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Forum: Search Engine Spider and User Agent Identification
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1: new post   Server Farm IP Tracking Resource
WebmasterWorld members provide an extensive range of IP addresses and user agent names that can be used to keep vast numbers of scrapers off websites. [br]
Dec 28, 2014
2: new post   Blocking non-North American Traffic Made Simple
Webmasters discuss how to make an amazingly small optimized IP block list that allows only North American traffic to access a website. The technique can easily be applied to other geographical areas.
Apr 23, 2014
3: new post   Googlebot Fails to Pass DNS Verification
WebmasterWorld members have reported that an apparently valid Googlebot is failing DNS verification. Major impact for sites relying on Googlebot validation.
Apr 2, 2014
4: new post   The User Agent Whitelist
WebmasterWorld members discuss methods for whitelisting good requests vs blacklisting bad requests.
Feb 7, 2014
5: new post   Dealing With WordPress Comment Spam Escalation
"Just to see what would happen I enabled full comments on my WordPress blog and at first I just let the comments pile up in the WordPress moderation queue as I was curious how bad it would get since nothing ever got published.[br][br]It quickly ramped up from a few a day to 100s a day, peaking currently at over 500 spam posts a day."
Jan 22, 2014
6: new post   TECH UPDATE: Bots as Browsers Using JavaScript
"Tech briefing to bring those up to speed that aren't aware of the rapidly changing server side landscape including support for JavaScript thanks to Node.js."
Oct 31, 2013
7: new post   How to Identify and Block Fake BingBot Visits
How do you identify and block fake BingBot visits to your sites.
Apr 2, 2013
8: new post   Filtering Out Really Hard To Find Bad Bots
WebmasterWorld Members discuss how best to filter out unwanted, bad bots that are tough to find.
Jan 18, 2013
9: new post   Identifying Fake User Agent Strings
User agents come in all shapes and sizes. Some, like the fake Googlebots, are easy to recognize, but what about those really long ones. WebmasterWorld Members help clarify the identification process.
June 11, 2012
10: new post   How To Block Thousands of Spambot IPs Hitting a Site
WebmasterWorld members discuss the best methods of handling and blocking spambots with thousands of unique IP addresses hitting a site, causing bandwidth to rise from 1GB a month to 12GB a day.
Dec 12, 2011
11: new post   Microsoft Bot 157 Ranges Updated
Microsoft's 157. range bots list updated.
Nov 16, 2011
12: new post   The Best Way to Keep All Spiders/Bots Out Of A Site
WebmasterWorld Members discuss the issue of stopping bots from crawling a site, and keeping them out. It seems it's tougher than you might think.
Oct 3, 2011
13: new post   Yahoo! Slurp Ignoring robots.txt
WebmasterWorld Members report that Yahoo's Slurp is ignoring robots.txt
Sept 17, 2011
14: new post   Google Messing Up Javascript Stats
This is the first time in nearly 9 years I've seen G blatantly disregard robots.txt and they're doing it with a GoogleBot UA.
May 16, 2011
15: new post   Stopping Scrapers From The Start
"I'm putting a *huge* number of pages of content online. I'm looking to stop the scraping/copying/bots from the outset and I need bandwidth kept to a minimum."
Feb 25, 2011
16: new post   Google's Web Preview Spider
"WebmasterWorld Members discuss the Web Preview Spider, whether it obeys robots.txt, and how to block it."
Nov 19, 2010
17: new post   Now Seeing Bingbot
"Bingbot is now in the wild."
Sept 29, 2010
18: new post   Fresh IP's in MSN's Many Cloaked Bot Arsenal
"No UA, no robots.txt, no REF, no nothing. Not once. Not twice. Not even three times. Try eleven."
Sept 3, 2010
19: new post   Casper Bot Search Attempting To Infect Sites
"Seen quite a few of these over the past few days, generally in groups of half a dozen-ish."
July 7, 2010
20: new post   MSNbot Changing to Bingbot on Oct.1, 2010
"we will drop the beta designation from the Bing crawler and change the name of the crawler to reflect Microsoft's new brand for search."
June 29, 2010
21: new post   The Staggering Number of Tweet Chasing Bots
Up to 20 bots now following twitter fire hose feed.
May 8, 2010
22: new post   Facebook Sues Data Scraper
"Warden gathered that data from public profiles using "crawling" software similar to what's commonly available on the Web..."
Apr 4, 2010
23: new post   Updating The htaccess Bot Ban list
"I'm sure most of us are familiar with the classic .httacces bad bot ban list for .htaccess that gets copied and pasted wholesale from web developer forum to forum (e.g.: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum13/687.htm )"
Dec 29, 2009
24: new post   Comcast Launches Anti-Botnet Initiative "Constant Guard"
"Comcast is taking a leadership role and making a huge step forward in the eradication of botnets."
Oct 12, 2009
25: new post   IP Banning Primer
"I won't ask why you want to block IPs. But supposing you do, here's how to do it."
Sept 21, 2009
26: new post   Digsby IM Enables Web Crawlers Control of Your PC & Bandwidth
Did Digsby just go darkside?
Sept 8, 2009
27: new post   MJ12bot Implements Ground-Breaking Validation Capability
"...first distributed spider to provide validation for webmasters."
Sept 3, 2009
28: new post   Microsoft Launches Azure, an AWS Competitor
July 15, 2009
29: new post   Microsoft Disables Live Search "Fake Referrers"
"(Microsoft) are working on a fix for this."
Apr 30, 2009
30: new post   Bot-Blocking Methodology
"WebmasterWorld Members discuss various bot-blocking methodologies."
Dec 13, 2008
31: new post   New Wave of SQL Injection Vulnerability Probes
Aug 29, 2008
32: new post   AVG Stops Real-Time Scanning
July 7, 2008
33: new post   Another Phorm Type Ad System Discovered?
"The Kindsight service...is funded through an advertising mechanism but without the use of cookies, pop-ups or spam. "
June 20, 2008
34: new post   AVG - Valid Security Tool or Malware - Part Two
AVG anti virus latest update includes a pre-fetch link scanner tool that some are viewing as malware itself.
June 14, 2008
35: new post   AVG Toolbar Glitch May Be Causing Visitor Loss
"Web sites with tight security are turning away AVG visitors with security toolbar broadcasting malformed HTTP headers and user agent strings."
May 10, 2008
36: new post   Yahoo! Slurp 3.0 Released on New IPs
"The new Yahoo! Slurp 3.0 recognizes the same user-agent and all robots.txt directives for 'Yahoo! Slurp,' though it'll identify itself as Slurp 3.0 in your web logs."
Apr 15, 2008
37: new post   Default User Agents of Programming Libraries and Command Line Tools
Apr 13, 2008
38: new post   Identifying And Analyzing Hostile & Friendly Bot Activity
"The following items can be used to identity bots and slow down and stop most unwanted traffic if applied with proper due care."
Mar 31, 2008
39: new post   Quick primer on identifying bot activity.
Mar 29, 2008
40: new post   Secure Sites From Botnet Vulnerability Probes
"Blocking these 2 things just may buy you some time from when the vulnerability is posted to the time you or your customers get around to installing the fix without being hacked."
May 11, 2007
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