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281: new post   Yahoo! Korea Create Webzari Site Explorer
"The Yahoo! Korea team has taken Site Explorer a step forward with with a different look and created Webzari."
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 27, 2006
282: new post   Yahoo! Japan to Set up Web Consulting Subsidiary
Yahoo Japan will, "provide Internet business consulting, and plan, develop, and operate various Web services".
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryAug 22, 2002
283: new post   Yahoo! Japan switches to Google Search
The Google Japan blog confirms that Yahoo! Japan will license Google search technology.
Asia and Pacific RegionJuly 27, 2010
284: new post   Yahoo! Japan Launches Digg-like News Service
"A new service from Yahoo! Japan called 'Minna no Topics' which means 'Everyone's topics' is now open."
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 17, 2007
285: new post   Yahoo! Introduces "Robots-Nocontent" Tag
"...webmasters can now mark parts of a page with a 'robots-nocontent' tag which will indicate to our crawler what parts of a page are unrelated to the main content and are only useful for visitors."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryMay 3, 2007
286: new post   Yahoo! Hosting & Six Apart partner in blogging platform
SixApart and Yahoo! announced a deal integrating the popular MovableType blogging software into Yahoo's Web Hosting service. By bundling MovableType and web hosting, Yahoo! is targeting businesses and independent professionals "seeking to maintain high-traffic blogs on a scalable, reliable platform."
Webmaster GeneralDec 12, 2005
287: new post   Yahoo! Hooking up with Oracle
One day after its blockbuster purchase bid for paid search provider Overture, Tuesday sought to improve its portal productivity suite by hooking up with Oracle to use its application server to deliver content to more people.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 15, 2003
288: new post   Yahoo! Gets into Blogging and Social Networking
"Yahoo! is coming out with it's very own Yahoo! 360, which combines blogging, social networking, music, mobile connectivity, local searches (for restaurants and businesses) as well as photo-sharing."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryMar 16, 2005
289: new post   Yahoo! Free Submission - Myth or Reality?
"...anyone gotten a content site listed in Yahoo recently?"
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryDec 30, 2002
290: new post   Yahoo! Cuts Deal With Newspaper Groups
" Internet media company Yahoo Inc. said on Monday at least seven U.S. newspaper groups will use its technology to sell advertising and offer search functions on the Internet sites of more than 150 dailies."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryNov 20, 2006
291: new post   Yahoo! Buys Konfabulator Software
"...Yahoo plans will give away the Konfabulator software that empowers the applications. Konfabulator had been charging $20 for the software. Anyone who bought version 2.0 of the software since mid-May will be given refunds, said Konfabulator CEO Arlo Rose."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 25, 2005
292: new post   Yahoo! Buys Brazilian PPC Player TeRespondo
"Yahoo! is expanding its presence in Latin America with the purchase of Brazilian performance-based advertising network TeRespondo."
Latin and South American Search Engines - deprecatedApr 13, 2005
293: new post   Yahoo! Board Remains Unscathed
"Yahoo Inc's board of directors won strong backing from shareholders at its annual meeting on Friday, with Jerry Yang, the company's embattled CEO, receiving 85 percent of the vote in his favor."
Yahoo CorporateAug 4, 2008
294: new post   Yahoo! Answers WebmasterWorld Member Questions
Yahoo Reps answer some WebmasterWorld member questions.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryApr 5, 2004
295: new post   Yahoo! Answers API Now Out
"The Yahoo Answers API is now available on the Yahoo Developer Network"
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryAug 16, 2006
296: new post   Yahoo! And SBC Expand Yellow Pages Alliance
Yahoo! continues to move from a white pages directory to yellow pages directory via an agreement with SBC Yellow Pages.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 10, 2002
297: new post   Yahoo! Acquires FareChase Travel Engine
"Yahoo has acquired FareChase, a travel search-engine vendor."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryAug 8, 2004
298: new post   Yahoo! API - For Web, News, Images
"Yahoo! Search Web Services allow you to access Yahoo content and services in your favorite programming languages. This means you can now build Yahoo directly into your own applications."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryMar 1, 2005
299: new post   Yahoo to launch Chinese Version of Flickr
"Yahoo will be targeting the Hong Kong and Taiwan markets with this release. "
Asia and Pacific RegionMar 21, 2007
300: new post   Yahoo to get into the Desktop Search Game
"Yahoo hopes to leapfrog Microsoft by releasing a tool that allows users to quickly and easily search for information on their PCs as well as in their personal files stored at Yahoo's online services, a source familiar with the plan says."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryAug 5, 2004
301: new post   Yahoo to buy Zimbra for $350m
"...is buying e-mail service Zimbra Inc. for $350 million in an all-cash deal that may open a new revenue channel..."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectorySept 18, 2007
302: new post   Yahoo to Test Search Ad Outsourcing with Google
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 9, 2008
303: new post   Yahoo to Shut Yahoo Photos Service, Pushing Flickr
"Yahoo Inc. is shutting down Yahoo Photos, its first-generation photo storage site, and asking users to move instead to Yahoo's Web 2.0 photo sharing site, Flickr, a Yahoo official said on Thursday."
Webmaster GeneralMay 4, 2007
304: new post   Yahoo to Shut Down Site Explorer
In an August 2010 blog post, we said we would continue Site Explorer with a focus on new features for webmaster community, even after the transition to Microsoft platforms is complete. We listened to your feedback, and along with the team from Bing Webmaster Center looked jointly at the roadmap for the webmaster tools. Having two webmaster portals for a single source for organic results does not add enough value. Once organic results are transitioned to Bing in all the markets, we plan to shut down Yahoo! Site Explorer and Microsoft's Webmaster Tools will be the source for Bing and Yahoo! webmaster site and analytics data.
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJuly 11, 2011
305: new post   Yahoo to Roll Out Facebook Integration
"This means you can see your Facebook News Feed from your Yahoo! homepage, Yahoo! Mail, and other favorite Yahoo! sites and services."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJune 7, 2010
306: new post   Yahoo to Restart Merger Talks with AOL
"Yahoo! is seeking to restart merger talks with AOL as a means of defending itself against the $45 billion hostile bid approach from Microsoft, The Times has learnt."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryFeb 11, 2008
307: new post   Yahoo to Reject Microsoft Bid
"...Yahoo's board feels the offer of $31 per share 'massively' undervalues the company."
Microsoft CorporateFeb 9, 2008
308: new post   Yahoo to Purchase Euro Shopping Site Kelkoo for 475m Euros
"Yahoo has agreed to buy European online comparison shopping service Kelkoo for about 475 million euros (294 million pounds) in cash to expand its Internet services for marketers and consumers."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryMar 26, 2004
309: new post   Yahoo to Pull European HQ Out Of London For Geneva
"Yahoo, the internet company, is planning to move its European headquarters from London to Switzerland."
Yahoo CorporateMar 14, 2008
310: new post   Yahoo to Offer Incentives for Using Yahoo Search?
"Yahoo confirmed on Wednesday that it's polling some Yahoo Mail users about what they would want in exchange for making Yahoo their primary search engine."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryFeb 9, 2006
311: new post   Yahoo to Invest $100 million in New Data Center
"Yahoo Inc. says it will invest at least $100 million in a new data center in Nebraska, creating at least 100 jobs."
Yahoo CorporateOct 24, 2008
312: new post   Yahoo to Close MyBlogLog
Users of MyBlogLog, a start-up that Yahoo acquired in 2007 for about $10 million, received an e-mail early today announcing the service's demise.[br][br]The announcement is not exactly a surprise. MyBlogLog was one of the Yahoo services listed on a leaked presentation screenshot from December as a property that would likely be sold or shut down as the troubled Yahoo cuts costs.
Blogging SEO Blog AdministrationFeb 24, 2011
313: new post   Yahoo to Change PPC Algorithm
"Codenamed 'Project Panama,' Yahoo's new model will be similar to that of Google (nasdaq: GOOG - news - people ), which ranks search-engine ads by both the amount advertisers pay for keywords and the relevance of the ad."
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingApr 7, 2006
314: new post   Yahoo to Buy Ad Company Right Media
"Yahoo plans to acquire Right Media, a privately held company that runs an advertising marketplace, in part to bolster its position as a seller and broker of ads outside its own sprawling network of Web sites, the companies' chief executives said yesterday."
Yahoo Publisher Contextual Advertising NetworkApr 30, 2007
315: new post   Yahoo teams up with overture
Under economic pressure including layoffs, Yahoo throws in towel to Goto.
Yahoo Search Marketing Pay Per Click AdvertisingNov 14, 2001
316: new post   Yahoo shutting down AltaVista
Once-popular search engine AltaVista will be shutting down for good on July 8th
Alternative Search EnginesJune 29, 2013
317: new post   Yahoo releasing IE 7 before MSN.
"I had just completed adding Yahoo messenger on my newly reformatted computer. I opened up IE 6 and this message showed up: "Yahoo! introduces the hot new look for Fall '06. Update your web browser to the new Internet Explorer 7 (BETA) optimized for Yahoo!"
HTMLOct 6, 2006
318: new post   Yahoo reaffirms commitment to search
"Yahoo is still very much committed to search, the company said in response to a media report claiming that the company had conceded the search battle to Google."
Yahoo Search Engine and DirectoryJan 26, 2006
319: new post   Yahoo plans 10 percent layoff in product unit
Yahoo is preparing to lay off about 650 employees, in a reduction in force that will be done in December.
Yahoo CorporateNov 12, 2010
320: new post   Yahoo page rank drops!
The top ranked site in Google has fallen. For the first time in 3 years, Yahoo's page rank has dropped from 10.
0Oct 28, 2001
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