 pm on Jan 12, 2009 (gmt 0)

Wise decision;)


 10:07 am on Jan 13, 2009 (gmt 0)

Most of the mods here were guests at one point in time. Some of us quizzed the TOS too :)

I remember my first post—it was answered within minutes with a fantastic response. As was my second, third, fourth...

I would not be a web professional without WebmasterWorld. Please stick around, read the links given about the reasons why many links are not permitted and see if it works for you.

Once you get your head around what can and should not be posted you'll love it here. The moderation keeps the topics on track and the content really useful.

The subscription message thing sounds like a bug to me. When do you see the request to join as a subscriber?


 12:38 pm on Jan 13, 2009 (gmt 0)

We try to guide people by informing them of specific TOS and Charter violations. Banning is an absolute last resort and is reserved for incorrigibles.

Most have been edited at one time or another. I know I have - even once or twice as a moderator.


 2:29 pm on Jan 13, 2009 (gmt 0)

yup - and most of my edited posts have been edited by the lawman.

to quote tedster from somewhere long ago (on probably many times since):
Usually, once a problem is fixed, the example page will either disappear completely or will show only the corrected version. That means that the thread was only of value to the one person who posted the initial question. Visitors searching for the solution to a similar problem would find the thread but come against a blank wall, as the original code is absent!

in other words, a little more work today to suitably describe your problem provides a lasting resource for others.


 5:40 pm on Jan 13, 2009 (gmt 0)

Banning is an absolute last resort and is reserved for incorrigibles.

I can see I'm not trying hard enough then.

My solution to the DP banning of my userid? I set my dns to resolve that forum to

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