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HP's WebOS Released As Open Source

 12:25 pm on Dec 12, 2011 (gmt 0)

HP's WebOS Released As Open Source [bbc.co.uk]
The code behind the mobile operating system, WebOS, is being released to open source software developers by Hewlett Packard.

The firm said it would continue investing in the project to help third parties add enhancements.

"By contributing this innovation, HP unleashes the creativity of the open source community to advance a new generation of applications and devices," said the firm's president and chief executive, Meg Whitman.



 3:27 pm on Dec 12, 2011 (gmt 0)

cool, later.

so its going to be the linux of the mobile world. Or will handset makers pick this up and run with it? meh.... its dead.


 10:37 pm on Dec 12, 2011 (gmt 0)

In a later report HP announced they'll sell you a floppy disk with a small sample of the code and the "HP WebOS" logo on it for less than cost -- but to REFILL it with a full supply of code you'll need to pay 4 times what it's worth.


 2:54 pm on Dec 13, 2011 (gmt 0)

^ lol good one


 4:01 am on Dec 14, 2011 (gmt 0)

It's funny to see webmasters making fun of the only mobile platform that's truly built to be Web-ready and friendly from the ground up and that can integrate any Web services right out the bat through common Web APIS. They did OS level and Google search on device better than Android. They also did full Facebook and LinkedIn integration at the core level since 2009. It's the one OS that has proven that HTML5 and JS apps could work natively. Win8 and and all the others are just catching up to this now.

Make fun of webOS as you wish, but there is a lot of good code in there.

And they call themselves webmasters...


 5:55 pm on Dec 15, 2011 (gmt 0)

because I want to easily allow all the security nightmares of the web right into my core OS.

no thanks.

also a "webmaster" doesn't mean "web dev" or "web designer"

those are a dime a dozen.


 7:16 pm on Dec 15, 2011 (gmt 0)

You're misinformed about webOS like most people. Just like Android, it's based on a Linux kernel. But unlike Android, it's not malware-infested. The apps are made in HTML5, like Win8 is about to do and BlackBerry has said they would do, or can be code natively using Objective C, like iOS. Are you saying Microsoft and Rim are about to put their users in danger of malware because they are about to use HTML5?

Google webOS and security. Doesn't have more holes than other platforms, last time I checked. And with open code, the community can find out holes much faster.


 1:23 pm on Dec 17, 2011 (gmt 0)

You're misinformed about webOS like most people

Care to explain what's going here?

Not so "open source" is it? talking about misinformation. And yes I know empty words is public domain hence open source.

Really funny these companies announcing various "news" in the mass media to draw attention, yet they don't care of the consequences when this backfires.


 4:31 pm on Dec 17, 2011 (gmt 0)

You're not making sense. HP announced that they would be making webOS a week ago. A WEEK AGO. In the press releases and many interview Withman and Andreesen gave, they mentioned that they have not figured out which open source license they would be using; they mentioned that Enyo would be available first. They can't dumped the code in the open and call it all open source, when much of the stuff in there is licensed from other companies. For example the Acrobat reader they use is based on code from a third party. They can't release that out in the open. They don't own that... They have to clean up the code of proprietary stuff first. The move was even a news for the Palm team which had no clue it was coming. They are the ones that are gonna have to start cleaning up the code and figuring out what can be released, not Withman and Andreesen.

But you want them to make it all open and available a week after they announced it? Are you just complaining just to complain? Some of the comments in the thread you linked to are ridiculous.

People had been waiting for HP to say what they would do with webOS. They announce it A WEEK AGO and people are complaining because the code - a mature mobile OS that's been out on phones and tablets for the last four years as a completely locked in and proprietary intellectual property was not available the moment it was announced.

Palm's employees, fans and the industry wanted answers. They got them now. Can we give them a break and actually allow them to implement it, instead of complaining?

Having worked with webOS extensively, I know there's tons of good nuggets in there. All webmasters, devs and designers will benefit from this code being open. It's the equivalent of Google making their many public APIs public. It's way more code than Twitter released recently. It's way more complex than webkit. Palm has enough patents to protect any manufacturer from attacks from Microsoft, Google, Apple, IBM, Nokia, Rim or Oracle - they have the patent on the smartphone, three way calling, airplane mode, shifting luminosity when exposed to sunlight, tablets that dock on keyboard bases and a lot more. It's the only company not being sued because of patents because they freaking own the patents on core smartphone tech. Can people give them a chance to actually release the code and see if the project takes off?.

I still can't believe people are complaining about the code not being available A WEEK after they announced it would be open sourced.


 9:47 am on Dec 18, 2011 (gmt 0)

Now I am gonna start the quotes
I still can't believe people are complaining about the code not being available A WEEK after they announced it would be open sourced.

And in the OP
The code behind the mobile operating system, WebOS, is being released to open source software developers by Hewlett Packard.

They should know better not to open repos and circulate "released" news if they don't have it ready because they will get scrutiny. And as time passes it's going to get worse. Intend to open is not the same as opening the source.

Put these news together from BBC, GitHub repo, HP O/S and you get lots of people expecting what they read to be real. And if the comments posted on Github were indeed false they would remove them. I don't like mentioning open source and publishing thin air. I can give you lots of examples where "open source projects" in repositories have even reviews and recommendations without having any code published. You know what this means right?


 7:05 am on Dec 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

That's because the sources you used for your info didn't get the story right. If you read The Verge, ZDnet, PreCentral, TechCruch or Engadget, you will find that they all covered this story quite well and clearly indicated that HP wasn't going to put webOS out in the open the very moment they announced it.

If some lazy reporter got it it wrong at some other site, blame them. From the sources I read, there was never a doubt that webOS was not yet available.

Last question, what makes you think that it's an HP employee that opened the account on GitHub and not an impatient fan?

Again blaming the company for not having opened up a proprietary mobile OS with tons of third party IP within a week after it was announced is ridiculous.

To recap how Palm's team learned of the open source project here's a short recap.

Meg Whitman and Andreesen announced the day before to the Palm division that they would visit their campus in Sunnyvale and deliver the news about the decision that had been in suspension since last August. The Palm employees themselves had no clue about what the outcome of the meeting would be. It was a news taken at the leadership /board level. The guys that will eventually go through the code to scrub it of proprietary IP had no clue about what would happen.

The next day, at the meeting with the HP CEO and Andreesen, that's where the Palm team learned of their fate and that of webOS. About 30 minutes later, although the news had leaked from the "townhall meeting" the media got the official press release.

Did you expect the Palm team to scrub their mature OS in about 30 minutes of all the proprietary IP and release it on the same day? HP has even indicated clearly that they don't even know which open source license they would use. They didn't even say the project would live at Github. Some people just assumed it would. Maybe the project will be hosted internally on their servers. The thing is no one knows. This is stuff that will be worked out in 2012.

One thing I will say for sure, the HTML5 and JS code in webOS is precious. I've been meaning to use some of it on non app projects for a while. I know some people who did, but it was "illegal" before. This is something I have personally discussed with Palm the last time I met them in Sunnyvale.

The Enyo framework is way more usable than Phonegap for cross platform Web app and native mobile apps development or comparable tools from Google and Apple. It's so much easier to build stuff with Enyo. It's a mature development framework that will benefit users a lot. You can build whole apps and debug them within an Webkit browser like Chrome or Safari. You can even run your apps within these browsers. Unlike Phonegap which has bugs with stuff like Google's mobile API, Enyo, which was used on real devices - you know, like phones and tablets actually shipped and used by real customers and thus heavily tested by end users on millions of devices, is much more mature and friendly.

Enyo is the V3 of the app development platform built by Palm since 2009. The community will benefit from a framework developed by mature companies - Palm and HP, including a lot of work around and tricks to speed up development of Web apps for free.

For example, the whole email app used in webOS will be free to use. Imagine all the code you can take from there and apply in other projects based on HTML5 standards. It's the equivalent of having the source code of Gmail and using it in your projects for free.

People complaining about the delay in the open source port or dismissing webOS should rethink their strategy. Very soon a lot of Web developers will be using code from webOS in all kinds of projects. That's the most elegant mobile OS and the most user friendly and a very mature product given away for free.

If this doesn't make one salivate, nothing will.


 11:05 am on Dec 20, 2011 (gmt 0)

Last question, what makes you think that it's an HP employee that opened the account on GitHub and not an impatient fan?

Popular news sites, look here:
As of today, there's still nothing in the waiting GitHub repository, but I've been told by a senior executive at HP that there will not be a long wait for the code.

There are references to that repository from trusted media. If someone indeed plays a game, he must infiltrated pretty much the news agencies and HP itself. You got to be kidding me. And commentators manipulated everything with open source this and open source that.

In your opinion when something becomes real I wonder. I don't know about the motives but one thing is for sure. You don't go around opening repositories if you don't have code to publish especially at this level. And at this point there is nothing to suggest it wasn't HP behind it.


 8:53 pm on Dec 22, 2011 (gmt 0)

Not sure what you wrote above. Makes little sense.


 2:28 am on Jan 26, 2012 (gmt 0)

Enyo is finally released and its Apache 2.0 - great decision

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