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321: new post   Yahoo on the Brink of Throwing out The Directory?
Recent moves in Asia, Europe, and North America, have left webmasters asking the once unthinkable question: Is Yahoo About to Delete the Yahoo! Directory?
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJan 22, 2004
322: new post   Yahoo looking at buying Bebo?
"Yahoo Inc is rumoured to be working on an attempted takeover of Bebo, Britain's most popular social networking site, and is thought to be willing to pay as much as 1 bln usd for the site, according to a report in the Sunday Telegraph newpaper."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryMay 21, 2007
323: new post   Yahoo launches new video site
"The redesigned Yahoo Video page will include a search box at the top and editorially chosen feature videos that are topical, interesting or popular among viewers. Users can also browse for video by categories or user-generated tags."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJune 1, 2006
324: new post   Yahoo launches audio search (Beta)
"With this, Yahoo says you can search for items such as music, interviews, speeches and newscasts, podcasts, and sound effects."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryAug 4, 2005
325: new post   Yahoo is Testing a New Algo - is this the Bing Beta?
Members are monitoring some very different Yahoo SERPs this July 4 weekend. Some are seeing bizarre entries indeed, including non-English sites in the US results
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 4, 2010
326: new post   Yahoo in Talks to Buy India Times
"Internet search engine Yahoo is in talks to acquire a minority stake in Indiatimes, the online operation of the privately owned Bennett Coleman Ltd, which owns the Times of India newspaper."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryFeb 21, 2005
327: new post   Yahoo having a problem with RSS handling?
"I dont see a single site listed in the serps with the "add to my Yahoo" and "view as xml" links. In fact, some of the serps I monitor no longer include the sites with RSS feeds."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryMay 2, 2006
328: new post   Yahoo goes PFI in Norway
"Yahoo Norway has finally gone PFI for commercial sites."
European Search EnginesJuly 6, 2002
329: new post   Yahoo chief executive steps down
Yahoo has said that Ross Levinsohn will temporarily replace chief executive Scott Thompson, who has stepped down in the face of controversy about his allegedly inflated CV.
Yahoo CorporateMay 14, 2012
330: new post   Yahoo buys Tumblr for $1 Billion Cash
Yahoo's! board met on Sunday and approved the all-cash deal to buy one of the fastest growing social media sites on the web: an official announcement will be livestreamed from New York as soon as Monday afternoon.
Yahoo CorporateMay 20, 2013
331: new post   Yahoo buys Bloomba Email Search Company
"Yahoo said on Thursday it bought privately held e-mail search company Stata Labs, jumping into the nascent market for search-based email programs and services."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryOct 22, 2004
332: new post   Yahoo and the New Index
Yahoo switches from Google to their own algo based results.
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 17, 2004
333: new post   Yahoo and Time Warner Step Up Talks
"The talks center on a deal that would fold Time Warner's AOL Internet unit into Yahoo, these people said, though they still consider a Yahoo purchase by Microsoft as the most likely outcome."
Yahoo CorporateMar 5, 2008
334: new post   Yahoo and Time Warner On AOL Deal: Source
"Yahoo Inc and Time Warner Inc are "closing in" on a deal where Yahoo would merge with Time Warner's AOL Internet unit, brushing aside Microsoft's bid for Yahoo, a source familiar with the talks said on Wednesday."
Yahoo CorporateApr 10, 2008
335: new post   Yahoo and TiVo Partner
"Starting Monday, consumers will be able to schedule recordings on their TiVo box from a special Yahoo portal."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryNov 7, 2005
336: new post   Yahoo and Telemundo in Online Deal to Grab More Latino Internet Users
"Yahoo Inc. and Telemundo announced plans to combine their U.S. Spanish-language websites Wednesday, a move they hope will help capture a larger part of a rapidly expanding Latino online audience."
Latin and South American Search Engines - deprecatedMay 11, 2006
337: new post   Yahoo and News Corp Deal "Unlikely"
"News Corp's Rupert Murdoch said it was "very unlikely" his company would be involved in any Yahoo Inc. transaction and said Yahoo and Microsoft would not end up with any deal."
FooJuly 11, 2008
338: new post   Yahoo and NL Team Up - Part 2
"...designed to expand on a previous agreement with search technology provider Northern Light Technology, which has sold its premium search business and some other assets to enterprise software company Divine.."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJan 23, 2002
339: new post   Yahoo and Microsoft Search Marketing Campaign Spend Changing
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingJuly 12, 2008
340: new post   Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance: Yahoo Site Explorer
"...you should continue to provide your site information to Yahoo! using Site Explorer, because in many parts of the world search results will continue to be powered by Yahoo!'s systems until the full transition is complete for all markets by early 2012."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryAug 17, 2010
341: new post   Yahoo and Google in Talks with Tivo
"A partership between TiVo and a major Internet search engine would offer expansion opportunities for both. TiVo has long talked about becoming the "Google of TV," and Google and Yahoo are investing heavily in video services."
Webmaster GeneralApr 19, 2005
342: new post   Yahoo and Google announce advertising deal
Yahoo CorporateJune 12, 2008
343: new post   Yahoo and Google To Revise Ad Partnership
"Internet search leaders Yahoo and Google have given the Justice Department a revised version of their search advertising partnership in hopes of winning antitrust approval,..."
Google Finance, Govt, Policy and Business IssuesNov 4, 2008
344: new post   Yahoo and Google Just Don't Get It about Compatibility
"... can Yahoogle really afford to ignore the people to whom their target market turn to for advice?"
Webmaster GeneralSept 8, 2004
345: new post   Yahoo acquires Del.icio.us
The acquisition of Del.icio.us marks the second major acquisition by Yahoo of a "social networking" site.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryDec 9, 2005
346: new post   Yahoo accused in jailing of another China Internet user
"Yahoo Inc. provided evidence to Chinese authorities that led to the imprisonment of an Internet writer, lawyers and activists said on Thursday, the second such case involving the U.S. Internet giant."
WebmasterWorld SupportersFeb 9, 2006
347: new post   Yahoo YPN Launches Wednesday
"Yahoo is planning to launch on Wednesday an ad network for small Web publishers intended to strengthen its hand against rival Google..."
Yahoo Publisher Contextual Advertising NetworkAug 2, 2005
348: new post   Yahoo YPN Ads Limits Three Ads Per Page
Fresh update from YPN.
Yahoo Publisher Contextual Advertising NetworkFeb 6, 2007
349: new post   Yahoo Webmap: Roughly 1 Trillion Links
"We are now using Hadoop to process the Webmap; the application which produces the index from the billions of pages crawled by Yahoo! Search."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryFeb 21, 2008
350: new post   Yahoo Weather Report July 2007
"Yahoo is reporting an update and WebmasterWorld members are noticing changes in their referrals."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 24, 2007
351: new post   Yahoo Wants to Buy Stake in China Market With Alibaba
"Yahoo Inc will buy 10 percent of a share sale by Alibaba.com Ltd, China's biggest e-commerce firm, as it steps up a battle with Google Inc and Baidu in the world's second-biggest Internet market."
Asia and Pacific RegionOct 9, 2007
352: new post   Yahoo Video Search Beta
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJan 25, 2005
353: new post   Yahoo Variable Minimum Bids Go Live
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 16, 2008
354: new post   Yahoo Using Search Data to Build Sites to Capitalize on Popular Trends
"Using its vast knowledge of how people use the Internet, Yahoo Inc. knows what's hot. Now the online giant is trying to capitalize on that knowledge by building websites dedicated to the 100 hottest entertainment brands... "We'd like to work with brand owners... But we don't necessarily need the brand owners to do this.""
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJan 31, 2007
355: new post   Yahoo Ups Ante - Offers 2GB of Yahoo Email
"On free e-mail accounts, Yahoo is expanding storage to 100 megabytes from 4 megabytes and upping the message size limit to 10 megabytes from 3 megabytes."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJune 15, 2004
356: new post   Yahoo Updates its Online Calendar
"Yahoo has developed a new online calendar that the company said offers significant improvement over the current product because it makes it easier to share items and has a more interactive interface."
Yahoo CorporateOct 8, 2008
357: new post   Yahoo Updates Site Guidelines
Pages Yahoo! Wants Included in Its Index, Original and unique content of genuine value, Pages designed primarily for humans, with search engine considerations secondary..."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 21, 2004
358: new post   Yahoo Updates Site Explorer
"Yahoo has updated Site Explorer with a mobile submit capability so you can add mobile sites into Yahoo! oneSearch."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryApr 11, 2007
359: new post   Yahoo Updates New HomePage Design
"Yahoo Inc.'s Web site is unveiling a new look today as the Internet powerhouse strives to remain the world's most popular online destination..."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryMay 16, 2006
360: new post   Yahoo Updates Its Software Development Kit (SDK)
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 25, 2006
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